Dating Oliver would include…

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-Him trying to impress you during every match
-You being his ‘lucky charm’
-Secret make out sessions on the pitch
-Him still being kind of nervous around you at the beginning of your relationship
-But later on getting comfortable with it and enjoying whispering ambiguous little things in your ear
-Him calling you his “Snitch” sometimes
-You calling him your “Keeper”
-Getting made fun of by your housemates for those nicknames
-Him placing little kisses on your neck or your forehead
-So many hugs from behind
-Cuddling up at the couches in the common room in the evening
-Being this “I can’t believe they’re still together” couple
-Being kind of cheesy together
-And enjoying how it annoys everyone


Monster Girl Imagine #100

You’re looking up at the stars with your monster girlfriend, laying on a blanket beside her. You feel safe with her, and you pour your whole heart out to her, telling her your every fear and insecurity. She tells you that she’ll be there with you, no matter what, and that you don’t have to be afraid anymore.

You lie on her chest and hear her whisper “I love you.”

Alleged Bigfoot Photo from Silverton, Colorado

This photo was taken in 1989 along the banks of the Narrow Guage railway somewhere between Silverton and Durango, CO. It is very easy to see the supposed Bigfoot in the foreground of the original photo, and the below cropped close-up provides us with some additional information that we can use to decipher whether or not this could be an actual Bigfoot.

Alright, so let’s start with some context; what the heck is this thing doing? It seems to be walking through the creek, but it doesn’t seem to be hindered at all by the passing water. The arms are swinging freely and the back is upright in a standard walking posture, but I’d imagine if I were walking through a stream (even if it were small like this one) I’d be holding my arms out for balance and stepping a bit more precariously.

Now on to the subject’s size and shape; it is important for us to look closely at each independent body part and how they fit together if we want to determine whether this is a biological creature or simply a suit.

So, let’s get down to business. Firstly, notice that the head seems to be cone-shaped, which is consistent with many Bigfoot reports. I can also make out a strong brow and what looks like facial hair or a beard. The shoulders are more sloped than what is typical of a Bigfoot, but it does look like the creature is pretty bulky/muscular.

Moving down the body, I notice that the arms are not as long as I’d expect from a Bigfoot; actually, the hands seem to fall right at about the mid-thigh. If this were a bipedal primate creature, I would expect the hands to hit at or close to the knee, and I would also expect the legs to be only slightly longer than the arms. 

One detail that I find particularly interesting is the subject’s knees. It looks to me like the flesh around its knees is sort of baggy? This is especially apparent since one leg is raised, and you can see that the knee on the left seems to have shifted down. Also, the knee on the right seems a bit lumpy to me, but maybe that’s just my perception.

I hate to leave another mystery unsolved, but as is typical of Bigfoot videos, pictures, and encounter stories, I just don’t have enough information to make a definitive conclusion in either direction.

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Ambiguous-Orchestral cover
By: Alcyone

This dress is terrible and could make anybody look fat it’s amazing. (Also my real dreads need to be redyed so they kinda look like poo.)