Text and Dialogues in White Lie

Let’s talk a little about the texts and dialogues of our game in this post.

implementing the way our dialogues are showed, we had some different things to try on. We iterated a lot of different stuff, and looked around for some mechanics in text expressions. In the end, we reached a first mechanic to show floating texts around the characters in a way to get attention of the player without being too invasive.

To pass more information for the player when needed, we developed this way to express dialogue for the player:

We want the text to be clear in the scene, so that’s what we did. We positioned the character so it can be shown in the focus when talking to the player. For the visual, our artist tried for something similar to a fairy tale. It was kinda troublesome to make the math for it to work at any screen size, but it was worth it.

Right now, we are working to put some choices around the text so the player can talk with characters instead of only listening. We’ll try some things and post the result soon.

We looked into a lot of different inspirations to devise this mechanics. Some things that took our attention were dialogues from games like Breath of Fire 2, where there is a jewel showing the mood of some characters to the player, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter with it’s unique and immersive texts.

We will keep you updated with the development progress of our game and post new things when implemented.