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Klaine one-shot - “Loneliness, Ambien, and the Home Shopping Network” (Rated NC17)

Kurt doesn’t like it when his boyfriend goes on lengthy business trips, so he takes an Ambien to help him sleep.

But sometimes, after the Ambien, he does some weird things. (2772 words)

A/N: For anyone wondering, this is a re-write. Inspiration for this comes from Chris Colfer’s revelation that he sometimes sleep shops. This assumes that Kurt and Blaine didn’t meet in high school, but later as adults.

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Kurt never slept well when Blaine went away on promotional gigs or when his shows toured. Kurt knew these trips came with the territory for an up-and-coming theatrical producer, but that didn’t mean he had to like them. He didn’t like being alone in their apartment. He didn’t like eating alone. He didn’t like showering alone. But mostly, he didn’t like sleeping alone. He detested it to the point that he couldn’t even sleep in their bed without his boyfriend. It was too cold without him. Blaine generated heat like a furnace and Kurt loved it. It eliminated the need for pesky pajamas, even during the winter. Without Blaine’s body heat, Kurt had to resort to flannel sleep pants and sweaters (mainly Blaine’s so that he could wrap himself up in his scent).

There were also too many pillows without his boyfriend there to steal them from underneath Kurt’s head in the middle of the night. He tried sleeping in the bed for the first night that Blaine was away, but no matter how he twisted or turned, how many different angles he tried, no matter what combination of pillows/blankets/comforters he used, he couldn’t seem to find a comfortable position. Out of desperation, he even broke out Bruce, his old boyfriend pillow, but that didn’t help. (Kurt imagined that Bruce still resented him for tossing him aside for a real man. They had been exclusive, after all.)

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Don’t know who sent this, but I’m dying.

General Conference is not one of my favorite things. 

If it were just one session, I’d probably love it. But, come on, 10 hours spaced over 2 days!!!! And the way they talk is seriously more effective than Ambien. And that’s before even getting into any issues with content, like how LGBT topics are usually brought up in problematic ways.

I was asked to speak in my ward about prepping for General Conference. I basically said it was a chore for me. I tried to say some positive things, like how I enjoy it more thanks to social media where I see everyone’s comments and observations, it makes it feel like I’m part of an inside joke. I was the concluding speaker…until the bishop jumped up to say how important it is and all members should be excited to hear all the good words and chance to see apostles & prophets. LOL, guess I didn’t convey the message he thought I would.

When I next meet with the stake presidency (I’m the stk exec secretary) and they sit around talking about their favorite parts of Conference, I’ll be sweating bullets hoping the little summary bits I read is enough to survive that conversation.

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Anna Kendrick talks taking Ambien and unusual side effects on Letterman.