let’s talk about amber liu

because literally she is the sweetest human being ever

i mean just look at her 

in this video, they were doing a hidden camera where eric pretended that his friend was in the hospital and in dire need of a blood transplant but amber has no idea what’s happening

eric asks to pause the interview since he needs to go to the hospital to see his “friend” who had gotten into an “accident”

eric then asks if anyone in the room has the blood type b since he is aware that amber herself is a type b

amber immediately offers to donate her blood despite not even knowing who eric’s “friend” is 

amber asks for permission to leave the interview to go to the hospital to help eric’s friend, but as planned, the manager says “no”

you can tell that amber is genuinely upset about not being able to go because she believes that eric’s friend is really in danger and she really wants to help

then eric plays a song that basically is telling amber that this whole thing was a prank all along and that no one is actually hurt

despite having been genuinely scared about the situation, amber laughs it off and finds the prank funny and she doesn’t get upset or angry at all and that’s why amber is a great person. she had been willing to help someone she did not even know without even the slightest hint of hesitation and i think that makes her absolutely beautiful

@Whoever said this 

Just why? seriously Amber is the most beautiful and adorable little llama there is Why would you ask something like this she is comfortable and happy the way she is if you obviously can’t tell she’s a girl you need to get your eyes check she is perfection I love her style just because she doesn’t wear dresses and have long hair doesn’t mean she’s not a girl.