A reference for Lepidolite. Not a detailed as my other three but she’s more of a side-character. 

She’s mostly a Homeworld gem but she somehow got stuck on Earth after some shit happens… 

Lepi is mostly a weaker gem but she uses mind-control to get the upper-hand during any “unfriendly” encounters. Not much of a fighter herself but don’t think she won’t use your own ally against you. 

The second gemsona I have ever created!  I never posted her on here (more of her on my instagram along with others).
Unlike Amber, she’s a Homeworld loyalist under Blue Diamond.

Larimar is beautiful, graceful and compassionate but she’s also cunning and egotistical. She lives to serve her Diamond and nothing comes before her home planet…. not even herself.

Up next is Andalusite.