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Soooo….it’s currently 5:00AM in the morning…my headache is still here. I decided to dig through some drawers in hopes of finding crafts needed for a project I’m (attempting) to work on in-between this pain….

….and then, I found THIS!
We have here, the first Gem I designed that ended up in “Peanut Butter Court”- AMBER!

Some fun history: MONTHS before I began working on “Peanut Butter Court”- Amber was originally meant to be one the main characters…in a collab piece me and writer VonSmore were working on! Amber’s story was going to begin with her emerging from a dead Earth tree…all on her own. The rough of the story was in pre-pro well before “The Trial Arc” of SU aired. Amber would find other Gems that were “defective” (the term “off color” hadn’t been used in the show yet), and they would use their unique abilities to either help the Earth, or survive Homeworld’s tyranny.

From the beginning, Amber was meant to have an annoyingly “sticky” personality…as well as antennas and the ability to create butterfly-like wings out of tree sap. Some of the other main characters from the original story were included in Peanut Butter, including:“Petrified Wood”!

If you read Peanut Butter Court now, Amber is still in there with her original look and personality! Although, she is treated more like a secondary character these days….


Spinel, the fusion of my Amber and @ahhween ‘s Covellite.

Covellite and Amber would probably get along well, despite their wild differences. However, when the two merge, the result is this strange fusion who can’t seem to keep her eyes open all the way. 

They are able to use flaming rings of varying sizes to attack their enemies. As you may guess, this can make things pretty chaotic if she, say, ‘accidentally’ summons too many. Her upper eyes look the way they do because they function differently than her lower pair. They’re good at finding lost things.

She can be very quiet and focused sometimes, but other times she’ll go into full-on monologues. She always believes she is one step ahead of her opponents, even when it’s apparent she’s going to lose. She’s definitely a ‘villain’ gem. A bit of confidence is always nice, but she’s way past the point where it works against her.

you know how rose has her sword…

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…but turns out shes pink diamond, and also like, significally bigger…

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… so her sword would be smaller in comparison to her body, like some sort of short bladed weapon.

a knife, maybe?

and you know how pink diamond is now steven?

what im saying is: stevens knife has been here all along,,


Obsidian, the fusion of my Amber and @gaartes ‘s Red Diamond.

I drew this for the same reason I drew Azotic Topaz and Pink Halite. Gaartes is one of my inspirations, so of course I decided to draw yet another fanfusion. Amber and RD would probably get along really well, they’re both leading gems that probably shouldn’t be leading. I chose Obsidian over a scarlet-colored gem because fire and heat are a common theme in RD and Amber’s designs and abilities.

Obsidian themselves is… kind of an asshole. Definitely a ‘villain’ gem. They are overly confident in their newfound strength, but this can get them into trouble because they won’t separate, they won’t fuse with any other gems, and all they can use is varying forms of pyrokinesis. So yes, they often try to fight fire or even water with fire. It never ends well and it’s usually the only thing that’ll get RD and Amber to separate.

Their ‘weapons’ are fire and magma/lava. The second mouth on the top of their head spews flames and can get pretty hot to the touch. They’re also able to create lava creatures to do their bidding, similar to how Lapis Lazuli utilized water to fight against the crystal gems.

They can be protective… sometimes. Usually they only act this way to prove their point or to show to everyone how ‘good’ of a person they are. Whenever they do this, it’s almost never sincere.

Hope you like them!