On My Own is my fav Amber song. I can’t decide it maybe Amber is referring to missing f(x) as group, her late friend, Julian, Gongju, or just wrote lyrics without any deeper meaning. (anon)

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You are allowed to put in top 10 biases of 10 different idol groups. In no particular order.

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Kai (EXO) istg this kid can go from sexy to cute in .002 seconds

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Jimin (BTS) his smile gives me hope for the world

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JB (GOT7) idek where to start with this one

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Amber (fx) okay but be honest who doesn’t like Amber??

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Jae (DAY6) man what a cutie

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Mingyu (Seventeen) total dork yet still hot? not sure how he does it

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I.M. (Monsta X) his personality (and face) is definitely 10000/10

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Mark (NCT) honestly idk how he became my bias but just look at him ❤

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Wooshin (up10tion) *heart eyes emoji*

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Hoya (infinite) not only is he attractive but he’s hella talented too

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How cute is this lol