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Some shippers are claiming that the only reason Val & Amber went to that restaurant again was because they knew paps would be there. I don't understand that logic. Val was super private with Jenna and was never seen holding her hand on a date night. Makes me wonder if things are more serious with Amber than what all of us thought. Guess time will tell.

initially the fact that they were so obvious made me feel like vamber couldn’t be that serious for kind of the same reasons tbh. since he went to great lengths to keep his relationship with jenna under wraps, i was like oh he must be cool with getting photographed with amber because they’re just really casual so what does it matter. and that may still be the case but the longer it goes on + what amber has said on her podcast, the less that seems to be true. maybe what they’re up to is a matter of compromise? val likes to keep things quiet, amber lives SO publicly. they’re kind of meeting in the middle? i don’t know what to think either.


Hwasa talking about her friendship with Wheein - You know how every person has one dearest friend, their one and only friend in the world. Don’t we sometimes ask this kind of questions? Like “What would you do if I died? How would you feel?”…Once I asked more seriously than any other day “Wheein, what would you do if I died?” And Wheein got all annoyed at my question. I was continuously urging her to answer it. At the end she said, “How could I live without you?” Listening to her answer, I also began to think. Without her, it would not have been possible for me to go through all those hard times in Seoul. 


random moments of daisy johnson appreciation [44/?]: @skyyequake said daisy being an inherently badass queen: the season one edition.

under the cut you will find around 140 rp icons of the goddess/actress, amber heard from the rum diary. all of them were made by me. do not feel obligated to like or reblog if you’re using and you can use them/repost them as you please. although if you do like them, i’d love feedback and gladly take requests

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