“In Mexico, an air conditioner is called a ‘politician,’ because it makes a lot of noise but doesn’t work very well” -Len Deighton

- I’m not very highly educated in the area of politics, that much I know. However, I do know that democracy evolved gradually in Athens, as interest on individuals and the individual’s place in society grew. This created popular assemblies and courts of law. In order to dig deep into the philosophical areas of politics, you must know the origins of its existences, and what at least it has recently become. You may be familiar with the terms, Republican or Democrat. This, at least this much, you should know, even if you are unable to tell the difference between the two.

Within these political terms and whatnot, there are other terms that branches off from these two. You have your liberal views, which is the belief in the importance of liberty and equality. These people are more open to changes. The next one you probably heard of is conservative. These types of people believes that traditional institutions work best and that society should avoid radical changes. Now, there are some in between the two extremes that holds both views as well. I guess we can call this the moderate of the two.

So, what’s the take on my own political view? If I really had to choose one, I would favor the Democratic side more since the people is the source of their powers. But, let’s face it, what power do we really hold other than to elect certain individuals to their ranks? Our voices are merely only heard during the election period when they are willing to do whatever it takes to win us over. Kind of like in the beginning of a relationship. The two of you gets along very well, and listen to each others needs. As you win them over and have certain powers over them, the relationship becomes one-sided most of the time and you’re faced with either realizing you’ve made the wrong decisions and hopefully it won’t happen again or sucking it up and living with it. WE ALL pretty much do the sucking up and just living with it.

I’m also very Liberal, as I’m open to changes that will have a greater impact for the community and it’s surroundings, as well as the overall impact it has on this world. You must be able to welcome change into your life or you’ll be left behind to rot away with your stubborn old ways. Evolution is the process of change; what we learn from evolution is that as we grow and adapt to new situations, we better ourselves and new ideas/designs come about. So, even if you don’t like change, you must realized that it’s inevitable.

“I do have certain feelings. My feeling is that whoever is in charge, I want him out.” -Lewis Black