everyone else: is sombra going to be a hero?? a villain?? a morally ambiguous character?? what is she going to look like?? what are her abilities going to be?? what is her role in lumerico and how does reaper know her?? what IS lumerico?? what are her motives?????

me: okay but her and reaper better be best Edgy friends who love to annoy the crap out of each other and they better be so close that they consider the other to be like a sibling



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You are purposefully being thick now. Yes people do it with straight characters, because guess what, THATS THE MAJORITY OF CHARACTERS! When you're changing a characters gender/sexuality you don't take from minorities! That's the point I was making! I'm not saying anything is wrong with bi people, I'm saying don't take from the limited gay pool. Why are they open to interpretation? You see Undyne refereed to as she and go, well she's a girl. You see Chara/Frisk refereed to as they and go 'not nb'

I…was being sarcastic with the bi thingy. As a LGBT person myself I am not obsessed over these topics, I just let people be. 

 As I said, there will be no way to agree on this. People see Chara and Frisk as blank slate characters, up to interpretations for the lack of information or ambiguous information presented in game. 

That’s the point I was trying to make, having a different points of view doesn’t mean that they’re”taking your representaiton away”, no one is hurting you, no one is doing this with the intention of putting you down.

Heck, my Chara and Frisk on this blog are non binary and use both gender neutral and male pronouns for that reason, so you can be satisfied, I have done this for you.. Sorry if my jokes are bad to the point that it hurts you or that my sense of humor is too dark for you, or sorry for having a different opinion.?

No one should attack people with opposite views on the matter. That’s the point I was trying to make, because to some, Frisk and Chara ARE meant to be interpreted  due to the ambiguity. And the best thing to drop this…delicate subject is to just respect other’s opinions.  This goes for both sides, mind you.

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I personally believe that gay characters are best left as ambiguous in nature, since sexuality shouldn't really be considered a personality trait. What about having them revealed is so particularly important? Genuinely curious sorry if I sound condescending

Okay for argument’s sake let’s just say this was all true and the best way to have a gay character is to downplay it.

There’s a difference between “subtle” and “ambiguous”.

Symmetra being autistic is subtle. It’s in a line in one of the comics and it’s part of her design. Blizzard never outright said “look now autistic Symettra is”, but we still have concrete evidence to point to. Subtle representation can still be great representation if it’s done right.

“Ambiguous” is the lazy way out. It’s wanting to claim the reward of being seen as ‘progressive’ without taking the risk of alienating any homophobes in the audience. Ambiguous may as well mean ‘not there at all’, because there’s nothing concrete. “Do or do not, there is no try.”

And that’s the case with Overwatch right now. Yes Blizzard has said some of the heroes are gay, but they haven’t even given any leads onto who they are. There’s nothing there to go off of. “Keeping it a mystery” in this case is about as good as outright lying about there being a gay character. Because it’s been nearly a year and they haven’t done anything to follow up on their promise.

Starting to make a little more sense? It’s a matter of them actually committing to it.

character: *uses she/her pronouns*

people: ah yes a female :)

character: *uses he/him pronouns*

people: a good boy :)

character: *uses they/them pronouns*


nb community: what a lovely nonbinary character-


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What about Klance appeals to you?

  • neither of them are white
  • lance is ambiguously brown so i can project onto him (vietnamese hc)
  • i’ve always been a sucker for rivalmancies but k/lance is a rivalry where they don’t actually hate each other and in fact i love a onesided rivalry even more so its just…Great.
  • i love that keith wants to be friends w lance and even cares about him despite the fact that lance pisses him off i think it shows that keith is such a sweetheart wwww….
  • in general i think they show great sides of each other and push each other to grow!
  • i honestly thought keith was annoying (i pegged him as the cool loner protagonist that was better than everyone—– haha can you tell how much i relate to lance) but having him interact with lance showed he was so different… and you can see interacting with lance changes him, too, i think. it’s challenging for him. like it’s new
  • in the same way i like that lance is able to overcome this idea of what he thought keith was and grow to work with him
  • all in all: great job

Oh I loved Gone with the Wind, I absolutely did. But really I loved Scarlett O’Hara, because, specifically, she is a bitch. She does things her own way and everybody’s terrified of her, but she lives like a fucking survivor. And everyone wants to be that. It’s that moral ambiguity which I think is truer to life. That sometimes we can be a little bit mean.

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forget ambiguity and labels. what does Rilucas's behavior in girl meets goodbye show about their relationship?

They really like each other (they do!), but they aren’t in love nor is that likely to happen for them. Ofc you already know that if you’ve been paying attention, but if this particular game changer couldn’t elicit any declarations of actual FEELINGS or (age appropriate) overtly romantic physicality from either one of them after all this time…I’m just saying.

Meanwhile Augava. Who are second graders.

Visual identification guide to Les Amis de l’ABC from the Dallas production

Or something like that…

This is in preparation for the group watch on Saturday!

This production has eight Amis and six of them are named or recognizable: Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Joly, Grantaire. The other two are ambiguous.

First, some promo pictures because they’re nicer looking [source]

Starting with a wide shot. Here’s (nearly) everybody in their barricade outfits.

For the record, I blame @shellcollector for “Jean Kevin”.

Another promo pic with a better view of Courf’s barricade look.

Another promo pic, Enjolras and Marius pre-barricade (note the different clothes)… I didn’t bother to label them sorry :p Enjolras is the one with the leather jacket.

One more promo pic

Under the cut I have lots of screencaps which aren’t as pretty as the promo pics but should be helpful:

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Could you also your explaination of keeping it "ambiguous" to describe JKR announcing Dumbledore's homosexuality? Or would that be a different matter?

That’s a different matter but equally as bad.

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It says in the game description that its a reboot, wikipedia says its a reboot, it was advertised as a reboot, its called Doom not Doom 4. The events of the game dont fit with the timeline of the first three games!! Its a reboot stop being in denial




regurgitating marketing

>Doom, not Doom 4

soft reboot, like ‘God of War’

>the events of the game don’t fit with the timeline

ambiguous at best

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forget ambiguity and labels. what does Rilucas's behavior in girl meets goodbye show about their relationship?

Rilucas’ behaviour in IDF, specifically in response to the game changer, says  A LOT about what their relationship is and, IMO, always has been.

They come face to face with a particular road block and, minus an impassioned line or two from Lucas (and it’s not even “I don’t want that for Maya” *slams hands on desk* level impassioned), they don’t really seem to fight for their relationship or each other. Their behaviour, however sweet, is relatively resigned and that’s VERY telling given how we’ve seen couples behave in similar situations within the BMW/GMW universe.

They’re faced with something that’s either going to make them or break them.

It breaks them, however temporarily, and they hardly even fight it.

Unless they’re hiding something from us (which I NEVER discount, because if anything would be worth keeping on the dl, a whammy of a rilucas moment would be it), there’s no “maybe we can make this work”. There’s no I love you. There’s no kiss. There’s no hug. There’s no emotional declarations about feelings. 

There’s none of those major hallmark moments that you would expect to happen between two teenagers who we’re “supposed” to believe are crazy about each other. 

It’s a break-up, but it’s one of the most platonic break-ups I’ve ever watched. There’s some sweet exchange about firsts with an air of, what essentially comes down to, “You rock! Don’t ever change!”, plus a more high key markle-esque sideways/head on shoulder moment (which I have no problem confirming since all of that’s already been spoiled by other people).

It’s sweet. It’s all very sweet.

But it doesn’t pack any emotional punch (Rilaya, though. Man, that one hurt). It didn’t do anything to make me believe that these two kids have a deep romantic relationship. If anything, it strengthened my belief in the exact opposite.

It showed me that rilucas cares about one another very much, but are more or less completely lacking in any romantic passion. And what is deep caring-romantic passion? Friendship. Not romance.