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Will you plz give us some fic recs for each of your ships

I have too many ships. These are just the ships that I read for;

Bumbleby (RWBY):
- you’ve got me seeing stars by explosivesky
- Surrender by SimplyKorra (Also contains White Rose)

Clexa (The 100):
the second I saw you through half-shut eyes by faithtastic
- Stronger Than We Know by proudlyyours
- Head over Feet by Tabithacraft

Korrasami (The Legend of Korra):
Love Isn’t as Easy as the Books Make it Seem by AnotherShotofBourbon
The College of the Holy and Undivided Elements by Fuhadeza
- Food Fight by Velvet95
- Girlfriends Series by Aspidities
- She’s a Pirate by AvatarAang7
- Ghosts and Gardens by brightstarff
- A Korra a Day Keeps the Pain Away by Writerleft
- Heartwrenching by Writerleft
- Comforts of Home by Emirael
- Reframing the Question by MalachiTamim
- Country Love by MargretThatcher
- Age of Love by MargretThatcher
like broken thunder by neurolingual
The Code of the Jedi by RaeDMagdon and Revans_Mask
- Start Again by YennaWang (shamelessly self-promoting)

Pharmercy (Overwatch):
- not because of this by Barrhorn
- Flying High by CourierNinetyTwo
- Moonlight by ziegler

Supercorp (Supergirl):
- Guiding Light by cantdrawshaw
- SuperAlpha by TheEvangelion

Sanvers (Supergirl):
- Pizza Delivery Girl AU Series by Izzi456
- Touch Me, Touch You by seaunicorn
- Undercover Lovers by Supergirl_everything
Welcome to the Gayborhood, Danvers by SapphicScholar

Wayhaught (Wynonna Earp):
This Is What You Came For by thewaywedo33
- Open Range Hearts by thewaywedo33
- Backrooms and Bathrooms by Bootsncatz
- From Hell to Purgatory by Bootsncatz
- I Counted the Stars (and they led to you) by Bootsncatz
- Say hey if you’re gay Series by Tabithacraft
that lipstick on your collar (well it ain’t my shade of pink) by RaeDMagdon

- Used to This Series by Kayleen756894 (Amberpricefield [LiS])
- Experimentation by Redlance (Bechloe [Pitch Perfect])
Stuck by Armengard (Chlodine [Uncharted])
how your type operates by stripperanakin (Chlodine [Uncharted])
- Touch by ashesandhoney(Shallura [Voltron])

my angel an amberprice playlist

spark - amber run // taking you there - broods // cocoon - catfish and the bottlemen // 1965 - zella day // walking disasters - the wombats // first time - vance joy // no below - speedy oritz // like real people do - hozier // american money - børns // heal - tom odell // oblivion - bastille // all i want - kodaline // the night we met - lord huron // mountains - message to bears

Purchasing Life is Strange: Before the Storm DLC right after finishing Life is Strange even though you know exactly what’s gonna happen and how empty you’re gonna feel