ambre sultan

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The atmosphere of muffled swing music, expensive champagne, and lipstick stains still hung loosely around Severus, who had found himself in bed much sooner than Narcissa. He lay there, shirt half-unbuttoned, watching his lover as she shed the day’s activities along with her evening gown. The sweet, balsamic scent of Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, Severus’ favorite of Cissa’s perfumes, pervaded the air around them with the flick of her wand.

As she came nearer to him, Severus held out a thin hand and drew her close, pulling the silken sheets over top of them as she settled into his arms. He let out a content sigh and ran a hand lazily through her hair, the tension of the day’s events washing away with each deep breath he took.

He couldn’t help but grin as she kissed him; all this time and each touch of her lips still brought him the same joy as the first. “Probably more fun than I’ve had in quite a while. Thank you.”

Ambre Sultan - Christopher Sheldrake pour Serge Lutens (Shiseido)

Un Ambre majestueux, chaleureux, crépitant, qui peut se faire sec ou velouté. Habillé de feuilles laurier, de baume et de résines, il respire la complexité et l’authenticité d’un parfum vrai et pénétrant, empreint d’une élégance certaine …

A majestic, crackling and warm amber, which may be dry or velvety, sublimated by bay leaves, balm and resins. Complex and penetrating, he gives an elegant overall effect. Perfect for winter …