Ambiguous Bodies and Deviant Sexualities: Hermaphrodites, Homosexuality, and Surgery in the United States, 1850-1904
[...] The first report of corrective surgery published in the United States appeared in the American Journal of the Medical Sciences in 1852, but surgery did not immediately replace more traditional social prescriptions designed to fit hermaphrodites into a dimorphic model of human sex. Only after homosexuality became a matter of discussion in American medical journals did the frequency of normalizing surgeries increase.This paper explores the connection between physicians’ increased interest in preventing “abnormal” sexual behavior and their insistence that interventionist surgeries were the most appropriate means of treating cases of hermaphroditism.

This article is the only one I’ve read so far out of the ones my partner got from the U of T medical library. It was completely eye-opening and explores the correlation between the medicalization/pathologization of homosexuality, bisexuality and gender variance and the rise of normalizing surgeries in intersex infants.

A very important and relatively short read that I heavily encourage intersex people as well as dyadic LGBT allies to read.

Content is potentially triggering. CW: intersexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, conversion therapy, surgery, forced sex assignment, medical/body talk, H slur

bus station

The bus dips slightly as I step on, look up, nearly fall
over– a girl sways in the breeze, a weeping willow with blue eyes.
Her laughter rings, creaking branches straining to make
light of my stumble, and I say, “Hello, how are you?”
She’s blooming, pink flowers for cheeks, a whole spring in one smile.
I nearly fall again as the bus bounces off, a second and we’re gone.

She’s been planted here with her family, now that her old home is gone.
They’ve only been here two seasons– spring making its way into fall.
We get to know each other, I can’t believe I can make her smile
light up again, again, we promise to meet up before the leaves turn to ice.
Discuss schedules, it ends with a “How often do you
use this bus? I’ll be here every day.” I say I can make

it twice a week. She steps off the bus, it dips and makes
a loud creak like her laughter in the wind. Then she’s gone.
Fast forward– she tells me her brother “Looks just like you!”
He twirls in skirts and high heels, overbalances sometimes and falls
just like I did when we first met. She is a willow today, with weeping eyes.
She says he fancies himself a girl; she says he can’t be, flashes a wistful smile.

Days and months hit their heads on consecutive walls; the girl is losing her smile.
The weeping willow is an oak, but dying– I can’t seem to make
her laugh like creaking in the wind anymore, or retrieve the sadness from her eyes.
She says her brother can’t look her in the face anymore, the boy she knew is gone.
It’s winter, but her leaves are fluttering, brown, the spring-cheeked girl turned fall.
She says, “I’d give the world, everything I have, just to be like you.”

Me? Slump-shouldered, faceless boy. I’m nobody, a face in the wind, not a “you.”
And suddenly, she’s gone. The weeping willow, the dying oak, the spring-filled smile–
The bus no longer dips under the weight of her forest. I cease to nearly fall
Whenever I see her. (I just don’t see her.) Then in summer, I make
out a face. Eyes like a weeping willow, but strong-shouldered: not dying, not gone.
Barely even the same person– a slump-shouldered boy, but with those eyes.

There is courage, someone new, but not quite right, peering from her eyes.
I trip and stumble– she pulls me up, branches strong. “Where were you?”
I ask. She nearly laughs, but she’s too strong now to creak in the wind. “Gone.”
Then it hits like a hurricane. She has become like me. I tell her– no, him. He smiles.
We talk, leaves whispering together. The wind can’t blow us over, can’t make
us sway. “How is your brother?” I’ve turned off the sun. His eyes fall.

His leaves begin to fall, like rain, like his eyes.
How could such a question make him cry? “Are you
okay?” He smiles sadly. “He’s gone.”

As for me, I see both beauty and the dark side of the things; the loveliness of cornfields and full sails, but the ruin as the well. And I see them at the same time, and chary of that ecstasy. The Japanese have a phrase for this dual perception: mono no aware. It means “beauty tinged with sadness,” for there cannot be any real beauty without the indolic whiff of decay. For me, living is the same thing as dying, and loving is the same thing as losing, and this does not make me a madwoman; I believe it can make me better at living, and better at loving, and, just possibly, better at seeing.
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tv rec: timeless

idk if anyone else has been watching it, but i am really enjoying the new show timeless! you get a different period story every week, which if nothing else, is just really fun. it also doesn’t shy away from exploring history from a poc perspective; one if it’s three leads is a black man who openly addresses the danger he’s in within the past. 

the show isn’t perfect, and i think the other male lead lacks a lot of complexity. it’s very much your standard righteous manpain. i think that “the dead lover” trope can be really tired if not done right. i always point to killian as an example of doing it right, where it lead him towards moral ambiguity. (i also think colin’s performance coupled with the complexity of rumple’s story really carries that theme much farther than any other show i watch, but that’s another discussion.) 

i also think the female lead, similarly, isn’t very fleshed out. for all we criticize ouat for, watching other shows makes you realize how quickly they hit the mark with their characterizations. i think we all really understood who each character was within their introduction. 

timeless’s lead is smart and i enjoy the way she wrestles with morality, but other than that, i don’t really have a feel for her personality. i wish she was nerdier, or more awkward, or more sarcastic, or something. i’m withholding final judgment on those for now though.

(bit of spoilers beyond) 

i also was a little disappointed with tonight’s episode (where sean maguire guest starred as ian fleming!), which went to nazi germany. i was really hoping the female lead was going to be revealed as jewish—she was very shaky and nervous in this episode alone and i know that’s how i personally would be behaving, as a jewish woman, in that kind of situation. 

it was revealed to be something else but i thought it was kind of a missed opportunity for a show. 

that said, i do really enjoy the way the show explores the injustice of history and the ethics of science. it’s definitely not as complex as say, westworld, but where i think a show like ouat excels with characterization, timeless is doing well with morality. 

i have heard the show is a borderline rip off of a spanish tv show, but abc was also pursuing a fables tv show (fables is a fairytale comic series set in nyc that is very good and i heartily recommend to any oncer!) and instead went with ouat, so. we pick our battles. anyway. this is long and i can’t tell if anyone else is watching the show but it’s one i’d be down to talk about if anyone’s interested. 

I’ll repeat this as many times as it takes saying: You have every right to dislike a ship, to not enjoy the dynamic, to want to avoid seeing it, to not associate with people who make or consume content for it. You can do this with no reasoning or justification whatsoever. But don’t make up reasons why it’s immoral or wrong to enjoy something when nothing has been proven one way or the other. Especially don’t when the content creators specifically say that it’s open to interpretation. Don’t hassle people, attack them, assume heinous things about them as a person, or send them shocking and upsetting content just because their interests and opinions don’t align with yours. I don’t understand how such a basic concept is somehow lost on such a vast amount of people, but since we all need the reminder, here it is:

Leave people you disagree with alone as long as they aren’t doing anything legitimately harmful. Your personal opinions about an ambiguous subject that is up to interpretation are no more or less valid than another person’s. And for god’s sake, treat people with respect even if you don’t agree with one another. Internet anonymity does not give you the right to hurt others, no matter where you stand.

anonymous asked:

To play devil's advocate: there's nothing ambiguous about the wording "there with Gillian Anderson". It explicitly implies he was there WITH her. Not "in attendance Peter Morgan and Gillian Anderson". Hypothetically speaking IF she is "seeing" him, how will you feel about your source? How certain can we really be when it comes to the credibility of secondhand sources? NOT that I doubt your blog. I really want to believe you guys keep an accurate account. Thoughts?

Even if she went as his “date” that doesn’t mean that they are together. She has attended numerous events with men that she’s friends with. She used to bring her friend, Andrew, as her date to almost all her London events for a while. She went as her friend Darren’s guest to his art exhibit a couple years back. There have been other times, too. It’s not something to freak over.

With some of the messages we’ve received, you would think she was caught in the bathroom fucking him and David is now out of the picture completely and some huge thing happened.

It’s outrageous. It’s tiring. It makes us want to leave this fandom and never look back. It was one sentence in one article. If she starts attending her own events with him and he becomes a fixture in her life, that’s a different story, but for now…we just can’t deal with this roller coaster of fan freak outs. Please tell us we aren’t the only ones completely exhausted by this shit?

We stand by our source 100 percent. We have no doubts at all about what’s she’s told us. If they end up with others in the future, that will not change what she told us about the past. It wouldn’t make it any less true if they end up going their separate ways at some point. Anything can happen and our source isn’t a fortune teller. We don’t expect her to be able to predict their relationship or confirm that they will always be together.

Last we heard, which was roughly about three weeks ago (give or take) they were together and happy. Could that have changed since then? Sure. Do we think it’s likely? Not really….but we admit that life is tricky and anything can happen.

anonymous asked:

How official is the break up? Will the fandom be at wars saying that the two are still together or what?

They break up. It happens. Whether they continue to be broken up even after the game changer doesn’t happen is super ambiguous. But regardless, YES this will be a HUGE war in the fandom, I would put money on it.

JayDick Week 3: Day 2- Contract with The Devil

Rating: R - there’s some demonic brainwashing and steamy content.

I’m Your Source of Self-Destruction

By all accounts, it really should have been Jason. As they sat in the Batcave, trying to figure out what had happened, why this thing had chosen Dick, Jason knew what everyone was thinking. Of all the people that this thing could have chosen, it really should have been Jason. He was the one with the ambiguous morals, he was the bad one, he was the one that wore leather like it was going out of style. 

Why would a demon choose to possess Dick Grayson?

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anonymous asked:

is it normal to feel as if im faking it and lying to myself in the process of accepting my asexuality?(1/2)

more details: really want to be ace, i really want to feel identified as an asexual, i believe i fit in the label and i hope that doesnt change from here and on tbh!! the thing is, part of me wont accept it, like: 50% of me feels like “omg you’re so ace you should totally label that way; is amazing how identified you feel!!” and my other 50% is like “lmao you’re just lying to yourself to feel like you’re someone. pathetic.” i hate my ambiguity so much… help ::/(2/2)

this is a very normal thing to experience when coming to terms with your asexuality, so don’t feel too alone in it! unfortunately, there’s no “qick fix” for this, but give it time and effort and it’ll come around. give yourself affirmations, tell those thoughts about lying that they’re wrong, and seek out positivity and support where you can find it. all of those should help. this post could also be helpful.


[Fancam] 161025 MAMAMOO ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ & ‘Flying, Deep Into The Night’ @ IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea) Concert || © 마마무가좋아용


[FANCAM] 161025 Mamamoo - Mr Ambiguous @ IBK Concert ©마마무가좋아용

I’m 100% A-Okay with this epilogue

  • Kids eventually go to totally finish off English at non-disclosed Red Logo loop, leisurely live out their days on New-Earth
  • Jane makes the Crocker Corp, a real and not evil one, and Jake makes SkaiaNet labs and his ass is regularly featured on TV
  • Matthe McCoughnacake 
  • Kanaya and Rose are the only couple to get focused on and get married officially and successfully raise a shitload of new kids by using Ectobiology with the matriorb
  • Literally everyone’s shipping whatevers are left ambiguous
  • Kids time-jump to when shit isn’t boring, regularly get together and hang out, but are fine when they can’t hang most of the time
  • Terezi is searching for Vriska in the rift left behind by Calliope, it’s unknown and unlikely if/that she survived
  • Caliborn is still trolling John from a timepoint before he even fights the Alphas on stage
  • John grows up, shaves, accepts that sometimes it’s cool to be alone
  • Dream bubbles are safely extinguished thanks to True Calliope
  • WV snuck himself into the snaps
  • Everyone essentially lives in a paradise stasis and finally get to chill after 7 years of bullshit thrown at them

So I haven’t been able to stop thinking about San Junipero since I watched it so I just needed to get some thoughts out. 

I’ve seen some articles that argue that the ending is not what is seems, that Kelly decided not to pass over to San Junipero, and I just wanted to talk about some things that dispel that theory in the way that I see it:

~Some have argued that Kelly did not have the forehead piece on when she passed, so she could not have gone to San Junipero. To argue that, we only see one side of Kelly’s head while she is passing. I think it was left ambiguous so the viewer could have room to speculate. 

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yesoutlawqueen  asked:

I'm back, I finished reading the offending article, I must say in all sincerity that it is written in a strange way, because at first, mentions who was present at the premiere of the TV show and Gillian is not in the list, but we discover his presence there by the ambiguous phrase "Mr. Morgan, there with Gillian Anderson who herself is in town," which can mean everything or nothing, but I do not understand why the journalist writes it in this way, (1)

(2) he could mention Gillian among the guests as everyone else, I think here comes the ambiguity and hence the clamor, the curiosity, which flows even in ’ insecurity gillovny fandom, the gillovny fans have few certainties and many mysteries.


Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I’m weird, and I might be in the minority, but it still doesn’t bother me at all. It doesn’t mean anything to me. Clearly if the journalist suspected anything or wanted to mean there was something between them, he would have at the very least published a picture, or made it more clear. I think it was just a writing trick to mention Gillian was here, I’m not even convinced he wanted to mean she was here as his date. It was a way to talk about both the Crown and The Fall in the same paragraph and promote two Netflix shows. I truly don’t see much in this article, and still don’t get the reason of the drama.

y’know, between rosepearl playing into Bury your Gays (also it’s not even clear that Rose even reciprocated Pearl’s feelings, even liked girls, or even liked human guys as anything beyond funny pets), Mystery Girl being introduced as an ambiguously brown woman with no name or voice solely for Pearl’s development, and the lapis/jasper shit I don’t even know where to begin with, rupphire is the only canon wlw element in SU I can feel good about at this point.

I wonder how they’re going to fuck that up.


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by hajiiwa

All three of them knew about his ‘appreciation’. They joked and said that it was a kink, but Oikawa merely shrugged the comments off, knowing that it wasn’t exactly something they could understand. Some people liked hair or eyes– Oikawa liked hands.

Words: 626, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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