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  • F(x) acheives a PAK with their comeback
  • F(x) gets two comebacks
  • F(x) goes on Weekly Idol
  • F(x) wins 7-10 times on music shows
  • F(x) gets amazing promotion from SM
  • F(x)’s comeback MV gets like 3 or 4 million views on its first day
  • F(x) goes on a Asia or World tour
  • F(x) goes to my home country 
  • F(x) attends and saves all the music award shows
  • F(x) becomes globally famous
  • F(x) gets reacted to by The Fine Brothers
  • F(x) collabs with SHINee again
  • F(x) members don’t cause any scandals
  • F(x) slays us all again
  • F(x) 

‘I have a big phobia of public bathrooms. I’ve been harassed a lot, like, just like verbally harassed. Someone’ll be like ‘oh, this is the girls bathroom’, like ‘oh I am a girl’. They could just leave it at that, that’s fine. ‘You aren’t a girl’ like ‘how dare you come in the bathroom’ and then ‘I don’t believe you’. I don’t blame people for being surprised, I just don’t know what to do when they “overreact”. Do you want me to show you?? I don’t know what else to do.’ - Amber Liu


How cute is this lol

Can I just say a few things?

Shout out to Bora, Hyolyn, N, and Kai for being darker and not being ashamed

Shout out to Hwasa for having big thighs and being proud of them

Shout out to Amber for not being afraid to be different, even after being shamed or misgendered

Shout out to Jonghyun, Namjoon, and any others who openly shared that they support the LGBT+ community

Shout out to Moonbyul for not being afraid to be open about finding women attractive

Shout out to JYPE for not limiting your entertainment company to strictly Koreans