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so I was thinking of a Harry Potter au where the triwizard tournament is happening, so Kuroo meets Beauxbatons!Oikawa and Durmstrang!Bokuto

  • Oikawa and Bokuto put their names in the goblet because why not, but Kuroo doesn’t because Kenma and Yaku would have killed him, and they enlisted Daichi to help keep him in line
  • (although Daichi almost had his hands full trying to keep Terushima, Hinata, and Kageyama from hurting themselves on the protective wards keeping underage students away from the goblet)
  • (Terushima was the most persistent, but Daichi found that cuddling him and asking him out on dates kept him occupied enough)
  • (to this day Daichi won’t admit if he only started dating Terushima to keep him from killing himself on the protective wards)
  • (Iwaizumi and Akaashi unfortunately had to stay behind, which is the only reason Oikawa and Bokuto were able to put their names in without suffering murder via best friend)
  • Bokuto and Oikawa get chosen and just the competitiveness
  • Kuroo barely knows them and he knows this is trouble
  • they end up accidentally collaborating because while Bokuto is smart, he has a focus problem and he’s so adorable that of course Kuroo helps him prepare for the challenges (not without messing with him a little first though. he is the rival champion after all) and Oikawa is not going to let him get extra alone time with the hot guy so he prepares with them too
  • and oh my god they all knew the other two are hot they’re not blind but they were not prepared for what they saw next
  • like okay yes Kuroo is hot but he has this dorky laugh and he’s so perceptive and intelligent and his defensive spells are fucking impenetrable
  • and Oikawa wears glasses okay they weren’t ready and one of them brought up astronomy in passing and he just excitedly info dumped on them because astrology is his thing okay
  • and Bokuto starts strategizing that maybe he should use his broom and starts rattling off different facts about magical creatures and they all find out that Bokuto’s memory??? is insane??? boy does not forget anything
  • Oikawa and Bokuto swear in French and Swedish, respectively, when they’re frustrated
  • all three of them speak in Japanese to each other (Kuroo’s English is the best out of the three of them)
  • they all get attached obviously, they’d been spending a lot of time together, but they didn’t realize how attached until the dragon challenge actually came
  • like, they found out about the dragons ahead of time, of course they did
  • Bokuto and Oikawa won’t admit they’re afraid but they have a camp out in Kuroo’s common room and stay up all night when they find out because they see dragon fire every time they close their eyes and Kuroo stays up with them
  • they stay close to each other, not touching but they can feel the other’s body warmth and that doesn’t calm them down completely, but it helps
  • and then the day of comes and Oikawa realized he was so worried about Bokuto the thought of points and times didn’t even cross his mind
  • Bokuto spent a decent chunk of his brain power worrying about what would happen to Oikawa when it was his turn
  • Kuroo was trying not to freak out in the stands (and wraps them both in a bone crushing hug the minute they’re off the field)
  • they just cling to each other for a bit
  • Oikawa and Bokuto are shaking, like, the only thing holding them up at the moment is adrenaline and Kuroo
  • and just, they all help each other figure out the challenges because the sooner Bokuto and Oikawa know what it is the sooner they can prepare
  • for the mermaid challenge Kuroo is Bokuto’s hostage, and Iwaizumi is Oikawa’s
  • afterwards Oikawa is trying to explain that it’s not that Kuroo’s not important to him and Kuroo cuts him off like “you don’t have to explain anything. he’s your childhood friend and honestly I didn’t expect to be either of your guys’s hostage”
  • and Oikawa is relieved and he drags Iwaizumi over to meet Kuroo and Bokuto and he knows okay. he just knows that Oikawa is head over heels for them both he was there for the Suga debacle of first year
  • Iwaizumi heads back and tells them both to take good care of him and they’re just like “definitely” but they have no clue that Iwaizumi Knows about all of them
  • what to do for the dance
  • Oikawa’s been gunning for Kuroo since he got there obviously but he also likes Bokuto now, and he wants to take Bokuto as his date too but he also doesn’t want to interfere with Bokuto’s happiness
  • Bokuto is facing a similar dilemma
  • Kuroo knows he wouldn’t be able to choose and is thinking of going with Kenma so he doesn’t have to hurt either of them by picking one and he can’t pick one anyway
  • and they’re all still hanging out but kinda sad
  • and I’m thinking Kenma talks sense into Kuroo because yeah he’s observant but his judgment is impaired
  • Kuroo finds them both and asks them both out
  • Bokuto is just like “oh thank god because I’ve been crushing hard on you both”
  • Oikawa says his declaration was not nearly dramatic enough (that’s a yes and they’re all smiling these dopey, fond smiles)
  • they go to the dance together obvs
  • Oikawa totally brags to his classmates that he has the hottest dates
  • Bokuto wants to dance all night and sometimes it’s all three of them and sometimes it’s two of them and towards the end of the night Kuroo and Oikawa are taking turns because Bokuto is a stamina beast and they can’t keep up with him
  • Daichi and Hinata tease Kuroo about “fraternizing with the enemy”
  • they’re all so gross and in love they’re so cute
  • Oikawa tells them things he’s too embarrassed to say in French so he seems suave
  • the final challenge comes around and Oikawa and Bokuto are still competitive but also like “whoever wins gets to be the big/little (whichever position is the most coveted) spoon to Kuroo tonight”
  • they keep rescuing each other though and they’re planning to make it draw when a wild Ushijima appears and wins the cup for Hogwarts
  • Kuroo doesn’t stop laughing for days
  • he gives them consolation cuddles and kisses (but he’s kind of giggling through it)
  • they write letters constantly by casting a protean charm on different pieces of parchment
  • when they get their apparating licenses they get permission and visit each other over the summer and give the other two tours of their hometowns
  • and just
  • happy trio!!!
  • they don’t move in together right away, but they do live near each other after they graduate and go on dates and visit each other constantly
  • and eventually move in together so they can terrorize each other with boyfriend shirts more effectively
Truth or Dare

Originally posted by amberkrisber

Pairing: Amber Liu x Reader x Jackson
Warning(s): girlxgirl, girlxboyxgirl, oral, pegging, restraints, things breaking, alcohol involved

A/N:  This was also posted on @kpoppantydrop.  This is not stolen.  This is my original work.  

How did this happen, what did you do?  Whatever it is…you were definitely okay with it.  If drinking Soju and playing Truth or Dare always ended with you wrapped in a hot and sexy blanket burrito with not one but TWO idols.  Soju.  All day.  Everyday!

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A/N: My first requested lesbian smut…and it’s Amber. Even though I love IU (and Min), Amber is bae/queen/whatever you want to call her, so thank you Anon!

Group: f(x)

Pairing: Amber x Reader

Genre: Smut (Lesbian)

You looked at the rack and groaned as you saw the lack of towels. “Can you bring me a towel?” you shouted from the bathroom. The water was rolling off your body and dripping onto the bathroom rug.

“I can’t” she said back.  You cracked the bathroom door and stuck your head out. She was lying on the bed, flipping through a magazine, her pajamas still on. “Amber!” you yelled at her. She looked at you and smiled.

“Yes?” she asked innocently.

“Why can’t you get me a towel? You aren’t doing anything.”

“I’m reading” she smiled, turning back to her magazine. You opened the bathroom door and walked to her side of the bed. She continued reading and you lifted your leg, preparing to get on top of her. “Don’t get up here” she said. You cocked an eyebrow and straddled her anyway. She sighed and tossed the magazine aside. 

Amber watched as a droplet of water rolled between the valley of your breasts. She sat up and licked it away. “You’re disgusting” you smiled.

“Why? I can’t lick water off of your body?” she asked. You just smiled and she sat up again, licking her tongue around your nipple. You watched, entranced, as the tip of her tongue circled your nipple. She sat back down, letting her head rest on the headboard. “Well since you like licking me so much-”

“Oh, I love licking you” she said, a promise in her voice. A chill went down your spine as she watched you, the lustful mood beginning to form in the air.

“Since you love licking me-” you corrected, “-how do I taste?” you asked, tilting your head to the side. Amber pretended to think before looking at you. “I don’t know. I think I need another taste” she said. She sat back up and traced the tip of her tongue against the other nipple. Again, you watched her, this time holding your breath a bit. Her tongue stopped mid-circle and she wrapped her lips around the bud. 

She rolled it between her teeth and used her hand to pinch your other nipple. You whimpered and she tugged on your nipples in response. She alternated breasts and you moaned. You held her head to your nipple, wordlessly telling her to continue. Amber pushed you backward and you were now laying on your back, the soft sheets caressing your skin. Your legs were around her torso, the sheer fabric of her pajama top tickling your lower lips. 

Her lips freed their hold of your nipple and she kissed down your stomach, occasionally nipping at the skin. You watched her head as it slowly lowered closer and closer to the lips of your pleading pussy. 

She looked up at you just as her lips reached the top of your mound. She laid her tongue flat against your lips and you watched patiently.  She gave a hard, drawn out lick and you sighed in pleasure. She pressed a finger into your opening and let her tongue play over your stiffened bud. You moaned, your eyelids fluttering shut. She added another finger and slowly twisted and turned them in and out. “Ah, yes, Amber” you said. The words came out a little louder than a whisper and was followed by a whimper as she added a third finger. 

She sucked hard on your clit and you lifted your hips off of the bed, trying to escape from the sudden thrill. She had mercy on you, reducing her suction to a few heavy licks. Her fingers quickened and she sucked on your clit once again. Your voice rose several levels as you grabbed onto her head.

“Amber! Yes! Fuck me, baby!” you shouted out. She removed her tongue and introduced her second hand, placing two fingers over your button. Her fingers were a blur as they quickly rubbed you into oblivion. Your head flipped from side to side as you climaxed. Amber lapped up your juices and kissed you again, your tongues happily greeting one another.

You pushed her off of you and went to the drawer, grabbing her favorite toy. Amber stripped, pulling her shirt off to reveal her bare breasts. She dropped her shorts onto the floor and you pushed her backward, her head falling into the pillows. You placed your body in between her legs and kissed her, your naked breasts rubbing together. She moaned, her nipples being extremely sensitive. You purposefully moved your torso as you kissed, making your nipples swing against hers. Her mouth fell open and you kissed her bottom lip as she moaned zealously. 

You sat up, on your knees, and turned the vibrator on. Amber eagerly opened her legs wide and you slid the humming toy against her glistening lips. She was so perfectly wet for you. You slid the vibrator into her and she grunted, her back arching off of the bed. You began to pull out the vibrating toy and she moaned. 

“Oh God~” she dragged, as you pressed it back in. You slid in and out of her faster and her hands clenched into the sheets. You moved and sucked her sensitive nipple once again, making her moans escalate. 

“Oh, oh! Mmm, yeah~” she choked out. What started as a pant, transformed into a moan and you knew she was in heaven. Amber tensed before releasing, her cum flooding on to the sheets. You pulled the vibrator from her and turned it off, tossing it to the side. As Amber calmed her breathing, you kissed her.

She held you to her, prolonging the kiss, and finally released you.

“Delicious” she smiled, answering your question from earlier.

Ash's 2k Writing Challenge: Double Dare

Summary: This is a little something I wrote for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s 2k Writing Challenge. It’s a one-shot in which a boredom-induced game of Truth or Dare leads to sexy consequences for Negan and two of his wives…Namely, a smutty, dirty threesome! Enjoy!

Word count: 4,021

Warnings: Smut, Negan, Negan being Negan, Comic Negan being Comic Negan, threesome, MFF, cunnilingus, blow job, deep-throating, doggy style, and more!

Note: I hope you enjoy this little tale. It was my first time writing really explicit smut, so please let me know if you have any thoughts! It’s also worth noting that I tend to base my Negan more off of the comics, so if you feel like he’s a bit more silly / awkward and less suave than TV Negan, you are not wrong! :)

If you like this, you may also enjoy my longer, but equally silly Negan fanfic, Embracing the Apocalypse, which you can find here: 


The air of Negan’s drawing room was heavy with tense electricity as Sherry and Amber faced off across the table. An unanswered question from Sherry’s lips hung between the two lingerie-clad wives for a moment; the onlookers waited anxiously for Amber’s response.

The penthouse’s large windows displayed thick, grey storm clouds as far as the eye could see. A flash of lightning illuminated the scene, followed a short time later by a clap of thunder. It had been raining torrentially for most of the day, and the inhabitants of the Sanctuary were pent up inside the building, unable to brave the stormy conditions outside.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the silence was broken by Amber as she replied to her opponent’s question with a gleeful, “Go fish!” her eyes lit up as Sherry groaned.

“Goddamnit! I thought I had you there. Fine,” she picked up a card from the top of the pile and grumbled, “Nothin’. Your go.”

“Ugghhhh! So fucking boring!” cried a pixyish redhead who was sprawled across one of the plush velvet loveseats adjacent to the card game with her legs hanging over its back, “I can’t take it anymore! If I watch you guys play Go Fish any longer I’m going to go crazy. Negan! I’m bored!”

The tall, broad-shouldered man, who had taken each of these women as his post-apocalyptic bride, lowered the book he had been reading in his leather armchair beside the fireplace, “Hi bored, I’m Negan.”

“Jesus fucking Christ,” said the redhead, Sarah, with a reproachful expression, “Did you just make a dad joke at me?”

Negan placed a bookmark between the pages of the book before setting it aside, “Maybe. What’s it to you?”

“I’m serious,” whined Sarah, “I’m going to freak out. Isn’t there anything to do around here? It’s so boring.”

“You know, she’s not wrong, ladies,” he said, turning now to Amber and Sherry, “You could make this a more interesting game. Maybe play a round of Strip Go Fish?”

Sherry’s face wrinkled with disgust, “Not happening. How would that even-“ she thought better of her question and stopped herself, “You know what? I don’t even want to know.”

“How about Spin the Bottle? That’s something everyone can enjoy,” he wiggled his eyebrows at the group suggestively. This was met with groans and a few boo’s from the assembly of wives, “Ok, fine. Fucking Truth of Dare then!”

Sarah pulled herself into a sitting position, “Oh yeah! I love that game!” she cried with excitement.

As Negan’s newest and youngest wife, Sarah was still learning how to cope with life inside the Penthouse, not to mention with all of the other wives’ various personalities and quirks. She hadn’t yet gotten to know the other women very well in the short time she had been living there, and hoped that a friendly game of Truth or Dare might be the thing to bring them together.

Sherry snorted, “Of course, you would love that game, Sarah. It’s a kid’s game for slumber parties.”

“Ok, girls. Let’s put the cards away and get into a circle!” cried their fearless leader and husband, ignoring Sherry’s negative comment. The women groaned as they abandoned their various activities, but complied with his orders.

“So, who’s starting?” asked Amber.

“Well, since she was so fucking pumped for this, I think our resident ginger should start,” Negan replied, turning to Sarah, 

“Oh,” Sarah said as she scanned the room, “Ok, sure. Um. Negan, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” he replied almost immediately.

“Shit! I can’t think of a truth…” she paused in thought, her eyebrows furrowing for a moment, “Uhh. What…colour underwear are you wearing?”

“Seriously? That’s it?” he asked standing up and unbuckling his belt, “Well, that’s easy, ladies…” he undid the top button on his pants before unzipping them and yanking them down to show the room that he was, in fact, going commando today. “Nothing at all!”

Several of the women burst into cries of “Oh my god!” and “Gross! Put it away, you perv!” as Negan laughed loudly and re-did his belt. Sarah’s face had turned nearly as red as her hair, much to Negan’s delight.

“Th-thanks for that,” she stammered her eyes focused on the floor, “Your turn.”

“Ooh. This is gonna be fun!” he said, leaning forward in his chair, “Sherry! Truth or dare.”

Sherry sighed deeply, “I’m not getting off this couch to do anything, so it’s gonna be truth.”

“Fine. What is the greatest number orgasms you’ve had in one day?”

Sherry’s expression had gone from one of boredom to annoyance, “Five,” she answered and crossed her arms across her chest.

Negan seemed pleased with this answer. “And who was that with?” he asked innocently.

Sherry looked even more annoyed at this question, “I’m not answering that. You only get to ask one question per turn.”

“Those are the rules,” Amber chimed in.

“My Sanctuary, my rules. Answer the question,” Negan said firmly, but his expression was still one of amusement.

“You,” Sherry said under her breath.

“Come again?” Negan asked, cupping a hand to his ear before addressing the others in the room: “Pun totally fucking intended, by the way.”

Sherry made an annoyed growl in her throat and glared at Negan, “You!” she said flatly. She turned rapidly to Amber and practically yelled, “Truth or dare!”

“Jesus. Calm down! Dare,” said Amber.

“Finally!” Sarah cried. She had been waiting for someone to do something entertaining, and was getting bored with the streak of Truths.

Sherry thought for a moment before saying, “I’ll go easy on you since you were brave enough to choose Dare: I dare you to give Sarah a lap dance.”

Amber threw her head back in laughter, “You think that’s easy?”

“Oh, it’s not so bad,” Sherry replied, “Get to it, bitch!”

Amber rose slowly from her place on the couch and made her way over to where Sarah was seated without breaking eye contact with the younger woman. Once in front of her target, Amber put an arm on either side of Sarah’s head and began to sway her hips to an unheard beat.

“This is a lot harder without any music, you know,” she complained while continuing the gyrate her hips.

“Who cares?! This is hot!” Negan practically moaned.

Amber slowly turned so that her semi-covered ass was inches from Sarah’s face. The redhead’s gaze had drifted to the room’s ceiling in an attempt to not stare at Amber’s backside. Amber’s hips dipped down incrementally until she was sitting on Sarah’s lap. Hooking an arm around Sarah’s shoulders, she leaned back and stuck her chest out before grabbing the other woman’s hands and placing them on her breasts, allowing them to run down her body until they rested on her thighs.

Both girls broke out into gales of laughter and the dance ended abruptly. “Holy shit! That was hot!” cried Sherry, clapping, “Bravo, lady!”

Amber stood up and bowed dramatically, “Thank you! Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without my lovely assistant, Sarah,” she lightly petted the other woman’s head, “Now, Sarah, truth or dare!”

Sarah considered the question for a moment and then replied, “Truth!”

“Did that dance turn you on?” asked Amber with a grin.

“I- um. Well…” Sarah blushed once again, “Yes. A bit.”

Amber laughed loudly again, “Nice! Still got it!”

Sarah’s eyes flashed with a devious look, “Amber! Truth or dare!”

Amber looked at the other girl quizzically before answering, “Truth.”

“Did it turn you on to give me a lap dance?”

“Yep!” Amber’s expression was one of pride, “I’m actually into redheads, you know,” and then she enthusiastically asked: “Sarah! Truth or dare?”

“Hey, ladies, break it up and give someone else a chance!” Sherry said, clearly annoyed.

“Shut up, Sherry!” Negan hissed, totally engrossed by the scene that was unfolding before him, “I wanna see where this is going.”

Amber and Sarah had moved closer to one another on their respective couches, which were placed with the arms meeting at a right angle. The two women were now so close that their bare legs touched and the only thing in between them were the arms of the couches.

“Truth,” Sarah said quietly, leaning toward Amber ever so slightly.

“Are you into girls?” asked Amber.

Without hesitation Sarah answered, “I am.”

Amber had leaned forward in her seat, and now the two women’s faces were only about an inch apart, “Follow up question: Are you into me?”

Without answering the question Sarah leaned forward and planted her lips on Amber’s. Both women closed their eyes as their kiss deepened for a moment before they pulled apart abruptly, interrupted by Negan yelling: “Holy shit! This is the best day ever! My turn!”

Sherry sighed again in annoyance, “It is not! Technically it’s Sarah’s turn.”

“Nah. She’s had too many turns. Amber! Truth or dare!” he cried excitedly. Negan’s eyes locked with the blond woman’s and they shared a knowing glance.

“Dare,” Amber returned with a seductive smirk.

Negan’s body vibrated in his seat, “Wait! I have a better idea: Double dare!”

“Ok, sure,” Amber laughed.

“I double dare you to fuck the holy fucking hell out of Sarah!” he said bounding up from his seat, and then added: “That means I get to do it too!”

Sarah’s eyes widened for a moment before an enormous smile broke out on her face, “Like, a threesome?” she asked looking from Negan to Amber and back again.

“Exactly like a threesome,” answered Negan. His eyes had darkened, but his grin remained.

“Ok!” said Amber without a second thought.

Sarah hesitated for a moment before throwing her hands in the air, “Ok, sounds fun!” she said, rising from her seat.

“To the fuck cave!” cried Negan, hooking an arm around each woman’s shoulders and leading them toward the bedroom, “You other ladies amuse yourselves for now. Bye!”

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anonymous asked:

can i have an angst/fluff imagine where amber and you argue because she's always out with her friends but she comes 2 your work and suprises you? thanks!💐

“Why are you being like this?” Amber yelled, frustrated and confused. She had come home late from the studio and was getting ready to leave again. She was always going out with her friends, leaving you alone.

“Because I’m so tired of you ditching me every night to go out with your friends!” You shouted back, equally frustrated. “Every night this week you’ve come home from the studio just to get ready and go out again! I’ve hardly seen you!”

“I work hard, I’m allowed to have fun!” Amber retorted, growing more frustrated. “I work all day and I just want to come home and have fun with my friends and let loose. Is that such a crime?”

“No, but I wish you’d want to relax with me, your girlfriend.” You said, feeling the tears starting to well up in your eyes. “I just want you to want to spend time with me!”

“I don’t want to sit at home all the time. I want to go out and have fun.” She groaned and ran her hands through her hair. “You’re always welcome to come out with us, you just never want to!”

“That’s because I work hard too and I want to relax when I get home!” You yelled, losing your patience with your girlfriend. “I don’t want to go out and be on my feet any longer than I have to! Sometimes I just want to spend a relaxing night in with my girlfriend, but I guess that’s just too much to ask!” You growled, throwing your hands up and walking out of the room. “Just go out, I don’t care anymore!” You yelled, slamming your bedroom door behind you.

Amber groaned and ran her hands through her hair, then stood up to grab her keys. She didn’t want to deal with the argument, so she just left.

The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed. You were hurt, but also worried that Amber wasn’t there. Quickly, you made your way out to the living room and sighed, half in relief and half in annoyance, when you found her passed out on the couch. When you realized she was alright, the irritation set in and you got ready for work as quickly as possible and left the house, leaving her alone without a note or anything.

By the time your lunch break rolled around, you were on the verge of breaking down. You were so upset over Amber’s actions and the fact that she didn’t seem to care about how they affected you. After clocking out, you walked out of the building and to your car. You stopped short when you noticed Amber leaning against the hood of your car, with her hands behind her back.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, not wanting to deal with another argument.

Amber brought her hands out from behind her back, revealing a beautiful bouquet of flowers. “I came to say I’m sorry and take you out to lunch.” She handed the flowers to you. “I was thinking while I was out last night, and I realized how unfair it is for me to not spend any time with you. So, I’m really sorry.”

You took the flowers from her and smiled. “Thank you. I’m not asking you to spend all day everyday inside with me, I just want us to have a night in once in awhile, so we can relax and not have to worry about anything. Just us.”

“I can do that. I will do that.” She replied, taking your hand in hers. “I promise, tonight will just be you and me, staying in and watching crappy movies on netflix. And I will do that with you more often, okay?” She asked, giving you a sweet smile.


Again, sorry this one took so long, hope you like it!

-Admin K

Amber - Best Friends (Request)

(Amber/Reader | 707 words)

Request: f(x)’s Amber scenario where she has an unrequited crush on her friend. A fluffy/humorous scenario where she acts dorky around her crush and she’s oblivious.

I actually really like how this turned out. I hope you enjoy!

Today you and your best friend Amber were going to have a girl’s day together. Due to her Idol schedule you haven’t been able to hang out in a while and you’ve missed her.

Hearing a knock on your door, you rush over and throw it open.

“Amber!” You yell and fling yourself into her arms, so caught up in your excitement of seeing her again.

Heat rushes to the females cheeks as she returns your embrace. She had nearly forgotten how beautiful you are.

Pulling away, you grin up at her. “Should we go now?” Returning your infectious grin, she agrees.

You two decide to go shopping, but first you get some drinks.

“I don’t know how you’re able to drink hot chocolate when it’s a million degrees outside.” You say to Amber, taking a sip of your own beverage.

“Says the girl that eats ice cream in the winter.” She retorts.

“Hey, lots of people do that too!” You yell. She snorts but doesn’t reply, instead choosing to take a sip of her hot drink.

You two spend the next hour browsing shops, occasionally trying something on.

“What do you think about these?” You ask, coming out if your dressing room to show the female.

She pops out of the dressing room next to yours and takes a look at your pants.

“Wow, they look amazing on you, (Name)! They totally help show off your beautiful figure.” Amber tells you truthfully.

You turn to the female, intending to thank her but burst out laughing when you see her.

She has on two different pants, one on backwards and the other sagging at her knees, an unmatching color t-shirt with four jackets on top of it.

“Amber, what are you wearing?” You question her in between giggles.

“Well, these are all clothes that I want to try on so I figured why not try them on at the same time. What do you think?” She asks and begins to do outrageous poses.

You fall to the ground due to how hard you were laughing. Amber is such a dork.

After another hour more of shopping, you and Amber return to your place.

You two put your shopping bags in your room and turn your living room into a sleepover zone.

A large section of the floor was covered in blankets and pillows, claimed to be the bed for the night. Various snacks and drinks litter your coffee table and you have both your game system and DVD player hooked up to your TV.

After a quick dinner, you and Amber go to change into your pajamas. You wait for Amber to finish changing into hers as you set up the game.

“Hey (Name), what do you think of my pajamas? You like?” Amber asks.

You look over at her and let out a laugh. She had her pants pulled up to her chest with her arms tucked in them.

“Do you just have difficulty dressing today Amber? Cause that’s a thing apparently.” You say to her.

“Not at all (Name). I’m just setting new fashions.” She replies.

The game menu boots up and begins to play music. Amber gasps and begins to dance (which is really just her wriggling around) as she claims how ‘rad’ the music is.

Even though she was a dork, you wouldn’t trade your best friend for a thing in the world.

Hours later, you and Amber were both nestled in the makeshift bed, the night having winded down.

You were already fast asleep, not aware of your best friends’ problem.

She was wide awake, not being able to take her eyes off your peaceful expression. She wondered if you knew just how beautiful you were.

Never has she been able to find someone who was nearly as beautiful as you, nor has she found someone who could make her feel the way you do.

Not that she minded of course, it was just ironic that she fell in love with you- her best friend.

Amber heaves a sigh and reaches over to brush a strand of hair from your face.

Maybe one day she’ll tell you of her affections. But for now, she’ll spend her time harboring her seemingly unrequited crush.

whatever you do, don’t imagine henber:

- actually moving in together

- cooking breakfast for each other (mostly henry tho bc amber likes sleeping in)

- cuddling on the couch

- dancing to taylor swift in the middle of the afternoon

- fighting over the last piece of pizza

- getting inTO tiCKLE FIGHTS

- shopping for dog stuff for jackjack 


- “let’s watch kingsman” “again? you’ve watched that thing for a million times already!” “hey i didn’t complain when you made me watch frozen with you for like a bajillion times” “……fine”

- amber taking 23542584590 pictures of henry sleeping

- henry slipping amber’s favorite snacks into her bag before she goes to work

- amber wearing one of henry’s old t-shirts/hoodies



- henry waking amber up in the middle of the night because he just had a great idea for a song and oh my god we need to write this now i’ll buy you mcdonald’s afterwards i promise

- one of them throwing gummy bears and the other trying to catch it with their mouth 

- amber catching henry singing to jackjack

- amber randomly singing/shouting “I’M TOO HOT” and henry answers with “HOT DAMN” from the other room

- cleaning the apartment together but getting nothing done because henry keeps wanting to have sword fights using the mop

okay on second thought, please do imagine them and suffer with me

I fucking love you damnit

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Anon request: Could you write me a Nat smutty (like really really smutty)imagine with dom!Nat please? Maybe where she and Y/N get into a fight and solve it with angry sex? Your imagines are amazing! (I stalk your blog a lot and I love you and your work so much!)

Anon request: Do you wanna do some jealous Nat x Reader(female) and accidentally telling reader about her feelings and then fluff or smut or whatever you want?

Authors note: I decided to combine two request because they were kind of similar. I hope the two anons who requested them are ok with it. I also decided to make it a little angsty.

Y/n- your name
Y/l/n- your last name

“Oh my gosh your real, hi I’m Amber your new assistant. It’s so nice to meet you” I noticed a gorgeous brunette shaking with excitement as she waited for me in my office.

“I didn’t know I was getting an assistant” I looked at her puzzled

“Ms. Hill hired me for you because she said you were overwhelmed with work. I just want to say I will do whatever it takes to make your life ten times better. Please can you give me a chance?” Amber looked desperate.

“Alright I give you a shot can you get me a cup of coffee?” I asked as I took a seat at my desk.

“Right away ms. Y/l/n”

“Please call me y/n” I smiled at her

“Ok ms.- I mean y/n I’ll be back with your coffee” she bit her lip before making her way towards the door.

All morning had Amber follow me around so she could get familiar with the building. Showing her places I will most likely send her and what not. Throughout the entire time I noticed that she kept flirting with me. I just laughed it off mainly because although I did think she was attractive, I had no intention to sleep with her. Once noon came I decided to treat my new employee to lunch.

“For the last time Amber it’s ok, you’re my new employee so I’m treating you to lunch” I insisted as we got our bags from my office.

“Fine, but I’m paying tomorrow ok” Amber bat her eyelashes as we stepped out of my office and bumped into Clint and Natasha.

“Hey guys” I smiled at them “this is Amber, my new assistant” I motioned to the brunette standing next to me.

*Natasha’s pov*

“For the last time Clint I’m not in love with y/n” I rolled my eyes as Clint kept pestering me to ask y/n out on a date.

“You know that’s fucking bullshit Nat. You like her, you’re just afraid to be in a relationship.” That’s true I was scared, but to be fair I have a horrible track record when it comes to dating.

“Drop it Clint”

“Hey guys” I heard y/n voice as we passed by her office. “this is Amber, my new assistant” Y/n continued as motioned to the brunette standing next to her. I felt a peg of jealousy when I saw her. She was no doubt gorgeous but she was also making eyes at y/n. I couldn’t help but glare at her.

“I didn’t know you hired an assistant y/n” my tone was cold as Amber was staring back at me, also glaring me.

“I didn’t, Maria did. But I think I’m going to keep Amber around, she’s great company” Amber smirked at me once y/n said that. “I would love to stay and chat but I promised Amber I was going to buy her lunch. Bye guys” and with that they walked away.

“Are you sure you don’t like y/n? Because from what I just witnessed you were about to rip her assistants head off.” Clint laughed

“Shut up Barton” I scowled before walking away

*time skip*

“Behave tonight” Clint warned me as I glared at Amber who throwing herself at y/n, again. This time at one of Tony’s parties. Ever since that bitch started working for y/n she has been flirting with her. What’s worse was the fact that sometimes y/n would flirt back, causing Amber to send me a “that right bitch she’s flirting back” look.

“I make no-” I looked over at y/n and Amber and witnessed Amber kissing y/n. My heart dropped when I watched y/n tangle her fingers in Amber’s hair as she deepened the kiss. I don’t know what came over me but the next thing I knew I grabbed Amber by her hair and threw her on the floor.

“What the fuck ! ! you psychic bitch ! ! !” Amber yelled as I heard Tony in the distance yelling “girl fight”

“Natasha what the fuck” I looked down at y/n who was helping Amber up.

“Come with me” I got y/n hand and lead her into my room. Once I closed the door I noticed y/n sitting on the bed.

“Why the fuck did you do that Nat” her tone just as cold and as the look on her face.

“I don’t know”

“What the fuck do you mean you don’t know” y/n yelled at me as she got off the bed. I’ve never seen her this mad before

“I DON’T FUCKING KNOW Y/N” I yelled back.

“Do you have feeling for me” y/n questioned but I didn’t answer her “Well?” Again I didn’t reply. “Whatever then just stay away from me” y/n walked around me to leave but I gripped her arm tight. “Let go”


“Nat what the-”

“Do you have any fucking clue how much it hurts to see the person you love kiss someone else? Or flirting with someone else” well I guess I’m confessing my love to y/n. “It fucking sucks especially when you were trained to not let your emotions get the best of you”

*y/n pov*

“ Do you have any fucking clue how much it hurts to see the person you love kiss someone else? Or flirting with someone else” so she does have feelings for me. “It fucking sucks especially when you were trained to not let your emotions get the best of you”


“Don’t use your pity voice on me y/n” I noticed Natasha was starting to get mad again.

“I wasn’t-”

“Yeah right I know your pity voice, you use it on guys at the bar who try and hit on you. You use that voice to soften the blow for the-”

“Will you shut up and let me fucking talk ! ! !” I felt my blood boil “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you liked me ! ! ! I wouldn’t of fucking kisses let alone flirt with Amber if you would of told me.”

“Really now, why is that” I notice Natasha getting closer to me.

“Because I fucking love you too Nat” I yelled feeling tears forming in my eyes out of frustration. “I fucking love you but not once have you shown any interest in me. That’s why I did what Tony told me to do months ago, to just move on. And now that I finally was able to at least kiss someone you pulled that shit out there.” I felt tears streaming down my face.

“So I have been driving myself crazy with jealousy for nothing ! You like me back” I watched as Natasha processed what just happened.

“Love Nat, I love you”

“I love you too” the next thing I knew Natasha smashed her lips against mine. Her tongue already slipped inside my mouth as she pushes me onto the bed. “I’m going to let out three months worth of aggression out on you” Natasha reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She pulled it down reveling her large bare breast and pussy. I bit my lip as I noticed the small patch of hair above her pussy was soaked with her juices. “Like what you see?” Natasha seductive asked swaying her hips.

“Yes” I groaned and she straddled me.

“We’re going to have so much fun” Natasha leaned down and kissed me. My hands caressing her ass as she started to slide my dress up until was completely off and she tossed it off the bed.

“No underwear? You naughty girl” Natasha bit my nipple before leaving opened mouth kissed down my body. “I’m going to make you scream my name” that was the last thing she said before she started to devour my pussy.

“Oh shit” I gripped her hair as she added her fingers inside me and started to pump them inside me roughly. “Oh yes”

“You like that y/n” Natasha snickered as she got up so she was inches away from my face, her fingers still deep inside me.

“Yeeeeeeesssssss fuck rougher Nat”

“Oh sweetie I’m just getting started but first” she climbed off me and started rummaging through her drawer. “Here it is” Natasha pulled out handcuffs and I could feel myself getting more turned on. “Hands on the headboard.” I did what she order and she cuffed me to the headboard. “Now let’s see what you can do” Natasha held onto the headboard as she eased herself onto my face. “Ohhh” Natasha sighed as I kissed her pussy lips before sticking my tongue in her core.

“Mmhm” I moaned inside.

“Fuck, you really know what you’re doing down there.” Natasha got a chunk of my hair as she looked down at me, there was nothing but lust in her eyes. I started to feel her grind her pussy all over my face, my tongue no longer inside her.

“Keep rubbing your pussy on my face Nat” I encouraged her as I licked her clit whenever it was close to my mouth.

“Yesssssss a fuck yes” Natasha shouted as she came on my face, she finally positioned her pussy back on my mouth and I started to lick up all of her juices. “Oh fuck y/n yes” Natasha heaved as she was coming down from her high. Once she was satisfied she moved so she was laying on top of me. “God I’ve never cum that hard before, you’re next what do you want me to do”

“Please tell me you have a strap-on because I want you to fuck me hard Nat”

“Lucky for you I do, and don’t worry I’m going to fuck you real good.” Natasha went back to her drawer this time she pulled out her strap-on and put it on before settling herself between my legs. “Let’s see if your wet enough” she slipped her fingers back inside me. “Fuck your dripping wet” she pulled her fingers out and started teases me before slamming into me.

“Fuck” I shouted as Natasha held onto the headboard, ramming herself inside me and an unruly pace. “Oh fuck yes Nat that’s it, fuck me harder”

“Oh you like it rough don’t you” Natasha grunted into my neck as she went even faster and started biting my neck.

“Yes ! ! ! ! Don’t stop Nat, fuck yes yes yes Nat yes give it to me hard” I shouted at the top of my as I felt my orgasm approaching.

“Do you think that slut of an assistant can fuck you like I can” Natasha grunted

“No, only you can fuck me this good. She’s nothing compared to you. Keep fucking me harder Nat, I’m going to cum ! !”

“Then do it y/n, cum” Natasha groaned into my ear causing me to come undone.

“Ahhhhhh yesssss Natasha ! ! ! !” I shouted as I came. “Oh fuck yes Nat” Natasha fucked me though my orgasm. Once I settled down Natasha pulled out, removing the strap on before she took the handcuffs off. She got up and went to her closet only to return with a blanket so we could cover up.

“Your a fucking rock star y/n” Natasha praised and she laid down next to me with the blanket. “you got quite the lungs on you, I’m excited to see if you could get louder” she continued and she kissed me, her hands roamed my body.

“Oh we can definitely find out” I replied as I started playing with her hair. “So do you want me to fire Amber? I’ll do it if you’re not comfortable with her being my assistant.”

“No it’s ok I have something up my sleeve.” Natasha started to play with my clit again. “Are you rested enough for another round?”

“Oh fuck yes” I replied, this time I got on top of her. “I could go all night”

*the next day*

“Good morning Amber” I greeted the brunette with a smile as I set my stuff on my desk.

“Good morning y/n, did you-” Amber paused once she noticed the hickey on my neck.

“What was that Amber?”

“I uh did you have a good night, you know after what happened at the party last night” her eyes never left the spot where Natasha her mark.

“I did thank you for asking oh and I’m sorry about Nat, she-”

“Hey babe I brought you coffee” Natasha entered my office with two cups of coffee. I got up to received the coffee.

“You shouldn’t have babe” I grabbed the cup before Natasha pecked my lips.

“It’s the least I could do, I mean I kept you up all night.” Natasha turned to Amber. “Huh her voice isn’t horsed. With all the screaming she did last night I would oh sworn her voice would be horsed.” I witnessed as Amber’s face started to turn red at Natasha’s comment.

“I’ll take those files on your desk to Ms. Hill now if you want” Amber pointed to the files on my desk.

“You do that” Natasha replied as she glared at her. Amber got the files and stormed out of my office.

“What a sweetheart” Natasha sarcastically said once she heard the door closed.

“You’re such a bitch” I laughed at Natasha’s action. We placed our coffees on my desk before we faced each other again.

“Yeah but you love me” I laughed again before I kissed her. Just as things were about to get heated my phone started to ring. “Sorry” I broke the kiss so I could answer the phone. “Oh hey Maria” I looked up at Natasha and noticed she was going through the stuff in my office. “Ok good, oh really now?” Natasha looked back at my direction. “No it’s ok I never wanted one in the first place but thank you though, ok bye” I looked at Natasha and bursted out laughing.

“What’s so funny babe?”

“Amber told Maria she was quitting” Natasha started laughing as well.

“Good now I don’t have to see her fucking face here again” Natasha walked back to me. “Does this mean we get office quickies”

“Yes” I kissed her again “go lock the door so no one will walk in on us” I slapped her butt and started to get undressed.

“God I fucking love you” Natasha growled, she locked the door before we spent the morning not doing work.

I Dare You

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1.3K


Originally posted by cmtae

It was a Friday night and you were working the graveyard shift. You were a bartender at one of the most popular bars in the city. You actually liked your job. You were the perfect mixer, and lots of guys left you large tips along with their phone numbers. However, you never called them.

It was around 11 PM when a group of four boys walked in. You recognized them from your chemistry class. Namjoon, Yoongi, Jimin, and Taehyung. You weren’t really friends with them, but they weren’t complete strangers either. You were lab partners with Namjoon once, but he pissed you off because he kept breaking stuff. They had also come in once before a few weeks ago.

It was your instinct to run and hide when you saw people you knew. But since you were at work, you just acted as if you didn’t see them walk in. You were in the middle of making a man’s drink when the four of them approached the bar. Shit, you thought. They’re going to see me.

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You Can’t Be Serious: Tom Holland x WOC Actress

This is the 3rd Part to Playtime and Double Dates. This is long, so yeah. 

Tom squeezed your hand as he saw Amber. “Um Y/N I think you left your tampon in the car.” Tom lied. “What?” You even knew that was stupid excuse. “We don’t want you bleeding all over the place, come on.” He pulled you to the front of the restaurant. “Really, a tampon?” You shook your head. “You have got to do better.”

“Y/N, that’s the same girl from the Trampoline World.” He explained. “Yeah, I know. You want me to take off on her?” You asked pulling your earrings out. (Take off means whoop that ass, basically). He stopped you, “You’ve just been so ready to fight lately. Are you okay?” He asked looking concerned. “I have a lot of built up aggression.” You answered honestly. 

“Well we can relieve some of that later on tonight.” He grinned, grabbing your butt. “Focus Tom.” You said pushing him away. “Right, right! Amber, how the hell did she end up finding Haz?” He asked. 

“So do we tell Haz that she was all over you and is a stalker?” You asked. You two peeked over and saw him smiling very hard. “Ew he actually looks happy with her!” You whined. “No, we should wait and see how this plays out.”

You two walked back to the table, “Hey ho about Amber and Y/N sit beside each other.” Haz suggested. “I guess.” Tom mumbled. You sat across from him and rolled your eyes. “Wow, Y/N I love your hair. Can I touch it?”

Tom groaned and shook his head, “D-did you really just ask me that? Have you ever heard of Solange Knowles?”

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Original Imagine: Imagine being Scott’s little sister who is an Alpha and being pregnant with Isaac’s baby.
Reader Gender:Female
Word Count: 1,609 
Warnings:A bit of language.

You cursed under your breath as you stared at the tiny pink positive sign that was going to change your life forever. Nothing would ever be the same now. 

Morning sickness. Aches. Pains. All of these were symptoms that had sent you driving to the nearest pharmacy store to buy a pregnancy test. You thought you had used protection, thought that you had been safe.

You closed your eyes, and tried to slow down your breathing as you pulled open your bathroom drawer and let the test fall into a pile of all of your hairbands and other accessories.

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