Hello! I just want to go on a quick rant about “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

I’ve been waiting for this movie since it was announced it would be one. I think the casting was PERFECT! TATBILB is my favorite contemporary book, but I was going into the movie knowing they would change some scenes. However, I did not expect for them to remove everything that made it be so great here are just a few…

1.) Lara Jean is shown baking once and it’s literally like for a minute! One of my favorite scenes is when Peter goes to LJ’s house and ends up baking with her. This is a scene that I feel showed how their relationship was progressing to becoming real.

2.) Peter’s car. Peter driving a Jeep doesn’t work in the sense that kitty and LJ can ride it at the same time. Peter using his mom’s car to go pick up LJ and Kitty is so important because we get to know the real Peter. It shows he understands his surroundings and cares about other people instead of just being a player jock. The movies doesn’t ever show the thoughtful Peter besides the scene on the bus with the yoghurt.

3. Margot’s hair. Margot cutting her hair that is a small detail maybe some of you don’t care about, but I feel it’s one of those things where it showed the Covey family. One of the big things the book focuses is the family dynamic and personal growth of the characters. While Margot isn’t the leading character, she is highly important to the main character and should have been developed more becyshe is a big part of who LJ is.

4. Margot and Josh’s breakup. Ughhh this one gets to me so bad! While at first I was fine with the deciding to change it so that M and J would breakup in front of the family, I was not okay with they way things go when Margot gets home. The scene where M comes home crying after Josh doesn’t want to get back with her really humanized Margot in the books for me. It made her someone relatable, but of course the movie completely ignore Margot’s charachther once again.

5. LJ and Josh didn’t kiss. The kiss is so important because LJ truly relaxes she has no feelings for Josh. That whole scene is important because we find out that Josh had feelings for LJ but she understands she doesn’t return those feelings. LJ and Josh have a beautiful friendship in the book but the movie does not show that in any way.

6. No New Year with her Korean family. This movie got a lot of attention because the main character was an Asian character (which as we know is very unusual) but her culture was just mentioned in the beginning with the food the dad makes. The New Year party really shows how, even though she’s half American and her Korean mother has passed away, they try to stay connected to their culture. Plus I was really looking forward to seeing the Covey girls in their traditional attire.

Now just a few more things I didn’t like…

. Peter’s friends

. How unreal the friendship betweeen Lucas and LJ felt

. No Trina

. No dog!

. The Christmas tree already being set up when LJ gets back from the ski trip

. Basically all the ski trip minus the hot tub scene

. No Belleview

. John Ambrose not being part of the middle school group

. The ending scene with John

. LJ not going to the Model UN to stalk John

. LJ not wearing braids

. That scene with LJ’s dad giving her condoms

. LJ falling off her roof

. Not enough notes

. The contract


Guys I know this movie is important to try and change the fact that Asians are rarely casted but I wish they would have included some of the little details that makes it such a good book. This is not me hating on the book in any way just simply stating my opinion on it. For the reason that I want Hollywood to change its standards, I truly hope this movie does amazing! However it is not something that i can say I love.

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