For the Amber Cole's and Kim Kardashian's...

you know what i don’t think it’s about her, it’s the about the act itself. think about it. A fourteen year old girl gave her exboyfriend head, in hopes of getting him back. That right there is the problem, Society has programmed our youth to devalue themselves in such a way where our little boys want to be rapstars and basketball hoodies, who sling dope as a thought of “making paper”.  And our little girls, to value themselves more than being a video model and get famous from social networks. C'mon where’s the honor in that.

errr amber cole
  • im late but this is soo sad. and im not knocking her for sucking dick but damn baby girl your 14 and your doing it outside and worst of all YOUR LETTING THESE NIGGAS RECORD YOU! at 14 i wasnt sucking dick i was a freshman in highschool…shit i was still scared of guys at that age kind of smh but i hope everything works out for her 
  • Okay iAm Not Understandinq Why Grown Women ’& Men Cyber Bashed This Little 14 Year Old Girl [ Amber Cole ) Yes What She Did Wasnt Wise ; But Really We Had #SmutVids On Twitter All The Time ’& Non Of This Girls Got Bashed ; Let Me Take Time To Say “Middle Finqer” To The Boy Who Sat There ’& Posted It Even Thouqh She Was Dumb For It ; Thats Still No Reason To Ruin A Little Girls L I F E !!

lmao funny comedian talkn about amber cole !


Lmfao @ suckin d*ck with spandex & sketchers on…

My Thoughts on This Amber Cole Situation .
  • When I first watch the video , I was shocked . Simply because she’s 14 years old . I didn’t judge her because everyone makes mistakes . I log on twitter & Tumblr and all I see is grown ass adults bashing her . Some of Y'all proberly did the same shit she did , but just didn’t get caught ! You know what I Call that ? HYPOCRITES . Smfh ’ You Shouldn’t call people a “ hoe ” if you doing the same shit they doing . I came across a article and It said “ The Real Truth Behind Amber Cole ” . Amber Cole lost her virginity to the boy in the video , he broke up with her . Once they were at school he told her that if she gave him head that they would date again , so she gave him head . I don’t think she Knew she was being recorded . Yes , I think what she did was wrong , but she’s a CHILD . All she needs is guidance . It’s sick when I see GROWN ASS MEN on Twitter saying shit like “ I need someone to AMBER Cole me ” Smfh . To top it off , people are making twitter pages saying “ Amber Cole’s Mom ” and “ Amber Cole’s Dad ” . These pages are OUT OF LINE. Yesterday Amber tweeted “ I now see why people commit suicide ” . She deleted her Facebook due to the harassment her & her family were getting . Last night someone tweeted “ R.I.P Amber Cole ” I Just hope this isn’t true . Everyone that Bashed her should be Fucking ASHAMED . That can someday be your child in the same situation . To all the Men That’s passing this video around I hope they send your dumbasses to prison for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY !