ambrose = perfection

Things I loved about that segment:

Seth ‘accidentally’ referring to Dean as his brother

Dean being overly sensitive about being referred to as brother

Seth’s hangdog look while he was being talked down to by Dean because everything he was saying was true

‘That guy took a chair a lot like this one and he stabbed it right through my back and right through my heart’

Seth finally saying sorry by yelling it into Dean’s face

Dean’s joyful expression at making Seth finally apologize

Seth admitting that he never forgot about betraying his brothers and that he thinks about it every day and it’s hard to live with

Dean ‘I just go where my mood takes me’ Ambrose actually needing a moment to contemplate what to do in this situation

Dean obviously listening attentively to everything Seth was saying and then saying he doesn’t hear anything

‘Do it. Hit me.’

Seth willing to be hit in the back in the chair and allowing himself to be in such a vulnerable position with a man who hates him just to earn Dean’s trust back

Every single thing about Seth demanding Dean beat the crap out of him and the time it takes for Ambrose to decide and to watch him fight his desire to actually do it

Seth bracing himself for the impact that is so obviously coming, for being so desperate for Dean to do it and just forgive him so he can forgive himself

Dean tossing the chair away instead, because doing it that would be too easy. That’s what Seth wants, for Dean to just hit him so they can both move on and forget about it, but Dean won’t let him

‘Hug it out’ chants

Dean being annoyed at the Miz interrupting when the whole reason he came out in the first place was to call out the Miz

The crowd chanting for Roman when they were surrounded and outnumbered Shield-style

Seth looking at Dean when Miz said that Dean will never forgive him



how we found ourselves exactly where we left off
I know you’re shaking my hand like
it is the first time
are we alright?
are you re-counting all my faults?
and are you racking your brain just to find them all?
                      could it be that I’ve changed?
                                            or did you?
stop asking why
why we had to waste so much time
well we just pick up, pick up, and start again
cause we can’t keep holding on to grudges

(as suggested by @violent-violims, Dean and Seth ft. Grudges by Paramore)