With Christmas coming up and whatnot, I decided to do a follow forever for you people. This year has been great and im looking forward to the next one! These are all the blogs who i love for some reason or another, whether its for their art or i know the person or if i just enjoy what they reblog. (I apologize for the graphic, im on a bad computer and couldnt make a better one sorrysorrysorry)


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I was tagged by youngloudnsnotty

•Play 10 songs on shuffle and say what they are
•No skipping
•Tag 10 people after done


  1. Jesus Stole My baby - The Fratellis
  2. Force of Nature - Pearl Jam
  3. Tortilla - Manos de Topo
  4. Om Du Möter Varg - Detektivbyran
  5. Abre - Fito Paez
  6. No One Together - Kansas
  7. Else - Built to Spill
  8. Souvenirs - Tooth Soup
  9. Olor a Gas - Los Tres
  10. Lima - Predropiedra

Uuuh, i dont know 10 people in tumblr so: amberriess burrosycaminos epilogue-for-prologue nolineonthehorlzon