God I’m so annoyed on Amber’s behalf. After all she has gone through, after all those times she had to find courage, she gets told that she is not ENOUGH?

Honestly this is so irresponisble on SM’s behalf. Don’t debut a group if you’re not able to maintain them. “For the past 5 years”. That means that all of this shit started only a few years after their debut, when f(x) was still in the prime of their career.
During the last five years, SM has debuted TWO other groups, one being NCT with a shitton of members. I said it when they were debuting and I will say it again: IF YOU CAN’T MAINTAIN THE GROUPS THAT ARE STILL ACTIVE UNDER YOUR AGENCY THEN DON’T DEBUT NEW ONES.
Because “we don’t have time for you” is one of the shittiest arguments ever made. Amber said it herself: she wrote songs herself, proposed ideas for the marketing herself, made her own concepts and directed her own videos. She can literally promote herself and you STILL don’t have time? What more time is there to spend to her, she ALREADY DID everything.

And I can’t stand seeing Amber hurt. To me, Amber is such an important message. I said regularly during the years but Amber is the person who made me realize who I am and gave me the courage to change my clothes into the androgynous style I wanted to persue. She gave me the courage to cut my hair short. She made me more open-minded and she made me smile more times than I can count. She pulled me out of depression, she and f(x) were the reasons I wasn’t suicidal and to see her being hurt once more by the same company, it breaks my heart. It infuriates me.


Wow, I was peacefully watching key’s live, then amber came randomly I wasn’t ready I swear I WASN’T READY.
He asked “How is ur day amber” she answer “Good”
Also she is so kind bc she didn’t want the live to be spam of message speaking about her and she leaved to let him speak with the fan.

Anyway, not a big thing but still I like to see Amber active too.

Dating Amber

@little-septic-eye :Could you do a thing about what it would be like dating Amber? Idk if you’re taking requests right now or if you even do that sort of thing… but still! Worth a shot!

anon: How would dating Amber be like?

Here you are :) Ambruh is my ulti, so this would be … i cant even describe how much I’d hyperventilate tbh… 

Originally posted by functiongirls-

- so amber is like a bro

- but at the same time very girly when you get to know her

- she’s that kind of girl, who you just feel comfortable with

- you can let yourself go, you don’t have to dress fancy.. and:

- prepare for long nights of ….

- playing video games! :D

- You’ll play overwatch, even if you hate video games.

- Trust me, even if you don’t know to play it, It’ll be fun with her

- Casually staying in bed all day watching netflix together and chill

- you’ll only get up to order food or make popcorn

- other than that, you’ll snuggle up in your bed and relax

- so, you’re an introvert who doesn’t have a lot of friends?


- You’ll get to know everybody. Amber’s friends with people you wouldn’t even guess they had met ever before.

- That’s because she IS friends with many people she’s never met before!

- so don’t be jealous. Amber just likes company and is a little sunshine

- When you’re not hanging out @ home or are at work, you’re probably traveling or doing something with your 1000000 friends

- or both

- like I said, she’s popular

- has no problem with PDA

- she even does it quite often

- is more comfortable with it than you are

- I don’t think netizens/fans will be a real problem, they are still busy with finding out whether she’s a boy or not

- small hint: she is not

- that’s kind of annoying and saddening for her

- pls protect her from rude comments on her outer appearance

- this really gets her down sometimes, and she’ll let you know, so don’t worry bout that

- just buy her tacos and comfort her, and her smile will be brighter than the sun

- not  only because of the tacos, but more because she knows you care for her and that’s all she needs

Originally posted by fuckyeah-fx

- your relationship is all about reliability and a strong bond

- she’d buy you tons of ice cream if you ask her to

- stays at home if you’re ill. 

- you’re the no. 1 priority for her, schedule can wait. 

- but if she has to go, don’t worry, you’ll facetime the whole time ;)

- and she’ll send a lot of selcas with the members

- sends you snaps even if you’re sitting right next to her

- always keeps you up to date

- gets you cute souvenirs when she is in Japan or the US

- or gross food she finds hilarious to prank you with

- oh i forgot to mention: this girl is a goddamn prankster

- she’s evil

- but because she loves you, she annoys the crap out of you 

- it’s her sign of affection (?)

- she loves you, you can be sure about that

- and she’ll show it 

 - she’s so proud to have you :’)

- so be proud too, she’s your soulmate!



okay guys, theses days we got little update of amber on several insta account. (just before speaking a little bit i just wanna tell you to not spam to much thoses account, respect the privacy eventhough i think amber allowed them to post the pic ty).

Well, a lot of people notice the fact that she got thin. I don’t know if it was on purpose but i want her to eat well and be healthy. I’m glad to know Amber goes out and see friends, it’s good for her moral. 


As u can see she dyed her hair really blonde, i love it. When i first see the picture at the wedding of her gray hair i was so happy af. Some people say “new hair= comeback”, well, im mitigated. I hope so but due to the conditions of amber, i hesitate. Nevertheless, new hair for me are a sign of renewal. Starting again. Will to moving forward. (Im maybe wrong but that’s really how i fell things about hair. For me they are significant of a conditon)

you know i won’t lie to you, i feel pain and sadness into amber eyes looking at thoses pics. At least she looks really tired. But you know, sometimes it’s okay to be sad, better than hidding the truth and pretending to be happy. I’m really grateful to amber bc she is honest and she trusted us and accepted to confide in us. She loves us really, be sure of that. She accepted to be shown on insta FOR US GUYS and FOR HER FRIEND. she knew there will be infatuation on the pics, some spam, a lot of notifications also. But her friend did it for us too. Please be really tankful to them it’s important. She is tired or maybe exhausted but THAT’S NORMAL GUYS, NORMAL. She is having a tough time. It’s life. her company doesn’t treat her very well, she is neglected despite her enormous talent. yes, i’m worried, but all we can do is loving her. It’s a lot trust me. The quality of our fandom is that we are truthworthy dont we?