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a thought: Cobb refers to Arthur and Eames as Accidents and Emergencies in front of his kids, because the minute those children hear A&E's names they get SUPER PSYCHED and are COMPLETELY impossible for the rest of the day 'ARTHUR AND EAMES ARE VISITING?!?! WHEN?!?!' (true fact: my parents used to talk about me and my sister without us catching on by referring to us as Savings and Loans)


(first of all: i am beyond excited that you dropped into my ask box to leave an incredible precious a/e headcanon THANK YOU please continue to do this it makes my day)

but okay. this is so cute. because obviously arthur and eames coming to visit would be a million times better than christmas and their birthdays combined for both of them. because cobb is a good dad, obviously, but he’s the kind of dad that enforces strict eat all your vegetables and sing happy birthday twice while washing your hands rules. 

and uncle arthur would be like that too, but deep down arthur’s always liked kids and he gets them and how they hate being told to do things, so he finds ways to make games and puzzles out of everything, even vegetables and hand washing, that make james and phillipa excited to do them. and he knows the value of a good reward afterward, even if it’s just ruffling their hair or tickling them. (eames scolds arthur for treating children too much like adorable lab rats) 

uncle eames on the other hand spoils them absolutely rotten but all in his very skilled eamesian way, so in other words it all goes completely unnoticed by cobb. eames comes with every available pocket on his person and luggage filled with sweets and toys and other odds and ends the kids like to hoard. he’ll pop one to them whenever their father’s back is turned and it goes completely under the radar except for arthur’s eye-rolls, but arthur’s never been one for tattling on eames, obviously. 

so basically accidents and emergencies are only invited over sparingly, because cobb can only take so much
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All Arthur ever wanted, was to be an artist. To live in Paris, to make his dream come true.

fighting with the resistance is tiring work

Eames is ambidextrous.

Of course he is. A forger would have to be ambidextrous in order to mimic both right- and left-handed subjects.

Both Peter Browning and The Blonde are right handed.  The Blonde picks Fischer’s pocket with her right hand whereas you can see Eames picking Fischer’s pocket left-handed here.   This had to be a deliberate decision on either Nolan or Hardy’s part. Unless Tom Hardy is himself ambidextrous (?)