ambrose logic

Roman Reigns eliminates Dean and Seth from Royal Rumble.
Fangirls: “He’s showing how he doesn’t need the Shield to be amazing!”

Dean continuously only thinks for himself and being a dick to Roman and Seth.
Fangirls: “He’s finally showing how he doesn’t need the Shield to be a badass!”

Seth turns on the Shield and joins Evolution.
Fangirls: “How dare he! That bastard! Roman and Dean didn’t deserve this!! I hope he dies! Who does he think he is?!”

We are all sitting around waiting patiently for Ambrose/Reigns/Rollins shirts.

Nikki Bella gets a shirt…

Sting gets a shirt …

Jack Swagger gets a shirt that looks like it was designed in Kindergarten art class.

Triple H still has merchandise and he’s not an active wrestler.

The Usos get another shirt …

Chris Jericho gets a shirt made like the night after he returned