AGNES BATTLE | 30 years old | Earthbender | Professor of Metalbending

GERARD LINDEN | 30 years old | Airbender | Professor of Airbending and Meditation

GINEVRA BARNES | 28 years old | Firebender | Professor of Linguistics

HARVEY FAULKNER | 101 30 years old | Whitelighter | Head Nurse

HELENA WU | 42 years old | Kitsune | Professor of Herbology and History of the Kitsune

The Joffrey Ballet

Othello by Chicago native & Chicago Dancing Festival co-founder Lar Lubovitch.

Photo of Amber Neumann & Aaron Rogers by Cheryl Mann Productions.


— Starter por responder:

✖ Haylijah {thequeenlittlewolf}
✖ Steroline {bxrbievampire}
✖ Drenik {blackxparadex}
✖ Dathalie {fsxnchz}

— Starter’s por iniciar

✖ Delena {chxrry-bomb}

— Relationship con los que quiero llevar en una trama.

✖ Sam Clafim y Lily Collins.
✖ Crystal Reed y Tyler Hoechlin {Teen Wofl o se puede inventar algo}
✖ Crystal Reed y Tyler Posey {Teen Wofl o se puede inventar algo}
✖ Ian Somerhalder y Adelaide Kane.
✖ Adelaide Kane y Toby Regbo. {Reign}
✖ Crystal Reed y Daniel Sharman { ESTE ES EL QUE MAS DESEO}
✖ Amber Heard y Robert Pattinson.
✖ Gaspard Ulliel y Amber Heard.
✖ Aaron Johnson y Elizabeth Olsen

NOTA: Si quieren hacer alguna trama conmigo o algo por el estilo, solo me escriben a mi ask, esta abrierto las 24/7, al igual si quieren hacer algun cambio o algo.

— Personajes que actualmenre llevo {Proximamente les hare su ficha a cada uno}

✖ Aurelíe Stanford {Emilia Clarke }
✖ Celestine Monroe {Crystal Reed}.
✖ Amber Fitzgerald {Emilia Clarke}
✖ Stefan Salvatore {Paul Wesley}
✖ Damon Salvarote {Ian Somerhalder}
✖ Elijah Mikaelson {Daniel Gillies}
✖ Nathalie Williams {Lily James}

— Dudas existenciales.

✖ ¿Que es un Moonboard?

Amber by Aaron Von Hagen
Via Flickr:
The light in the forest that day couldn’t have been any better. It really helped that Amber was a rad subject, as she really mixed well with the backdrop.

Video: Juicy J Ft. Wiz Khalifa - Whole Thang | @therealjuicyj

Video: Juicy J Ft. Wiz Khalifa – Whole Thang | @therealjuicyj

(NewsnMusic) Juicy J links up with Taylor Gang boss Wiz Khalifa for “Whole Thang.” The music video was directed by Riley Robbins. Track produced by Mike Will Made-It. This is off of Juicy J’s Blue Dream and Lean 2 mixtape. Download it from Datpiff….  

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What do you get when you cross real life reality shows with all of your up-to-date entertainment news? GleE!tv. As the bright lights of Hollywood shine and red carpets are rolled out, you can count on GleE!tv to be your source of all the latest celebrity news and gossip that is sure to satisfy your entertainment needs. And if it doesn’t? Well tune in to watch a spectacular line-up of reality shows! Here you’ll be able to keep up with your favorite celebrities (ranging from your A to D listers), watch strangers live and work together, see what happens when the young socialites give up their lifestyles and live the simple life, learn what it takes to be a diva, get in the game with your favorite athletes, and catch a glimpse of what it’s like to live in other people’s shoes. With cameras focused on their every move something is bound to go down and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

There will be drama, romance, and just a whole lot of real. Think you can handle it? Tune in and see.

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I Was That Girl.

I read the invitation. I obviously ignored the invitation. It was a pool party… and I had on heels. A bathing suit was never an option, but a friendly reminder from the photographer would have been nice. Sheesh. And it’s easier to shift the blame, right? His defense.. “You read the invite to me!”

Hangs head in shame. Touché.

Let’s also be reminded that I almost opted for a silk tank, rather than this summer-friendly cotton (which hides these lovely, peeling shoulders). How cute would it have been to see me sweat through that? Carry on.

Top: Old Navy. Skirt: Evarize. Shoes: Stella McCartney. Clutch: Louis Vuitton. Necklace: Stella & Dot. Sunnies: (thrifted).