Environment shapes UV markings in reef fish - this is how they “talk” to each other

Most animal patterns are a compromise between conspicuousness for effective communication, and camouflage to avoid the attention of predators. The UV markings on reef fish are no exception.

Australian researchers showed that juvenile Ambon damselfish (Pomacentrus amboinens) develop their UV facial patterns in their first two weeks. Surprisingly, the development of these markings is not hard-wired, but instead highly plastic.

In fact, the UV markings did not develop in captivity - only when juveniles experience the socio-behavioural conditions of their natural environment. Because the markings are shaped by competitive and cooperative interactions and risk-taking behaviour, they may communicate important environmental information like predation risks.

16"x20" board w/ multiple smaller canvases

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someday - two door cinema club

where do we start
if we will end apart?
where do we go from here?
it’s head versus heart.
it will all be clear

we hear that rumbling song in the distance.
it’s coming closer, but we don’t like to talk about it.

giving up the gun - vampire weekend

when i was seventeen
i had wrists like steel
and i felt complete
and now my body fades
behind a brass charade
and i’m obsolete

are you hurting the one you love? - florence + the machine

are you hurting the one you love?
you’d like to stay in heaven but the rules are too tough.

it’s just too tough.
it’s just too tough.

terrible love - the national

it’s a terrible love that i’m walking with
it’s quiet company
it’s quiet company
it’s quiet company

the only one - the black keys

you’re the only one
i’m so wrapped up in a daze
hoping this is just a phase
but when all is said and done
i know you are still the one

i will possess your heart - death cab for cutie

how i wish you could see the potential,
the potential of you and me.
it’s like a book elegantly bound but,
in a language that you can’t read
just yet.

best for last - adele

but, despite the truth that i know
i find it hard to let go and give up on you
seems i love the things you do

make you feel a way you’ve never felt before
and be all you need so that you’ll never want more
and you’ll say all of the right things without a clue
and you’ll be the one for me and me the one for you

falling - florence + the machine

sometimes i wish for falling
wish for the release
wish for falling through the air
to give me some relief
because falling’s not the problem
when i’m falling i’m in peace
it’s only when i hit the ground
it causes all the grief

the end’s not near - band of horses

you won’t see the pious praying
they’ll be too busy flaying
all the martyrs with better ways
to stop the world decaying

angels - the xx

and everyday
i’m learning about you
the things that no one else sees
and the end comes too soon
like dreaming of angels

bonus track: girl with the red balloon - the civil wars (post-graduation)

did she let him go or did the four winds blow him away?
does she even know she’s the girl with the red balloon?
keep her glass full of cheap champaigne
she will tell of the man with no name
smoke and mirrors have done her in
she’s in love and she won’t be again

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Ambon, Ulan, Baha

It was a Filipino musical play but it was required for our English class so I’m quite confused. I can say the php350 is worth it for the 2-hour play + the characters were very cute! It gives lessons about love, life and caring for our mother nature. I liked the story!! It had so many funny and kiligz parts so yep congrats, CEU Dramatic Guild! I’m one proud Escolarina :-)

Bagaimana Cara Mengukur Size Pakaian Pria Dewasa & Tabel Ukuran (Size Chart) Standar Internasional

Bagaimana Cara Mengukur Size Pakaian Pria Dewasa & Tabel Ukuran (Size Chart) Standar Internasional

External image

Seringkali kita mengalami kesulitan mengetahui secara pasti berapa ukuran yang cocok dengan tubuh kita ketika membeli produk fashion secara online. Agar kita tidak kecewa nantinya pada saat barang tersebut setelah sampai kita coba ternyata kebesaran atau kekecilan, berikut adalah langkah untuk mengetahui ukuran tubuh kita:

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Dada (1)– Mengukur bagian dada. Letakkan lengan Anda dengan rileks di…

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Tentang Rindu
  • (dalam obrolan forum di line, terpisah jarak Jakarta-Jogja-Ambon. Tadinya ngomongin serius terkait murtad vs fanatik karena setengah-setengah ngajinya, tapi tiba-tiba gini~)
  • Oknum Z:emang yang setengah-setengah itu menyakitkan. Rindu setengah mati misal
  • Oknum A:Ah, mendung tak berarti hujan
  • Oknum E:Bergerak tak berarti maju
  • Oknum A:Tapi...apakah rindu berarti sayang?
  • Saya:homina..homina..homina..
  • dan, percakapan ternyata belum selesai...
  • Oknum E:Kadang rindu hanya karena kesepian
  • Oknum E:Karena rindu terkadang hanya ego?
  • Oknum A:Tapi kenapa rindu itu terarah?
  • Oknum E:Jangan menggunakan dalih rindu yang terarah kalau kamu hanya merindu ketika kamu merasa sepi.
  • Oknum A:Bukankah sepi itu juga kita yang ciptakan?
  • Oknum E:Ya dan Tidak. Kita hidup, di mana kita saling terkoneksi satu sama lain
  • Oknum E:Kadang yang terjadi dengan diri kita adalah akibat perbuatan kita sendiri
  • Oknum E:Tapi kadang ada faktor luar kita yang menyebabkan semua itu terjadi
  • Oknum E:Bukankah itu keseimbangan alam?
  • Oknum A:Jadi, bukankah sah-sah saja bila rindu itu terarah?
  • Oknum A:Karena bukan hanya kesepian saja satu-satunya faktor yang mempengaruhi
  • Saya:Pret lah ini hahahaha *kemudian ngakak jungkir balik
  • (obrolan nggak jelas antara para pengangguran dengan mahasiswa tingkat akhir yang belum jelas nasibnya. kemudian jadi beneran rindu sama mereka-mereka ini. Rindu obrolan kita yang lincah melompat-lompat, kadang berisi-bermakna-bermanfaat, kadang sampah hahaha)

Yup! We’re at Ambon (Indonesia), right now. Our lovely hometown. Enjoying our vacation in a place with many beautiful beaches and delicious also fresh seafoods. :3 Unfortunately the signal here are really bad (and no wi-fi at our stay D:), that’s why i haven’t been active in a few days ago. But, i’ll be active again when i get home (or when there’s wi-fi tho)

Makna Mendewasa

Tidak banyak yang diminta, hanya agar Kau berkenan aamiin kan saja yang terbaca dalam doa-doa: semoga sisa usia cukup untuk membahagiakan orang tua, menggapai mimpi-mimpi dan dipertemukan dengan yang menggenapkan :)

Salam dari gadis kecil-Mu yang beranjak dewasa untuk kesekian kali. Maaf jika hingga sedewasa ini, masih sering tidak mengikuti yang Kau perintahkan :’)

Tolong sampaikan pesanku pada Ibu, melalui mimpinya: anak gadisnya 9 hari lagi pulang :)

Dirunutkan dalam doa-doa panjang di pertengahan hari setelah menjadi manusia berusia 23 tahun.
Ambon, 22 Agustus 2015, 12.57 WIT 

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25 Tips Sehat Penting Untuk Ibu Hamil

25 Tips Sehat Penting Untuk Ibu Hamil

External image

External image

Menjaga kehamilan agar bayi sehat selama di kandungan tidak lah mudah. agar bayi yang ada dalam kandungan tetap sehat. Inilah awal untuk memiliki anak yang sehat. Dan masa kehamilan ini sangatlah menentukan pertumbuhan dan perkembangan si kecil nantinya.

Berikut ini ada tips penting yang sangat dianjurkan bagi Ibu hamil dalam masa pertumbuhan bayi di dalam kandungan :

1. Kontrol teratur ke…

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