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This whole Johnny Depp and Amber Heard thing is making me riled. I was a huge fan of Johnny, he’s one of my favourite actors (he’s a brilliant actor but I’m not sure how I feel about him as a person now), and I know he has issues and maybe he does need help with his mental health and addictions again, but that does NOT excuse the fact that he abused his wife…

maybe i didn’t make these things clear, so I’ll say it now -

if it ends up that Johnny did do it, I will not condone it. It is wrong, but what I’ve tried to get across  in an apparently unclear way is that I would still love him. Just because someone does something wrong, however wrong that may be, does not mean they should just get abandoned. I repeat - if he did it, I will not be okay with that, but I’m not gonna leave him either.

if any of you disagree with my stance on this or dislike johnny, all you’ve gotta do is leave, hell, block me if you want. but if your choice is to send a hateful message, you’re not gonna get a response. if you continue to send such messages you’ll get blocked, simple as that.