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nylona02  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, were you gonna right a sonamy fanfic for the song you wrote with the sirens and Amy having to save the boys? I love the plot and your singing is lovely!

(x) Used with Artists permission, please support her as well!

References this song: (x) Siren’s Song dedicated to Sonic Boom.


The team is once again enjoying… well, as much as they can, a Meh Burger as Sticks pokes at her food.

“Eh, I swear it moved.” she squints her eyes and peers into the hamburger, lifting a bun up to double-check…

“Hey, have you guys heard about those sisters who arrived here recently? They say that they’re professional performers!” Amy showed a poster of what looked to be a girl’s singing and dancing group.

“What? Great, more competition for Dream Boats…” Sonic folded his arms, not liking the ‘new group’ at first, leaning back in his chair.

Tails saw one of the girls and gasped, pulling the poster from Amy’s grasp and scanning it more thoroughly.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!” Tails’s eyes kept shaking and shrinking as if he recognized her…

“What’s a gosh?” Knuckles scratched his head, putting his half eaten burger down.

“It’s Amber Titan!” Tails turned it around to reveal the one he recognized. “She did a promotion for Hello Doggy! I didn’t know who she was at first, but hey! If you’re hired to sing the Hello Doggy jingle, you must be great!” he then shook his head and looked a little guilty, “I never did see the airing… but I heard they sold the most products off that commercial for a year! I don’t recognize the other girls though…” he looked back at the picture and rubbed his chin.

“Let me see, let me see!” Knuckles pawed over the table, leaning obnoxiously and making Tails fling the paper around before Amy swiped it back.

“Aww…” he looked disappointed as he sat back down, before his eyes lit up at seeing another one of the girls. “Ah! Praise the great gosh! That’s Tiffany Titan!” suddenly turning into a fan-boys of sorts, he jumped and did a ‘gotta use the bathroom’ like dance with his feet and squee’d his his fists up by his face. “She’s on my body-workout videos! When I hear her sing the pacing, it’s almost like I can’t control how many sit-ups I do!… or leg ups… yeah, that’s right. I do them!” he put his hands to his hips and glared at Sticks, as she rolled her eyes.

“Sounds like they get around…” Sticks didn’t seem to like all the attention towards the girls,… that’s when-

“Wait a second- they can’t all be-” Sonic swiped the paper as Amy glared and growled, not liking how they were just taking her flier like that.

“Great GOSH! I DO recognize one!” At first disbelieving, Sonic suddenly shook his head and blinked again, “This… it can’t be!? I knew I recognized the ‘Titan’ name but… Merida Titan!!! She’s the number one Air-gear rider! It’s like everyone she goes against is stunned by her wicked moves and sick singing chords! She can shred the skate-park AND a guitar..!” he excited grinned, before suddenly looking up, very seriously, drooping his eyes slightly to show the sudden shift of character.

“We have to meet them.”

“HELP! HELP!” The old monkey man came franically darting around left and right into Meh Burger, “Someone has to help! Three girls got stuck in a cave!”

“Three?” the three men suddenly perked their heads up, as Amy put a hand to her head and let it rest on the table, looking annoyed.

“I wasn’t even able to finish what I was saying…” She complained, as Sticks glared intensely at the burger, before smashing it down with her boomerang. She then happily smiled and began to eat it again, not seeming to care.

“What were the girls names?” Sonic zoomed over.

“Any you’ve seen before?” Tails popped over.

“Yeah! One with amazing crunches!?” Knuckles looked worried but more interested in if it was…

“Hmm… let me think… Does it matter?”

“IT MATTERS!” the boys heads completely, and aggressively, grew bigger in front of the old man as he cowered below.

“Woah! Geez! Kids these days and their caring about looks… back in my day-!”

“Great. First Gosh, now there’s a Geez?” Knuckles looked confused. “Why don’t I know these people!? I knew a Titan..?”

“Spare the lecture old man and tell us if they looked like this?” Sonic lifted a hand up and then pulled the flier to his face.

“Hmm… well, all I can say is there was cries of help, and they were… strangely beautiful too… Strangely alluring and … melodious.”

“It’s gotta be them!”

“Or did I mean mischievous?”

“We’ve gotta save them!” Tails turned excited to Sonic as he returned the gesture with his fists raised in anticipation of meeting the idols.

“Or perhaps… malicious?”

Amy’s head suddenly perked up, “Malicious? How could cries of help sound malicious?”

But before the old monkey could answer her, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles fist pumped and ‘yeah!’d together, jumping up and smashing their bodies together in a ‘teamwork/friends’ way and took off.

“Maybe I can get her to sign my abs!” Knuckles was heard shouting out as Amy once again shook her head, getting up and throwing her hands down by her sides.


“Idols..?” Sticks’s eyes suddenly widened, “Oh no! People worship idols! These girls must be up to no good! Come on, Amy!” She grabbed Amy’s arm and dragged her behind as she ran after the boys. “There’s only a handful of caves on this island, they’ve gotta be in the deepest, darkest, most murkiest one!”

“That’s all of them!” Amy cried out, trying to get at least a ‘foot’ on the ground. “Ugh! Why does everyone just lug me around!? I can WALK, darn it!”

Upon reaching the cave, the boys panted in exhaustion.

“This… is the last… one.” Tails wiped some sweat from his brow and arched his back from hunching over. “Phew…”

The boys shook their heads, “Snap out of it, team! Put on your brave hero faces! We’ve got some damsels to save! With marketable signatures...”

They shook themselves into more ‘daring’ poses before Tails threw up his Hello Doggy notebook and pen, clicking the pen before charging inside.

Once in, they called out to see if anyone would answer, but instead, they heard… singing for help?

That’s when their eyes began to change color and they felt their bodies moving strangely to the music.

“Someone’s gotta be here!…w-woah…” Tails was the first to feel woozy. “Ah! What’s happening???” his body began to dance on it’s own, as Sonic and Knuckles also fell under the spell.

“It’s like my body can’t fight the power!” Knuckles started doing something ridiculous as Sonic questioned him with an odd expression.

“Knuckles? That’s not even dancing! Why can’t we stop?” He then looked to his feet….

(Song Starts here, but before Amy’s lyrics come in to play…)

Amy and Sticks dashed into the cave, seeing the lights and party music, they looked up to see the girls dancing in silouettes, and their shadows locked onto Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles from the floor.

At this point, the team were like zombies, and their essence of energy was like sparkles in the air, drifting over to the girls and giving them power.

“Witch doctors!” Sticks jumped and clang to Amy’s head, making her stumble a bit, but both weren’t seen.

“I told you! Idols require sacrifices from their followers! And right now, our friends are giving them a strange, voodoo dance to satisfy their strange tastes in dancing genres!!” Sticks’s nails dug into Amy as she ‘ow’d! and ripped her off, holding her out as Sticks pulled in like a kitten being held by one hand.

“No, Sticks! They’re under some kind of… of brain-control or something!”


“No, more like-”

(music and ‘bom-da-booms’ play)

Amy glares at the girls, stepping forward. “…Sirens.”

She looked to her friends, “But how do we?”

Sticks took out, her battle-cry fierce but the girls saw her coming and Sonic sped out to stop her.

Sticks screeched to a halt and went on all fours, hissing, but Amy pulled her back.

“They’re being forced to defend them!”

“Then there’s only one thing to do!” Sticks sucked in air.

Amy plugged her mouth, “What are you doing!?”

Muffled noises were heard before Amy looked annoyed and moved her hand.

“-And so by that logic, we HAVE TO SING TO FREE THEM!”

“…come again?” Amy blinked, a little hesistant before Sticks cleared her throat and got up.

Again, Amy stopped her.

“No, Sticks! You’re singing put a rock down, but I don’t think it will help draw out everyone’s true selves… no offense.” she bent her ears slightly.

Sticks folded her arms, “None taken… hmph.” she turned her head away. “Alright, Angel of music, you sing.” Sticks teased, and kicked her forward.

(Amy’s part. Ending of song)


Snapping out of their delusions, Sonic and the team shook their heads, feeling weak.

“W..what was that?”

“I… I think it was Amy?”

“Impossible! You sing like a karaoke fanatic!” one of the girls swished out her hand, her long tail mimicking the action.

“How could you stop our spell? We were almost youthful again!” the other sister stated.

Amy looked back and noticed how Sonic and the team seemed to age a little… Tails grabbing his back and Knuckles unable to do a push-up, crying out, “nooo…!” and shaking his fist in the air. “Darn you, Geez! Darn you…!” he then fell flat on his face, starting to snore.

“Give my friends back their youthful energy, or else!” Amy brought out her hammer.

The more buffer of the girls stepped forward, “Or what?”

Amy grinned, and spun her hammer to point to Sticks. “Hit it, Sticks!”

Sticks started to sing and the girls gripped their ears, in great pain they suddenly shot their hands out and the sparkles of energy returned to their friends.

“Amy…” Sonic tried to keep himself awake, before Amy caught him from falling down.

Sticks caught Tails who’s fur was turning back to normal again, not grey or white like it was fading too.

But when she looked up… she saw Knuckles falling, and whimpered with a ‘Oh great…’ as he smashed down on her.

Her free foot twitched at the impact.

Sonic shook his head one more time, patting whatever was holding him as Amy felt the strange pats on her back, shoulders, and finally on her face.

“…Are you quite done waking up yet?” she mumbled under his hand as he lazily looked up.

“…AH!” he jumped away.

“Where… where did you come from..? Where are the girls!?” he looked around, before glaring at the sirens who were on their knees.

“Make it stop! It’s in my head! It’s in my head!” the three suddenly burst into sparkles of light, and Amy coughed.

“Ah! I feel younger and yet… some of it’s in my mouth! pah, pah!”

Tails slowly got up, “I don’t know what exactly happened… but I have a feeling those girls weren’t real to begin with…” he rubbed his head and tugged Sticks a few times to get her out from under a resting Knuckles.

She took a huge swallow of air as her head came up from below him, “Air… I taste air! Sweet air…” She then shook off her body like a dog and glared back at Knuckles, before turning to the rest of the team and putting her hands to her hips.

“Next time when I warn ya of the supernatural… don’t look at me like I’m the crazy one.” she dusted herself off from all the sparkles, before she felt her face and suddenly smiled. “Hey, I think my face just got lifted.” she pulled her cheeks up. “That means ten years added right?”

Knuckles turned his head, “Emm… I dreamed there were other people like us… but less bandages and chili-dogs instead of burgers… Hey! You had paige arms!” he pointed to Sonic. “Strange dream…” his eyes looked droopy and he suddenly went back to sleep.

(something like that, lol xD it was meant to be a ‘sonic boom’ episode, but here’s more sonamy, haha)

“I wonder what broke us from the spell?” Tails wondered, coming back as Sonic’s mouth turned to a fine line.

“I remember hearing Amy’s voice… and then seeing her trying to dance… you know, she’s not half bad.” Knuckles smiled, pointing a finger up. “Maybe I should get her autograph!”

“What about you, Sonic? I remember Amy’s voice drowning out the sirens too! It was… sweet… full of care and concern for us.” Tails smiled sweetly, looking up at the sky before Sonic swung his hands out, shutting his eyes closed with great intensity as he spoke quickly and abruptly.

“I-I don’t what you’re talking! I broke out of that spell myself! Amy just was there!” Sonic folded his arms.

“…” the two looked over him to each other and smiled, passing him and linking arms.

“So pretty~ like a little siren herself!”

“But a good one! And those hips don’t lie!”

Sonic twitched, before shaking a fist and following after them. “Wa-wah-what we’re you doing looking at her hips!? H-hey! Q-quit talking about Amy behind my back!”

He chased after them before mumbling to the side..

“I guess she was kinda pretty…”


“Her voice or her hips..?”


“Hahaha!” they both laughed as Sonic embarrassingly looked away and pouted to the screen.