i also love how at one point pol’s thought process was literally “wow we’re all screwed and this guy, after screwing us over, doesnt care that we’ve just lost a good friend. I think i’ll push him off the cliff. it won’t help our situation but damn he’s annoying.”

I got a friend of mine to read The Thief.

Their response upon my asking how they like it so far was (among other things) “and Ambiades is a little douche who’s going to get them all killed.”

The amount I had to bite my tongue

I’m sad that Ambiades died. I’m sad that he never got to meet Gen’s family with Sophos and the Magus at the end of The Thief. I’m sad that he never got to see Gen’s wedding to Irene, that he never got to see Sophos transform into the image of his uncle, that he never got to see Sophos’s marriage to Helen and the repercussions of such a union.

I’m sad that pathetic, arrogant, pisswipe of a bully never got to see how extraordinary the boys he traveled with for so long turned out to be. I am not sad that Pol was the one to deal with him in traditional Eddisian fashion just within the borders of Eddis.