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I remember when you stopped saying “I love you.” Unless you were saying “I love you too.” And I remember when even saying that was hard for you.

And I remember the day that our blue suitcase on the top shelf of my closet disappeared, and so did the passion you had for me here and the fear of knowing you could leave me had vanished but so did the reason I ever felt purpose.

Best of Ambient Dialogue in Guild Wars 2 - Part 1/?

It’s been more than 2 years since I started recording ambient dialogue across Tyria. 2,500+ conversations (much of it still in queue) and 40 maps later, this blog is where it is today. With the next expansion around the corner, it seemed as good a time as any to share some “best of” moments. (This compilation is a fraction of the planned whole–there are always tumblr’s file size restrictions to work with.)

Huge props to Arenanet for the staggering amount of effort and time they’ve taken to make Tyria vibrant, in particular through its many, many voices.


*goes over to my friend who likes earthbound's house*
  • friend: shit dude i just got the earthbound soundtrack on vinyl you have got to hear this
  • me: im good thanks
  • friend: no dude ok check this out *plays shitty ambient cave music in record player quality for 2 hours*
unsaved info
unsaved info

unsaved info by Joji.
Currently unreleased on any platform other than Soundcloud but is set to be released under Dead Purple Records.



Ambient noise recorded on an icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean

anonymous asked:

Imagine if a couple of robbers broke into Henry & Mary's house at one night, only for them to be running out of it screaming about the place being haunted, all because of Bendy & his friends (Including Wally & Sammy) all decided to make scary/creepy noises & stuff just to scare the robbers away! XD

Now THAT’S DEFINITELY something I could imagine happening!

-Wally plays ambient noises he recorded while still in the studio. Lots of thunks and clunks and creaks.

-Sammy conducting a distressing dissonance of strings every time they see a robber peak around a corner. Bendy carries him and Wally around and sneaks up on the robbers for better effect.

-Bendy hiding behind corners and setting up Home Alone-style traps and tricks to confound the crooks. They leave with black eyes and covered in stick feathers.

-The Toons pretending to be giant dolls that change position every time the robbers look away (like the cut outs in the studio).

-Alice performing the undead bride schtick

-Boris being completely not scary and popping out behind a chair, shouting BOO while covered in a ghost sheet. The robbers pull the sheet back and are terrified when they find a giant, undead, bipedal, white-faced wolf underneath. Boris is making the “dead” face he makes while on the operating table in chapter one and is faking having his chest cavity open too.

-Bendy and Alice performing a semi-Shining-like scene, where they stand at the end of a hall, silhouetted in flickering light, holding hands, and giggling/whispering “come play with us” before disappearing when a light flickers too long.

-Bendy spinning his head 360 degrees and puking ink a la Exorcist

-Alice crawling out of the TV with his hair covering her face like The Ring

-Bendy getting the final scare, finishing it off with a big demonic laugh. And rising from a pool of ink (RIP living room carpet)

-Henry and Mary sleep through the whole thing, and don’t even realize what’s happened until Bendy wakes them up and asks how to re-open their family safe to put away their almost-pilfered valuables.

BONUS: The robbers almost get away with Sammy and/or Wally, but then the robbers get one last scare when the living portrait or cassette player tells them to “put me back or suffering s lifetime of haunting”. The robbers return them the next day and promptly turn themselves in to the police, sobbing uncontrollably.