Women Empowering Women: The Opportunity The CW Missed

Somebody pointed out the parallels between Lena Luthor and Mon-El’s stories. Both come from backgrounds where they’re inherently at odds against Kara. Mon-El because he’s from Daxam, and Lena because she’s a Luthor. Both come from backgrounds where their morals are warped and distorted because of the environment they were brought up in. Mon-El and his views towards women and Lena with her morally ambiguous views on aliens. Both are someone that, logically, Kara shouldn’t get along with.

The Luthor name is renowned in pop culture as something that is so intrinsically the opposite of the House of El. This didn’t even have to be established in the show because it’s just that ingrained in the audience already. Hell, you don’t even need to have read a comic book to know what a Luthor and a Super means. Mon-El’s storyline almost exactly parallels Lena’s but because his character isn’t as well known as a Luthor they had to spend several episodes explaining that. Which in part infuriated me because we already had a character set up with the same type of flaws that didn’t even need establishing. There’s so much rich history that could be explored between Kara and Lena and what it means to be two powerful women who want to break free from the shadows of their male relatives. But unfortunately this was side swiped to bring in a white male character that brings the exact same struggles to the table, but takes triple the effort to explain because no one outside of the die hard fans has a fucking clue who he is.

I digress. This got me thinking. The storyline they are trying to apply to Mon-El with Kara just makes so much more sense with Lena. It’s the classic trope of the protagonist teaching the secondary how to be a better person. So when you think about it, not only does it make more sense to apply this to Lena, applying it to Lena opens so many new avenues of social issues to discuss.

When Mon-El arrives on Earth, Kara has to get around her own prejudices about daxamites. This is mirrored, but not developed enough, with Lena. You bet my bottom dollar that Kara had some prejudices about Lena because of Kal-El, and while she overcomes them, it’s done offscreen for the most part. It goes without saying that Lena too held some prejudice against Supergirl because she’s an alien. Society consistently oversees a feud between women of different groups because the patriarchy thrives on that. If Supergirl had focused on this storyline they could have done so much to dispel this stereotype. Female characters are constantly at odds with one another, engaged in some form of competition, so it would have been incredible too see these two powerful women putting their prejudices aside to build up a rapport. Women supporting women y'know. That’s such an important message to send to all of the young girls watching.

Instead of Kara training Mon-El and teaching him how to control his powers we could have had Kara teaching Lena how to use her economic power and political influence for good. We could have seen Kara guide Lena on how to help the alien community by throwing galas in support of charities/political campaigns that work with aliens or by helping her develop technology that could help integrate aliens with humans. The potential in this plot line for exploring social issues that are currently so prominent in the western world is mind boggling. With the recent US election, Brexit, and the forthcoming French, Dutch and German elections it’s been highlighted time and time again how individuals in positions like Lena Luthor can influence the outcome for society and shape the social and political environment we live in. Supergirl had the perfect opportunity to lay out the situation and explore what that means in such a easy and accessible way. Yet they chose to teach the straight white boy how to fight instead, ultimately falling into the sexist trope that it’s a woman’s job to make a man better.

Instead of Kara teaching Mon-El about Earth customs and morals, we could have seen Kara and Lena navigating the morally grey values she holds as a result of her upbringing. Lena is an inherently good person. She’s proved that time and time again, even sacrificing her own mother for the sake of others. And while her intentions are good, there’s no way she could have come out of a childhood with the Luthors without being indoctrinated and corrupted at least a little bit. Her morally grey views on aliens would need to be unlearned and this is the perfect place for Kara to step in. Instead of Kara teaching Mon-El about earth, a planet not even Kara truly understands, Kara could educate Lena on aliens in order to help her unlearn her internalised bigotry. Kara could tell Lena all about the planets she used to visit with Zor-El and Alura and Astra and all the different cultures she’s seen. She could teach Lena about Krypton and its language and it’s traditions and holidays. And you know what? Lena will fuck up sometimes. It’s hard to unlearn the hatred that’s been drilled into you since you were a kid. The alien detection device would have been an amazing plot point to explore how much Lena has learned and how much she’s willing to change. Kara could have explained to her in more detail than she did in canon why it’s such a bad idea and all the problems it will cause. And because Lena knows now about all these different aliens and their planets and their cultures, she’ll understand what it means to out that in jeopardy with her device. She’ll struggle and slip up but her heart is in the right place and Kara can guide her there. And it’s not just Lena who would get something out of that. Kara has been bottling up so much since krypton died. The weight of her whole world. Her whole people. Her culture. Her language. She’s never been able to properly share that with someone. But teaching Lena to unlearn her hatred involves telling Lena about Krypton. And for Kara that’s so cathartic and a great form of therapy almost. She finally gets to share her world with someone who wants to understand. Who knows to a certain degree what it’s like. Kara needs this in season 2 but she hasn’t been given it. Mon-El doesn’t need to be taught about Krypton so with this Mon-El storyline the brunt of the trauma remains with Kara. But if it were Lena who she was guiding, well then Kara could have found her release. Which is something she’s been struggling with in season 2.

The latter of the two points has so much potential to delve into the issues of unlearning racism and how to deal with internalised racism. As well exploring the concept of cultural integration, cultural mixing and and cultural appropriation. On Kara’s side there’s a lot for young people watching to take away on dealing with trauma and coping with PTSD. There’s so many things that could be explored between the two characters if it were Kara guiding Lena.

Kara and Lena are two powerful female characters with complex and intertwined histories that propose many obstacles in character development. We could have had a story line in which Kara teaches Lena how to be a better person, and in the process of guiding Lena out of her morally grey values, Lena teaches Kara how to be a better person too. Instead of a bitch fight we have two strong women empowering one another and encouraging each other to be better. We could have had women supporting women. AKA what Supergirl was meant to be about in the first place. Lena and Kara play off of each other’s strengths so well, and they can use those strengths to work on each other’s flaws and weaknesses. We could have had that. Instead we’ve had Kara’s character development cast aside so she can prop up a generic straight white boy who ultimately becomes her love interest because heteronormativity and sexism are the CW’s best friends.

TL;DR: If Kara is meant to be making anyone a better person this season, then it should have been Lena Luthor because that way we could have seen the two women grow as characters and seen their dynamic shift into something that so desperately needs to be represented in the media.


hi heres a wittle bit about lambs ambiguous past with his momma!! this took me a little…while to do. thank yew for over 12k subs !!

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To the anon about polyamorous fics: melancholymango's most recent one-shot is about a three-some, with romantic polyamorous undertones. She may be making a sequel in the future that is more romantic than sexual so you could look out for that!

Feel Good Inc -  Dan is your local sexually ambiguous religious boy. Phil is your local bad boy that sleeps with anyone that’ll have him and sins as if second nature. Then there’s also the poor original character that gets caught between them and their ridiculous amount of sexual tension. Threesomes, eh?

Thank you!

- Eliza

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I sometimes feeling like I'm genderfluid too, I'm so confused about my sexuality. Like some days I feel right about being male, some days I really think I'd be better as female, somedays I get the urge to try female clothes, other days I feel fine how I dress, and sometimes I have no idea what gender I should be....Is that a feeling you know too? What is it to be genderfluid?

For me it started out not really knowing if i wanted to be a girl or boy and finding myself yearning when expressing myself very far in either direction. I’ve found that striving to be ambiguous most of the time and then more so in either direction as i feel the need. To be honest though this is just how i deal with it and express it through fashion and things like makeup/shaving/doing my hair.

It’s not necessarily “i want to look like a girl/boy” but rather “i want to BE a girl/boy/somewhere in between and this is the best way i know how to show it”

But who know, i could have it all wrong. I’m still figuring things out.

If anyone is looking for a short story collection to read, I just finished Signs and Wonders by Alix Ohlin and I loved it so much that I want to read everything by her now.

Also finished Universal Harvester by my beloved John Darnielle and would recommend it for people like me who are okay with ambiguous endings to horror/mystery stories. Even for me this ending left me feeling a little abandoned, but I really enjoyed reading this and a feeling of abandonment certainly fits with the theme.

Yesterday I started The World to Come by Jim Shepard, a book I’ve been so excited to read that I’m a little afraid of it tbh, and five pages in I can already tell it’s going to destroy me completely the way that Like You’d Understand, Anyway did. That collection is my favorite of all time and oh god his stories are devastating, it’s well worth it but I have to emotionally prepare for this experience !!

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I feel like people take the whole, "gender ambiguous" thing too seriously. :/ Toby Fox made them that way so the player could decide their gender. XD This has been stated by the guy himself. Personally, unless Frisk and Chara are drawn specifically to look male I view them as female. XD For real people with things like gender dysphoria, I call them whatever pronoun fits their biological gender, unless they ask me otherwise. :3

I think this is the 6 or 8 time that someone message me this whenever i draw frisk that has a gender or somethin xD


Some Frag Sliske WG doodles with lotsa Greg

I like thinking about how Sliske would have to make sure his new home is well protected and using his minions to aid the WG when Sliske feels both of them are in enough danger to warrant stepping in. 

Actually i just like thinking about Frag Sliske stuff cuz cool abilities dude what could possibly go wrong :’D (everything, probably)

Here i just did the WG as an ambiguous marshmellow person so you can better imagine your WG in its place wew


Today I got some doll stuff lol. To my shock (and horror) the new Fashionista Kens were here despite there being no new female ones. I hesitated about grabbing the ambiguously Italian doll but I figured since him and Hip Hoodie are short packed Ill grab them.

My thoughts on the two Ken dolls right now is that their clothes are garbage, their paint is crummy and that BOTH are in skin tones barely used elsewhere so they’re stuck on their garbage bodies. I’ll probably be less irritated by them later on but rn they’re a big fail.

I also got another MTM to hybrid with an orange doll.

At Toys R Us they had the new fashion packs but…. only in original size. I grabbed the only one that didn’t look entirely plastic.

I also found this Sailor Jupiter phone charm for my custom doll, the “world’s smallest” etch-a-sketch and got these Eeveelution figures because they were beefed up from the previous Tomy figures and are now more in scale with my other Pokemon figures instead of being shrimpy sad things. They also got joints so that’s neato.

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Hello! I was wondering if you have any tips for writing what you're going to say during a spell, thanks! )O(


Here’s a post.
And another.

And, to throw in my pennies worth: 

  • When writing an incantation for a spell, don’t be afraid of your own style. Embrace it. What makes it unique to you, makes it powerful.
  • Don’t write in past tense. Try writing in present tense; in an incantation for my decoy witch bottle, I wrote this:

May forces that seek to harm me, seek this bottle in my place,
May forces that bear ill-will unto my being, impart them to this bottle in my place.

  • Always make sure that your incantation is tied directly to your intent. This may mean that your words are simple, but there is ample power in simplicity - using fancy words may lead to ambiguity, which can have an effect on the magick.

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KK and JJ have a boner for Crayola. It's fucking obvious since they are fine with being ambiguous and shit about his motivations. I'm tired of this. I think that KK gave in on John because she figured that she could push JJ to remove all of his badass scenes, which he did, and knowing that Rian wanted to focus on Rey and Luke for the next installment, Finn is in the shade. I cannot tell you how fucking galling it is to hope for representation, say it's coming, and then get this bullshit.

i feel for you, anon. i know i’ve said before that i personally am not too worried about it because the general audience LOVES finn, every review had nothing but great things to say about finn/john, and john himself seems genuinely excited about where finn’s story is headed - but i’m also white and see myself literally everywhere all the time so the last thing i’m gonna do is sit here and tell you not to be upset or worried, especially with kathy “somehow manages to get even worse every time she opens her mouth” kennedy at the helm. 

your fears make complete sense. i watch a ridiculous amount of television. i know what happens to characters of color, especially black characters. i’ve seen them start out as leads and end up dead or marginalized to the point they might as well be (looking at you supergirl & the 100 and basically everything on the cw except maybe the flash) as a response to a racist ass fandom like this one. it’s good that tv and movies are so totally different, because since the general audience and critics both adored finn, and they did rewrites for ep viii because of this response, it makes it more likely that the best has yet to come for finn.

at least i really, really hope i’m right about that because you deserve so much better.

btw I don’t care if its just the Ambiguously Gendered Manga Side Character trope mammon is nb and I’ll fight anyone who thinks they could possibly be cis. Mammon’s gender is the sensation of laying back on the couch counting money as you light 42 aromatherapy candles

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wanna know what's funny? Mark Sheppard was on Charmed (5x04) as a low level demon. I guess Crowley is Mark's destiny.

I have a feeling that is Mark Sheppard tried to play a character outside of “morally ambiguous”, his head might explode.
The guy is so effin’ good at “sorta evil.”

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Ok seeing as I'm an idiot anti reylo who you automatically dismiss, how about you enlighten me as to how exactly the "vast and varied differences between the films Cinderella and TFA" make Reylo NOT abuse.


I mean, seriously anti can you honestly say I’m going to change your mind? I could write a 5000+ word essay on this, but I’d prefer to reward prompters with that kind of content. If you really are serious though, reveal yourself (I’ll keep you private) and we’ll hash it out, and as a bonus I won’t expect you to protect my privacy. 

Otherwise here’s a preview of some subheadings:

Context of Reylo within the SW universe

Intended audience of SW

The characterisation of Rey

The characterisation of Kylo Ren

Definition of abuse and the ambiguous motivations of Kylo Ren

The Force as a physical equaliser between sexes

The requirement of relativism (Light/Dark) as a plot motivator

Rey as a subject of the Force

Kylo Ren as an object of the Force

Etc, etc…

I won’t label this anti reylo BS this time though anon - this is a valid ask.


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side