OH  ,  how easy it was to lose   everything …  To have their   GRAND AMBITIONS   turn to   ASH   —    maybe   this   was just   KARMA …   PAYBACK   for all the people they’ve screwed over  ,  cheated  ,  lied too …   Perhaps they’d just gotten   greedy   (   Felix certainly had   )  ,  the Pandorian   street rats   had flown too close to the sun …   Now  ,  they’re left with   no money  ,  no   actual vault key   (   no August   ).     Approaching footsteps cause her head to raise  ,  and …   speak of the devil …     ‘   If you’re planning on   shooting me  ,   I’d do it before Fiona gets back …      Something in her tone suggests she’s not planning on putting up much of a fight  ,  more   DEFEATED   than she’d like to admit.  

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no offense but could we stop racebending characters that already aren’t white (I’m not referring to whitewashing poc characters but that really needs to stop like yesterday)

like I saw some fanarts of Kukui made black and like. okay. but he’s not black. he’s Hawaiian. like are you aware or the implications here? you’re implying that Hawaiians aren’t deserving of their representation, that they’re not as important as black people, you gotta stop that? he already ain’t white don’t take his race away from him because… why do you do this even? cause black people are apparently more important than other poc groups? or because black guys are sexier or somethin??? because I ain’t having that racial fetishization shit in MY HOUSE. I mean heck it’d even be okay if you made him mixed but no, his actual race isn’t important enough I guess

I love that all the r0semary shirts on wel0vefine are 40% off but I also wish that there was at least one non-white rose design do u feel

What I want for Cap 3

  • a storyline centered around Steve and Bucky
  • more Sam Wilson
  • flashbacks
  • Peggy Carter
  • taking down Hydra
  • for Bucky to be happy
  • for Steve to be happy
  • for Bucky and Steve to be happy together- even if it’s just a couple lines of snark or sass or them being affectionate assholes to each other. just let them be happy
  • some sort of physical affection between Steve and Bucky- arm around the shoulder, pat on the back, hand on the shoulder, a hug, something
  • another Captain America movie about Captain America

What I do not want for Cap 3

  • every superhero ever
  • heterosexual love interest for Steve
  • major character death
  • Tony Stark stealing the spotlight
  • continuation of the relationship dynamics in Age of Ultron

marvel in color; (x)

Doona Bae as The Wasp

BD Wong as Doctor Strange

Osric Chau as Iron Fist

↳ Michelle Rodriguez as Maria Hill 

↳ Alina Serban as Scarlet Witch

↳ Dichen Lachman as The Ancient One