marvel in color; (x)

Doona Bae as The Wasp

BD Wong as Doctor Strange

Osric Chau as Iron Fist

↳ Michelle Rodriguez as Maria Hill 

↳ Alina Serban as Scarlet Witch

↳ Dichen Lachman as The Ancient One


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead


Doodled up some stuff from The Wolf Among Us~ ^^

yall hating on amethyst after the new episode, i see how it is. you love an unstable and mysterious character with ambiguous problems until you actually see her lash out, and then you want nothing to do with her. you don’t actually want to see her acting on impulse, you just want the mysterious aesthetic of a character with unresolved issues.

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Maybe Nursey and Dex flirting at the haus party after the game?


“Did it hurt?”

Dex doesn’t deign to answer that question. Nursey looks up at him with wide eyes from where his head is in Dex’s lap. Apparently Nursey patrol tonight involves lounging sprawled on the couch and distracting his fellow D-man to keep him from dancing on tables and breaking his neck. Dex would complain but it’s kind of nice.

“You’re supposed to say, did what hurt?”

“See, you don’t even really need me,” Dex says.

“It’s more fun if you play along,” Nursey whines. “You’re no fun, Dexy.”

“I’m too sober to flirt with you, Nursey, sorry,” Dex sighs. “I’m sure Bitty’s willing.”

“Bitty’s with Jaaaack,” Nursey says. “He came for a Bit.”

“You make no sense.”

“Did it hurt?”

Dex rolls his eyes and takes a long drink from his beer. He’s not totally sober, but he’s definitely not drunk enough for this.

“Did what hurt?”

“Dexy!” Nursey sits up so fast that he knocks Dex’s cup out of his hand. “You did it! Oh my God!”

“Don’t get too excited,” Dex grumbles at the loss of his drink.

“Ok, ok ok Dexy,” Nursey rearranges himself sloppily so he’s straddled over Dex’s lap. If Dex weren’t already flushed as hell he would have been in trouble. “When you fell from heaven?”

“Oh Lord, you’ve seduced me. Please proceed to take me in a manly fashion.”

Nursey starts giggling uncontrollably into Dex’s neck. He’s heavy and solid in Dex’s lap and Dex can feel his thighs trembling a little.

“You’re so funny, angel,” Nursey hums. His lips are pressed against Dex’s skin and the vibrations thrum along his nerves. “And comfy. Dex, I’m gonna fall asleep.”

“What? No - ” Dex squawks but Nursey has already slumped into him. His breathing evens out immediately and Dex would be amused if he weren’t so irritated at having 200 pounds of stupid hockey player draped over him. “Motherfucker.”

Stan didn’t know activating the portal would create a potential universe-destroying rift. He didn’t see Ford’s blacklight message in the journal. Dipper did. Dipper knew beyond a shadow of a doubt activating the portal would lead to something horrifically dangerous and life-threatening, if not immediately destroy the universe entirely. Dipper saw the message and he knew about the danger and he knew about all the terrible things Stan had done to get the portal working. He knew and he knew and he knew and he STILL forgave Stan immediately for EVERYTHING because Stan had done it all to save his sibling. Because, despite knowing what the blacklight message says, that the universe could and probably would be destroyed if he goes through with this, Dipper would do the exact same thing to save Mabel.

every atom of me and every atom of you...

I thought I could hide the truth behind the smile I wore on the runway
But you always saw through me