October 26: Intersex Awareness Day

So, as many of you know (I mean just look at my URL lol) I am Intersex.

But what does that mean?

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, the 13th annual Intersex Awareness Day (a fortuitous number, since age 13 is a very common age for people to discover hey are intersex!) I thought I would try my hand at making a little informational post.

This will be a bit different from my usual stuff, and perhaps hopefully a little more accessible to people who aren’t familiar with the subject!

What is “intersex”?

Intersex is a personal and political identification that people adopt to empower ourselves in light of having certain medical conditions! 

The simplest definition I can give is that intersex people are people whose primary sex characteristics do not fall into the ranges associated with the typical model of male or female!

So it’s people who have “both kinds” of genitals right?

Not really! 

Some intersex people do have what are called “ambiguous genitalia,” which can look and even function sexually like “having both,” this is not the only type of intersexuality.

Do not just go around asking people about their genitals. If you have any need to know, the person involved will tell you. Otherwise, let it be.

Okay, so what makes someone intersex then?

Having one of the several dozen conditions referred to collectively as “disorders of sexual development” (also referred to as differences in sexual development, and as intersex variations). 

Basically, there are two medical models to be aware of.

The model of the perisex male: male assignment, XY chromosomes, testes, penis, and as an adult, testosterone dominant hormones.

The model of the perisex female: female assignment, XX chromosomes, vagina and vulva, ovaries, and as an adult, estrogen dominant hormones.

If you fall outside these two models in any way, then you can call yourself intersex!

What about transitioning, then? Doesn’t that make you intersex?

Nope! Intersex conditions are in-born. If you are using medical intervention to achieve traits that fall outside the persex male and perisex female ranges, that doesn’t make you intersex. 

Intersex variations are congenital and inborn.

That said, there are some rare cases of people whose bodies are “otherwise perisex” but who were forcibly assigned the “opposite” binary gender at birth, usually as a result of medical malpractice or severe genital injury. 

These people absolutely have the right to claim the intersex identity as well. 

Well, can you be trans and intersex, then?


Anyone can be trans: it just requires identifying outside of the gender assignment you were given at birth, or, in some cases, adopting the term to make your gender identity understandable to white and/or western people who do not have an analogous gender role in their cultures.

Being intersex doesn’t prevent you from determining that the gender you were assigned doesn’t fit right.

Cool! So you can also be cis and intersex, yeah?

Kind of, but not quite. 

Intersex people do not experience protection and prioritization under cisnormativity. As a result, calling intersex people who identify with their assigned gender “cis” is very misleading.

Because of this, a lot of intersex activists suggest the inclusion of the word ipsogender into our vocabularies! Ipso comes from the same chemical and latin roots as cis and trans, but rather than meaning “on the other side” (trans) or “on the same side” (cis), ipso means “in the same place as,” and refers to the fact that an intersex person’s intersex identity has been replaced with the pericis concept of gender assignment.


Pericis simply means people and social forces based on perisex (that is, nonintersex) and cisgender (that is, neither trans or nonbinary) people.

Here’s a brief run down of terms you might see around:

Perisex: someone who is not intersex

Perisexism and/or perinormativity: The normalization, protection and prioritization of perisex people in society.

Dyadic: An alternative term for perisex. It often has severely ableist and racist connotations, so unless you are intersex yourself, be wary of using it. 

Dyadism: The normalization, protection and prioritization of dyadic people in society.

Forcibly Assigned Sex At Birth: (FAFAB, FAMAB, FASAB, FAGAB) A gender assignment experience unique to uintersex people, wherein one’s gender was surgically or medically forced on you in infancy or childhood. 

Incorrect/Intersex Assigned Gender At Birth: (IAFAB, IAMAB, IASAB, IAGAB). For intersex people whose genders were not forcibly assigned through medical violence.

Assigned Intersex/X at Birth: AIAB, AXAB. In some places, “intersex” and “X” are possible birth assignment. So, there are people out there who were night assigned male or female at birth. They may or may not have subsequently been raised as male/female.

Intergender: The state of being intersex and having a gender identity that is influenced by that fact. 

Intersex as gender identity: Many intersex people, such as Kelly Keenan, the second Legally Nonbinary person in America, use “intersex” as their gender identity. In this way, intersex can sometimes be considered a gender identity, even though it is usually separated from other gender identity terminology.

Hermaphrodite: This one is often a sexualizing, dehumanizing slur. However, it is within the reclamation process and has been for a couple of decades now, albeit patchily. Some people identify as being hermaphrodites, in which case, by all means, call them this. But don’t use this word to describe intersex people or organizations unless or until you know that it is a word they use for themselves.

Okay, so this all sounds really medical, why do you keep contextualizing it in terms of queerness, gender, etc?

Well, because it’s both.

Intersex people experience huge amounts of often extremely violent ableism, ranging from the most well known examples (genital mutilation and forced feminization/masculinization) to pervasive but fairly quiet things like “intersex” not being an option on medical forms, and doctors not knowing how to deal with our unique medical needs. In fact, many intersex people go undiagnosed for decades of our lives, to serious personal detriment

But we also experience vicious social backlash stemming from the same place as other forms of queer antagonism: an absolute inability to perform all facets of gender correctly.

Even if we identify within our assigned gender, even if we are only attracted to cis people of the opposite assignment, even if that attraction is complete and typical and has no divergent aspects such as relationship models or asexuality, we are nevertheless persecuted for not living up to those standards.

Intersex antagonism is a form of ableism, undoubtedly. It is also a form of queer antagonism. 

Much like many intersex people, our oppressions are simultaneously neither and both. Our identities are complicated, and so are the ways that we are attacked for having them.

So… intersex people are LGBT+? I heard that intersex people don’t want to be called part of that community?

You heard wrong. 

Any intersex organization worth its salt will tell you much the same thing.

A handful of intersex people on tumblr do not get to speak for us all, and we have been active voices in these communities for generations. These spaces are our homes, and you will not evict us from them.

There is a reason that the official acronym in so many districts is LGBTI. There is a reason that the expanded acronym is LGBTQIAP+. The I is for Intersex, and it belongs to us. 

We have the same right to be here as anyone else.

What about queer? Are intersex people queer?

If they choose to identify as queer, then yes. Your queer spaces should always be intersex friendly.

What kind of issues do intersex people face?

Primarily, we are hit by medical violence, erasure, and social stigma. 

We are often subject to conversion therapies and forced medical procedures. Even in the event that our parents aren’t willing to have our bodies mutilated, that refusal can be used as evidence that they are unfit parents, and we can be removed from our homes and subjected to this violence by state care facilities.

We receive poor medical care, and have high incidents of comorbid conditions that dramatically shorten our lifespans and reduce our quality of life. Even for those of us without severe life threatening complications from our variation s(which is the majority of us), the poor application of medical models we don’t fit leads to being given medications and procedures that can kill or permanently maim us. We often experience side effects to even seemingly innocuous treatments that can create serious complications.

Doctors often focus on making our bodies as normative as possible, instead of focusing on our health and comfort. And as a result, our families and communities often do the same, robbing us of any sense of support or autonomy.

We are often conflated with trans people, and face similar types of interpersonal violence. All the horrific social violence that the gender binary inflicts on other people, it inflicts on us as well. 

We are told that we don’t exist, or that we exist only as sexual fantasies. That we are freaks of nature, that we are oddities to be examined and discarded. We are erased, trampled over, and even when someone claims to be looking out for us, they are often using us as a weapon against other queer people. We are isolated from each other. We are subject to all the traumatic psychological effects of that.

This is some heavy stuff. Can wrap this up on a lighter note? How about intersex pride stuff?

Sure thing!

This is the intersex pride flag:

#eye strain

It is a bright yellow field, with a thick purple ring centered on it. Pretty cool, huh? A bit of a divergence from the typical queer flag, but then, ours is a bit of a divergence from the typical queer experience!

The flag is meant to symbolize that we are neither male nor female (through the yellow) and yet that we may also be both male and female (through the purple), but that no matter what, we are whole and complete beings unto ourselves (through the unbroken ring). 

It can be a bit hard to look at on computer screens. I promise, the colors are less dramatic in real life! 

For digital purposes, you can use just about any shades of yellow and purple that you want, and there are certainly less straining versions out there.

Here’s some fun pride graphics too!

[Image description: Friendly looking bubble text reading Intersex Pride. The e’s in intersex and i in pride are purple, while all over letters are yellow. From The Telegram sticker set “pride”.] 

[Image description: a grey scale drawing of an individual with a soft smile and closed eyes. They are wearing a head scarf in yellow, with a purple ring framing their face. Drawing by Danshing-yehet]

[Image description: A drawing of a dragon curled around a heart reading “pride.” The dragon and heart are yellow, with a purple ring on top of them. Design by catalystic rising.]

[Image description: The disney castle logo, all in yellow, with purple flags. Image by notthedisneyyourelookingfor.]

[Image of a Purple-throated Euphonia, a small bird with a yellow breast and forehead, and otherwise dark purple feathers, presented as a possible intersex pride mascot by a dinosaur a day.]

[Image description: an intersex pride ring, by OptiMysitcals

[Image description: Revolutionary Queer flag, intersex version. A yellow field with two violet chevrons, the upper pastel and the lower a stronger and darker violet. The chevrons are separated by a cream band. Design by Bizexuals.]

We also have our own COTD blog, @intersexcharacteroftheday, and @yourfavegoestoactualpride also accepts and curates intersex submissions, which is very fun!

Those are pretty cool but I still have questions!! Where can I learn more?

Well, my inbox is always open!

Additionally, I really highly recommend the Organisation Intersex International, (here is their US website also), which is by far my favourite of the major intersex organizations. 

If you yourself are, or suspect yourself to be, intersex, then there is also the tag #ActuallyIntersex here on tumblr. As with any queer and/or disability tag, please be careful as it can be rife with discourse and with people on both sides of major issues.

I strongly do not recommend the blog actuallyintersex, however, as they have a strong habit of blocking, silencing, and being party to hate tactics against the voices of any intersex person who disagrees with their exclusionary politics. 

Anyway, I hope this has been an enlightening experience for you, and I look forward to seeing you all on the 26th of October!

ETA: And yes, this is great for perisex people to reblog too!

  • Kubo:I'll name it "Death and the Strawberry"
  • "The story of destiny"
  • I love it, yes
  • Ichigo's power was obtained for Rukia's sake
  • Also she dried his rain, aka emotive suffering
  • Yes yes
  • But he also dried hers
  • He's the black sun and she's the white moon
  • Good, very good
  • He can't live without her - I'll be very explicit about this
  • Perfect, perfect
  • I'm such a genius
  • Also Kubo:now make him marry Orihime
  • At last, Kubo:I'll title the last volume"Death and the Strawberry" with the two of them together so that everyone understands perfectly how ambiguous and nonsensical I wanted the ending to be
Come Back (Sherlock x Reader)

Sequel to Moving On 

 Summary: Sherlock finds you after he emerges from hiding, hoping to convince you to come back home with him. But it’s not that simple. 

 A/N: Surprise! It’s a sequel! And be warned, it is angsty. But what did you expect? A happy ending? Ha! Not yet! Enjoy! 


It had gone as was to be expected with John and the others, Sherlock thought. He had faked his death after all. He wasn’t expecting instant forgiveness as soon as they found out he was alive and well. He knew, by the standards of a ‘normal’ person, he deserved much more than the nearly broken nose he’d received as a welcome home present from John.

Everyone’s reaction he’d predicted, on some sort of level. He figured John would have been more excited, but- if he were being technical- getting him worked into a rage could count as being ‘excited’ so he wasn’t necessarily wrong. Okay, he was sort of wrong on that part, but he was still right about the others.

Well, at least, for all the others but you. You had yet to be told of his resurrection and Mycroft was leaving it up to him to do it. He’d put it into simple terms that summed up to mean: “Your partner, your problem.”

That was why Sherlock took the first plane from the U.K. to France, where you had been working for almost two years. Tracking you down wasn’t the hardest part, actually it was arguably the easiest part of the whole process. Whoever said the Interpol had high level security on its private information has clearly never tried to hack into its database.

No, the hardest part was making himself knock on the door of your new apartment, which would break the protective bubble you’d spent two years constructing.

You answered the door as soon as you’d heard the knock. With a smile on your face, you greeted, “Bonjoir.” It took less than a minute for the pleasant smile to fall from your face as it registered who was standing in front of you. Blinking, your eyes took in the tall figure in front of you. A ghost from a not-so-distant past that you thought you’d left behind. “Sherlock?” your voice was meek and confused.

“Yes?” he said back.

“You’re… You’re alive?” You stepped out of the doorway closer to Sherlock, as if you were trying to see if he was real.

He raised an eyebrow. “Of course, I am. I don’t remember you being this dull, Y/N.” Before he could react, he felt the sharp sting of a hand across his face. He blinked, flexing his face, but remained otherwise unreactive. “You know, love, I called you worse things before we started dating and never got this kind of reaction,” he joked.

“Is this a joke to you?” you asked him a low voice.

“Actually, I find this to be-”

“You died!” you screamed, not realizing or just not caring you were in the hallway, leaving your conversation open for all of your neighbors to hear. “I watched you get put in the ground and this is what you have to say for yourself?”

“I didn’t tell you what I had to say for myself,” Sherlock clarified. “You made assumptions from nothing and made a rash judgement about me before I had the chance to speak.”

You crossed your arms and looked at him, your eyes glazed with angry, unshed tears. “Then, by all means, explain yourself. Tell me what was so important that you let me believe for two years that you were rotting in the ground.”

He checked over his shoulders before he said, “Maybe it’d be better if we discussed this inside.”

At first you didn’t move, just continuing to stare at the man whom you’d loved once upon a time. The man who, if you were to be honest with yourself, you still loved underneath all the stabbing feelings of betrayal and rage. Realizing that it’d drive you insane not to at least hear the reason for his actions, you turned around and entered your apartment, knowing he’d follow in behind you.


You sat there stoic as you processed how the last two years of Sherlock’s life had gone. How he’d worked with his brother and other forms of top secret government you had no clearance to know about to take down Moriarty’s crime web. How he’d been forced to let his friends and family believe that he was dead for their safety and his. How he’d done all of this- put you through the five stages of grief and back- for the greater good.

Admittedly, you understood. You’d felt your rage dissipate as he told you about a few of his escapades. He was only trying to do good.

Yet there was also a part of you that couldn’t forgive him. He’d put you through so much pain that you felt you wouldn’t survive to the next day. Losing someone as you thought you had lost Sherlock was unbearable, with more questions than answers, which left you with more days filled with pain than anything else.

“So,” he said as he stood up, clapping his hands together as he did so, and looked around your apartment, “Do you like working here? Do you find it fulfilling?”

You shrugged, “It’s alright. I wouldn’t say it’s fulfilling, but I don’t hate it.” It was weird to feel… uncomfortable around Sherlock. It was weird for you to be unable to communicate with the man you’d once dreamed of spending the rest of your life with.

“I thought you’d say that.” Sherlock effectively deduced where you kept your suitcases- on the top shelf of a linen cupboard- and was quick to pull them out. “Pack your bags. I’ll have us on the first plane back to London. And I know it’s going to take some time for you to come around, so I’ve arranged for you to stay with John.”

“Sherlock, it’s not that simple,” you softly scoffed, taken aback by the audacity of his statement.

“Of course it is.”

“No, it isn’t. I can’t just up and leave my job. I… I have friends here.” You’d gone through the process of rebuilding a new life without him and now he wanted you to come back with him?

“That’s what cell phones are for.” He turned toward the door to make his exit. “Now there’s much to be done back home, so I’ll be by in the morning to pick you up.”

“No, Sherlock. I’m not leaving,” you told him firmly.

“Well, why not?” He seemed confused. “You don’t actually like it here, do you?” When you didn’t respond, it gave him answer. “Y/N, I need you back in London. John is busy with his wedding and now he’s insisting on actually practicing medicine, so I have no one to bounce ideas off of.”

“Isn’t that what your skull is for?”

“The skull is not nearly as good at providing proper feedback. Plus, you are significantly more pleasant to look at.”

You ignored his compliment, pushing the warm feeling of affection down as you responded, “Be that as it may, Sherlock, I’m not just going to uproot my life because it’s inconvenient for you.

“Well, why not? Why won’t you come back with me?” He desperately wanted to understand why you- the person who always used to run right after him on his crazy adventures- were being so hesitant to leave. You trusted him… didn’t you?

“Because I can’t, Sherlock. I can’t just forgive you.” The words were blurted, rushed, but were enough to increase the tension in the room. “I… You died, Sherlock. I grieved for you. Do you know what it’s like to grieve for someone?”

“Grief is the keen mental suffering-”

“I’m not talking the scientific terms. I’m talking about trying to rationalize the irrational. I’m talking about the experience of all that science.” You shifted your weight, uncomfortable under his scrutinizing gaze, before you continued, “Do you know what it’s like to realize someone you love is dead? You know, when you wake up first thing in the morning and you wonder what the day is going to be like and then you realize… the person you wanted most to see that day is dead? They just don’t exist. You won’t ever see them or hug them or kiss them or talk to them again.” Your eyes were watering just thinking about those dark times. “Two years, I went through that. Two years of that and you expect me to just jump into your arms and run away with you back to England?”

Sherlock fell silent as he listened to you. Watching you tear up- watching your expression contort into anger and sorrow- made him realize how much you’d been through since his departure. How much you’d changed. How much you’d grown. How much you’d adapted.

He couldn’t logically expect you- the new you- to drop everything for him. He knew that now. And he illogically wished it wasn’t true, just as he wished it didn’t hurt him to do what he was about to.

“No, I can’t,” Sherlock answered your question, his voice not giving away any of the things he was feeling.

You both stood there in mutual silence as it seemed you reached a sort of agreement. Sharing a look that expressed the things that couldn’t be said, you finally told him in a quiet voice that didn’t hold the heat it had before, “I think you should go.”

Sherlock simply nodded. Turning around, it took him only a few strides to reach the door. He stopped, with the doorknob in his hand, and said, “Take care of yourself, Y/N.” And with that, he was gone again. The ghost of your past had once again left you alone, your heart throbbing with grief.

Only this time it had been on your terms.

Here is the thing about the argument that Debbie/The Production should have done more to make the act consensual…. They literally can’t do that without completely changing the rest of the story, this incident reverberates for the remainder of the books (8 more books! that’s not an insubstantial amount) and the characters are shaped by this incident. If you change this then you change everything about the nature of the story and the characters… The ambiguity is a part of the story they are telling and it would be a disservice to the story and to the characters to try and make it clear cut.

Emma Sulkowicz, an 18-year-old human-identifying persyn of ambiguous race, gender, and sexual orientation, had bravely decided to pursue her education as a doctoral candidate in quantum fluid mechanics despite generations of systemic oppression by the patriarchal white male capitalist supremacist society.

She studies 19 hours a day while working 3 jobs to support herself because of the exploitative university framework that allows straight white males to attend college for free

Emma’s continued progress despite all of the obstacles placed in her way by the fiendish administration (run exclusively by old white men) catches the attention of Paul ‘Cunt Crusher of Cologne’ Nungesser, renowned Germanic neo-Nazi and top agent of the Kyriarchy, who had been assigned to Columbia University straight from Germany to ensure that no brave strong competent progressive world citizens could dispel the carefully-maintained illusion of white male supremacy.

Right before Emma’s final exams, Paul 'Womb Wrecker of Westphalia’ Nungesser batters down the door of her dorm room, the wood splintering under the assault of his 7 foot, 400 pound frame of pure Aryan rape muscles.

Terrified, Emma stammers out, “who are youyouyouyouyou?”, her eyes glued open by this perfectly-developed result of 10,000 years of female-oppressing evolution standing before her the arrogant übermensch barks out laughter, the glint of misogynistic sadism shining visibly in his cruel, penetrating blue eyes, and replies in his thick nazi accent that he “ist heer für die hang out”, his hands moving to unfasten his gleaming eagle swastika belt buckle.

Despite her encyclopedic knowledge of feminist theory, Emma finds her body betraying her; seduced by his shining platinum-blond hair and chiseled arrogant countenance, her eyes move unwilling downwards as he prepares to institutionalize his misogyny inside of her vulnerable yielding form.

the high-ranking SS officer hangs out his biological rape weapon over 18 inches in length and thicker around than a coke can, with fist-sized grenades of weaponized male privilege dangling ominously inside his patriarchy pouch.

Emma tries to resist, but she is caught in the same paralyzing magnetic field of sexual desire that has kept womyn of all colors subservient to the white male kyriarchy since time immemorial. Emma’s body betrays her as Paul 'Hymen Hammerer of Hamburg’ Nungesser stalks towards her, polished jackboots clacking harshly on the cold tile floor, his meaty oppresschlong already slick and glistening with the tears of the 517 WOCs he had violated before breakfast.

Her quivering womanhood, confused and reacting unconsciously to generations of societal indoctrination falsely claiming that PIV intercourse isn’t rape, begins to soak her panties with pre-rape juice, preparing her for this thunderous Teutonic invader intent on wrecking her even harder than her father’s native Poland three generations ago

his rough hands seize her hips, and tears flow freely from Emma’s diverse brown eyes as Paul 'Slut Slammer of Stuttgart’ Nungesser flips her effortlessly over onto her stomach, shredding the underclothes from her body like Adolf Hitler shredded the Treaty of Versailles.

An extremely-problematic sensation of arousal vibrates through Emma’s slim, nubile form, the dusky-skinned womyn shuddering beneath this blond brute as she feels his massive patriarcock, now as rigid and firm as the strict gender norms imposed by white male supremacist America, pulsing with wicked sexual intent against the tantalizing tanned curve of her tightly-clenched tuckus as he presses his turgid dongminator against the delicate petals of her defenseless feminine flower, it’s the searing heat that finally awakens the strong independent womyn that resides within all survivors of the patriarchy that empowers her to cry out, “we n-need to have a c-chill sesh, maybe during the…”

The heartless future camp commandant, enraged by this small but infinitely significant act of heroic defiance in the face of his overpowering intersectional privilege, decides not to ravish her quivering ciswoman genitalia and impregnate her with a future beneficiary of societal privilege, instead aiming his malevolent man-ram at the tight virginal pucker hidden between her satiny-soft cheeks.

Without any warning or preparation, Paul 'Booty Batterer of Berlin’ Nungesser bashes his bulbous biospear against her bared butthole in a brutal blitzkrieg unseen since the Battle of the Bulge. Emma screeches as her sphincter is smashed to smithereens by the Sturmbannführer’s swollen staff of sexual enslavement, her slender shape shuddering with spasms of servile sensual submission, screaming, “…SUMMMMERRRR!!!

He hammers her hole for 40 straight hours, reaming her abused ass without mercy as Emma’s body tries to cope with the trauma of her total violation by falsely interpreting the experience as enjoyable, cranking out orgasm after orgasm as she surrenders herself to his Aryan aggression.

After what seems like an eternity, Paul 'Ferocious Fuckmachine of Frankfurt’ Nungesser reaches rapegasm, flooding Emma’s bulldozed bowels with 15 gallons of his steaming-hot subjugation sauce, he leaves her there, broken and barely-conscious, his privilege pudding leaking out of her and leaving a permanent stain on her mattress in a startlingly-accurate reproduction of seven and a half pages of Mein Kampf.

As he prepares to leave, Paul 'Muff Mauler of Munich’ Nungesser warns Emma to keep silent like the good Republican bitch he had just made of her, mocking the brave survivor of his brutal sexual assault by asking a "lying gook buttslut” [sic] like her if she understood that her purpose in life was to serve as “the White Man’s cumdumpster”

completely overwhelmed and exhausted by her trauma, the courageous victim of the patriarchy whispered in a soft, shuddering voice…

“lol yusss”

thankfully, due to the efforts of our progressive and visionary leader President Barack Hussein Obama in establishing and funding the Intercollegiate Service for Institutionalized Sexism (ISIS), Emma Sulkowicz’s ordeal was discovered by ISIS Field Director Judith S. Rosenblatt, who assisted Emma in recalling the details of her sexual trauma 12 months after it had happened.

Ms. Rosenblatt also advised her to take up her mattress as a sign of public protest against the ubiquitous rape culture on American campuses, where women are statistically more likely to be raped than they would be in a lawless Central African war zone which has been wracked by unceasing political violence and suffering from a complete collapse of governmental authority for the past 20 years in response to the recent article published by the Daily Beast expressing skepticism about Ms. Sulkowicz’s allegations, Ms. Rosenblatt reportedly exclaimed, “Oy vey, the boyim know! Never forget the one in four!”

One Piece Birthday Celebration Roronoa Zoro. 

Guys, did you notice that Zoro is holding I think eleven purple flowers in a position that normally he holds his katana? Interesting :D 

The number eleven is connected with his birthday 11.11 but why did they (the team that works in the Mugistore) chose only one color for all the flower?In this case the purple (Robin’s color ).I don’t know the reason but I think it is ambiguous, they could use the red,blue,yellow or all the other colors but instead they pick exactly the only color that connect to Robin. One more thing, is why does Zoro hold some flower? That is not a normal thing to do for Roronoa Zoro. By the way, the flower are again a symbol of Nico Robin, her devil fruit power is Hana Hana no Mi (flower flower no MI), and she likes a lot the flower!!

I find strange too Zoro’s position, I mean, what is that?Is he going out for a date?

i won't say anything at all

read it on AO3 at

by sivantrash

“I must warn you, that planet may not seem dangerous but it is one of the worse planets that exist in this galaxy.” Coran warned.

“That makes it all the more reason for us to save Keith now. He’s been on there for awhile now and we’re not about to let him go through more trauma.” Shiro stated.

or: the one where the author watched the avengers and decided to do their own take on season two.

Words: 1922, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at
Instinctively, it seems that it should be true [that people with ambiguous genitalia would have greater psychosocial difficulties than the rest of us], but it also seems instinctive that no one would want to live as a conjoined twin.” And that is not generally true. In fact, Dr. Dreger has found that many conjoined twins do not wish to be separated, and many people with intersex do not wish to be made more like other men or women. “Just because something is statistically abnormal doesn’t mean that it’s bad. A lot of people who have these different conditions, not just intersex, say the same thing, which is: ‘I know this is abnormal compared to the general population, but it’s normal for me.’
—  Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes by Gerald N. Callahan

Regarding Ross and Elizabeth’s encounter at the end of S2, Episode 8 - firstly, let me preface this post by saying that what Ross did was indisputably, and horrendously wrong. He should not have ignored Elizabeth’s protests, manhandled her, or disrespected her in the manner that he did. His behavior was abominable, and there is no excusing it. When I was watching the scene, I honestly thought that it was going to lead into nonconsensual sex——or that the scene would end on an ambiguous note, at the very least. I do not, however, feel as though that is what happened.

Obviously, we do not get to see Elizabeth’s actual thought process——therefore, people are always going to have some room to dispute. What we are shown, however, is that despite her resistance and protests earlier in the scene, Elizabeth melts very quickly after she hits the bed, at which time she, in my opinion, very obviously consents to the act. It is not only that she stops resisting Ross——if I felt that she simply stopped resisting him, or gave up, or even began playing along because she believed it would be in her best interests at that point, that would be one thing. That isn’t what I got out of the scene, however——and I do not believe that is what the writers meant to present. In fact, I think she is shown to passionately reciprocate, and the sequence the following morning very much asserts that.

Now, I’m probably one of the few people here who actually wanted the sex the be nonconsensual——I won’t go into all my reasons why in this post, but trust me when I say that if I felt I could reason it out of what I saw on screen, I would do so without hesitation. I do not, however, believe that the scene we were given should be classified as rape——not in a straightforward sense, anyway. That being said, I think it says the same thing about Ross’s character. I think it is made plain that Ross would have had his way with Elizabeth, regardless——his mind was made up, and he had no problem ignoring her refusals earlier in the scene. Based upon his actions, I think it is fair to say that he would have had sex with Elizabeth whether or not she eventually consented. Therefore, labeling him a rapist is not necessarily inaccurate, whether or not it was actually rape in the given instance.

I think it should also be noted that Elizabeth would not have had sex with Ross in the given instance had he given her another option——she does appear to consent, and enjoy it, but only after he has given her no choice but to have sex with him. Before that, she refuses. I suppose the scene could be classified as a form of rape, from that standpoint——there is some gray area. Finally, the scene is not true to the books——I wish people would stop saying that it is. The scene in the book cuts off before the sex actually starts, and there is no scene the morning after between the two characters, as there is in the show.

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so, I got these two npcs right? They're both dwarves, they were introduced in different sessions, and one of my player ships them really hard; Thing is, they're Mother and Son. The players know she has a son, but don't know it's him yet, although I'm seriously hinting at it with the names: she's Peridot and he's Chrysolite, both which are names to the same stone. Do you like leaving little hints to your players like that?? bc I'd love to hear about them

I do actually! All the time. My favorite and one of my most obvious was from their very first quest. One of the NPC’s they had to work with was named Elbuod Cross, and I had him betray them.

None of them saw it coming, they were completely blindsided.

The circumstances of his betrayal and escape were ambiguous, most of them are assuming he is a coward, or just a kid who was in over his head. (It’s actually a big point of contention among the party lol.)

None of them have realized that Elbuod is ‘Double’ spelled backwards. His name is literally Double Cross. He’s a sleaze. They’ll run into the sorry little shit later.

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how are pcos and ncah considered intersex when the vast majority of the medical community disagree and do recognize that a different form of ncah - CAH - is intersex? I am uncomfortable with dyadic people using non-intersex hormonal disorders to appropriate our struggles. i didn't even know tumblr reclassified pcos as intersex until my friend told me they're intersex too. this is ableist af and is very much appropriation. sex =/= gender. ppl need to stop distracting from real intersex causes.

PCOS and NCAH are considered by many intersex communities as intersex. Though it’s not the typical presentation of either as far as I know, both are capable of causing ambiguous genitalia (specifically clitoromegaly and sealed vagina). Even without those characteristics, it still causes symptoms during especially puberty that cause the same anguish and isolation many “truly intersex” people have faced, so we let them have a space here.

Doctors generally don’t consider anything intersex anymore, since the arrival of the acronym “DSD”. Things like micropenis and hypospadias, which are so “heinous” to some doctors that they go as far as reassigning the baby as female with incredibly drastic surgeries and far more complications down the road due to said surgeries, are often considered “just a little problem”, when obviously, if this is the treatment they’re getting, and based on the way they occur, they’re intersex.

PCOS is thought to be due to an excess of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. A deficiency of this enzyme is the cause of a fairly well-known intersex condition in 46,XY individuals, so in effect it’s the opposite of 5-alpha reductase deficiency. NCAH is the same thing as CAH, except the symptoms are less “severe”. It’s caused by the same genes and the same adrenal dysfunctions. When you get down to it, all intersex conditions are “hormonal disorders”. The reason I have the intersex traits I do—which are both in my primary and secondary sex characteristics—is, at the end of the day, because my hormones didn’t do what they were supposed to.

They’re not appropriating our struggles. Their struggles are the same as ours. I’ve gotten numerous messages, both public and private, from people with PCOS or NCAH who, despite our differing “symptoms”, I could relate to. I recognised the same struggles in their experiences as I had in mine. And they must have, too, in order to seek out my help and feel like they’d found a space.

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A Rap Monster | Kim Namjoon/Park Jimin submission found on AO3
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Rating: M | Word count: 4.6k | Bingo square: Idolverse | Tags: Lovecraftian; Established Relationship; Ambiguous/Open Ending | Warning: Body Horror


jimin goes to japan with the rest of bangan.

something follows him back.

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