amber waves of green

Stardust and Galaxies

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They say if you stare at the sun too long you’ll go blind. They say that Haley’s comment passes overhead every 700 years. They also say that the eyes are the window to one’s soul.

You found yourself staring into the galaxies of his milky way eyes for far too long. The Aurora Borealis dare not compare itself to Sam’s eyes.

The colors in the celestial orbs changed with his mood like a kaleidoscopic mirror.

Brooding blues, greedy greens, hell fire hazels, amber waves of grain, sunflowers of the late summer nights.

A rainbow would be jealous of these eyes. Yet, when he cries, one appears in a mesmerizing arc as you wipe away the salty liquid.

Astounding azure, bitter brown, gregarious green, terrified tanzanite, mere agate stands alone when he stared into your common, generic, y/e/c. His eyes were the treasure at the end of a rainbow, the ocean at sunset, the night sky as dawn broke.

They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul then Sam’s soul was concocted of stardust, galaxies, the rings of Saturn, and ever changing leaves of the autumn.

A Game of Cat and Mouse || noiz-1719-3 ||

He escaped.

Dammit, he escaped him because he was too  for too long. 

Ren thought he could keep track of the male. Noiz had seemed easy enough, his attitude so apathetic and relaxed that Ren didn’t expect much of him. But the moment he had turned his back on the prisoner for a few minutes, he returned only to see the men he had left in his stead on the ground unconscious and an empty cell.

He was already running towards the front door of the station, stepping out to see where the blond could have gone. He spotted him, not too far off in a developing crowd. For a brief moment, widened amber met a now smug green as Noiz offered a wave in mockery and ran off further into the crowd. 

Ren groans in frustration, he’d lose him in this large city if he didn’t move quick. So he dashed off in the direction Noiz had went, determined to catch him.

The chase was on.