“ I really think that for us, who all grew up listening primarily to recorded music, we tend to forget that until about 120 years ago ephemeral experience was the only one people had. I remember reading about a huge fan of Beethoven who lived to the age of 86 [in the era before recordings], and the great triumph of his life was that he’d managed to hear the Fifth Symphony six times. That’s pretty amazing. They would have been spread over many years, so there would have been no way of reliably comparing those performances. “

~Brian Eno

wicked games : a fanmix for the suffering game 

“You know the rules: once you sacrifice something here, you don’t get it back!”

christina aguilera - enter the circus/welcome // lady gaga - paparazzi // circus contraption - carousel // mother mother - body // stolen babies - filistata // humanwine - rivolta silenziosa // the dresden dolls - necessary evil // firewater - borneo // p!nk - funhouse // dead man’s bones - lose your soul // jason webley - dance while the sky crashes down 

Seraph Soldier (female) (1): You get a letter from your boyfriend yet?
Seraph Soldier (female) (2): He’s probably too busy drinking. And gambling. And flirting.
Seraph Soldier (female) (1): I’ve said it before. The guy is scum.
Seraph Soldier (female) (2): At least I’ve got something to fight for, right? I’ve got to live long enough to get back home and leave him.
—  ambient dialog in guild Wars 2