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The Ready Set X Call Me Karizma - Cotton Candy
Snail’s House - ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne) [Tenkitsune Remix]
Freezepop - i am not your gameboy
Marshmello - Alone [Monstercat
八王子P -
Tomggg - ViVi
Lindsay Lowend - Basement Dweller Overture
Sωeet BΔ - LL (FOGPAK #14)
- nanobii - Rainbow Road
Snail’s House - First Love
Lookas - Samurai
Now or Never! (Splatfest) - Splatoon [OST]
Lookin’ Fresh (Shrimp Kicks) - Splatoon [OST]
From Here - Adib Sin & Cae
Kidkanevil - Inakunaru feat. Phasma (Bonobo Reshuffle)
Pusher - Clear feat. Mothica (Shawn Wasabi Remix)
Snail’s House - Dream Castle (Holder Remix)
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
Snail’s House - Friends
Snail’s House - Cappuccino
Snail’s House - I Secretly Love You
Snail’s House - Smile!
Snail’s House - CandyGirl
Snail’s House - Candy Dash
水星 - せいら (Young & Fresh mix) (feat. 仮谷)
Snail’s House - ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne)
Panama - Always (Wave Racer Remix)
chindamo - Pachirisu
Hercelot × Tomggg - GREENGUM
Snail’s House - Hot Milk
“미행 ( -
Starfucker - Julius
Porter Robinson - Flicker
OMFG - I Love You
060 - Wrong Enemy
Spazzkid - Getting To Know You
aivi & surasshu - Come Back (FEZ Remix)
Grynpyret - Boba Beach
Fusq - Perfume!
Snail’s House - Grape Soda
Snail’s House - Pixel Dream
8 Glitter Freeze - Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
050 - Metal Crusher
リモコン Remote Controller - 鏡音リンレン Kagamine Rin Len Project DIVA English Romaji PDA FT
Anamanaguchi - Blackout City
Anamanaguchi - 「ENDLESS FANTASY」
Anamanaguchi - Miku feat. Hatsune Miku
Anamanaguchi - 「MEOW」
you are not alone (from the album - you are not alone
(YMCK - 8bit Mix)
in the blue shirt - toward morning
One Minute - Noodles [Future Bass Exclusive]
LOOT - Aesthetic [Future Bass Exclusive] FREE
Shawn Wasabi - Mac n’ Cheese (live mashup)
Shawn Wasabi - i lost all my eggs
Shawn Wasabi - Marble Soda (live mashup)


Fabrizio Lapiana - 1002B

A thing of beauty

Transmission Four: Crooked Hill
Pye Corner Audio Transcription Service
Transmission Four: Crooked Hill

“Transmission Four: Crooked Hill” // Pye Corner Audio Transcription Service // Black Mill Tapes Vol. 2

Dear Lord, longest track/artist/album description ever. Worth it though, these guys are really cool. I hate going back to the old standbys when it comes to comparing artists, but they do have a very BoC-esque sound, just darker and more arrhythmic/droney here. Love the latter half and the abruptness of the ending.

Music without beginning and without end, cushioned contours that fall softly into the space, that seem to overrule temporal schemes. Gaseous music, caught by a bass drum just marching by, that streams, streams out through the underwood across the forest soil.

Wolfgang Voigt, regarding his music project GAS.


The KLF - Wichita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard