ambition themes

Alright, so I want to actually make my aspect descriptions a bit better. Most are serviceable…

So anyways

Space- major themes of mass, energy, physics, and the fabric of space. Minor themes of creation and variation.

Time- major themes of past, present, future, and progression. Minor themes of renewal, endings, and rhythm.

Light- major themes of knowledge, clarity, and luck. Minor themes of sight, learning, and awareness.

Void- major themes of nothingness, obscurity, and the Void. Minor themes of ignorance, secrecy, and darkness.

Heart- major themes of personality, souls, ambition, and identity. Minor themes of morale, willpower, and intuition.

Mind- major concepts of logic, reason, intellect, and the mind. Minor themes of thoughts, perceptions, and choices. 

Hope- major themes of trust, faith, ideals, and positive emotions. Minor themes of confidence, possibilities, and motivation.

Rage- major themes of anger, fear, falsehoods, pain, passion, and negative emotions. Minor themes of temper, spite, and base instincts.

Life- major themes of life force, opportunity, vigor, growth, and luxury. Minor themes of options, evolution, and optimism.

Doom- major themes of systems, rules, fate, and sacrifice. Minor themes of limits, futility, and decay.

Breath- major themes of freedom, air, wind, breath, and flexibility. Minor themes of direction and change.

Blood- major themes of literal blood, connections, bonds, and unity. Minor themes of perseverance, authority, and tangibility.


ENFJ x Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: This is /the/ ENFJ. Probably runs a talk show where violations of human rights are discussed. Or a radio broadcast: "LGBT daily"! Has a mini-army of followers on twitter that can trend anything at any given time in their area. ENFJ Gryffindors usually don´t doubt that they should follow a certain path, but they are caught in duties imposed on them by others, so that´s their actual obstacle. Quasi-God in highschool. Jams to the Rolling Stones with their ESFP friend from Hufflepuff.
  • Hufflepuff: Nod, smile, talk, repeat. They live for a bouquet of flowers (secretly given to them by a lovestruck ISFP from Ravenclaw). MLK Junior, out there telling people that they have a dream and that everyone should share it. Every casual conversation ends with a "what people should do" outlook/elaboration. Works hard. Fancy, daring clothes, their favourite piece being sleek shoes straight out of the hippest shop in town. Enjoy family time and walks in the park, always taking their camera with them.
  • Ravenclaw: Modern day Cicero: The one who can and will call you out. Backing up their arguments with reliable sources. Hence an overall credible person. Walks around with any device you can take notes on. Yes, they plan to publish a book, soon. Drag people on their social media accounts. Legendary roaster; usually backed up by a squad of Slytherin INTJs. Disharmony radar. Scares teachers with ease. Proclaimed `guru´ by the members of Hufflepuff, unanimously.
  • Slytherin: Goethe. Id est: Burdened. Most empathetic of all ENFJs, and simultaneously the most puzzling. They are an enigma, even to close friends. Come across as a narcissist (with their style on fleek and the aloof Slytherin gaze); it is indeed true that they indulge in self-promotion, or at least in fostering a certain image. Why? They´ve envisioned a heroic alter ego of themselves in their late childhood and have decided to pursue it. Dark mentality, black clothes, black tea.