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A most beautiful crossover that took my most of last night and today to get done but it was worth it!

Heres the deal:
-Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo and Piper are the equivalent to the Crystal Gems (With Percy being more like Amethyst and born in the Kindergarten to where hes ignorant of what the homeworld feud is all about but wants it to stop messing with his planet.)
-Rachel Elizabeth Dare (I like saying her full name purely because the acronym is RED) would be Steven most likely, thrown into this conflict but loving every moment of it.
-Jason, Frank, Hazel (and Reyna though I didn’t draw her because it could set the lower picture to become unsymmetrical to the top which I couldn’t have.) are the equivalent to the Home World gems naturally since they’re kind of the other side of what Percy and the guys have known since they’re Roman and Percy and the gang are Greek.

Was that enough of an explanation? I hope so cause that’s all I’m going to do ENJOY.

Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Piper, Nico, Jason, Hazel, Frank AND Rachel © Rick Riordan
Steven Universe and The Crystal Gems © Rebecca Sugar
Art © ME

So I wrote a valdangelo thing at 2AM to decompress from stage managing tech week of my play. 


i accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and i was in the area, drunk, and i thought i was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and i did wonder when my friend got two cats but i didn’t question it) so now i’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin au


The first thing Leo felt was a pounding headache from a light brighter than behind his eyelids. He wrinkled his nose and turned in toward the couch seat. After a few seconds, he realized there was someone talking nearby.

“Hazel, there’s a half-naked man on my couch and I don’t know what to do about it.”

Huh. Piper’s voice had changed a lot since he’d last seen her. A lot deeper. Who the heck was Hazel?

“No; I definitely didn’t invite him in late last night.”

OK, Leo was reasonably sure that wasn’t Piper’s voice. Maybe he should investigate this further. He groaned and started pushing himself upright.

“Oh gods Hazel, he’s moving. What do I do?”

Yup. The goth boy in the skinny jeans looking like a deer in headlights was definitely not Piper. He was pretty sure Piper didn’t have four different posters celebrating the new Mythomagic 3DS release, either.

“This… isn’t Piper’s house, is it?” Leo asked slowly.

“No,” the boy said just over a whisper with a cute little head shake. “Who’s Piper?” He blinked, and looked to the landline phone in his hand with a frown. “What do you mean she’s my neighbor? How do you know that and I don’t?”

Psh.  A landline. It had a slinky chord and everything. Who even had those anymore? 

“Okay, okay, yes I get it; I should talk to people more. I have to go. There’s a half-naked guy on my couch I have to take care of.” He seemed to realize what he said before Leo could crack a joke about it and stumbled through the words, “Not like–Goodbye, Hazel.” And quickly hung up the phone before realizing the chord was still wrapped around him.

Leo couldn’t help but grin as the boy untangled himself. He might have even laughed if his skull stopped throbbing behind his eyes. It was a shame he was so hungover, ‘cause the guy was pretty cute when he was flustered, and Leo couldn’t fully appreciate him at the moment.

“So, um,” goth boy ran his hand through his dark curls as his eyes darted toward Leo and then away. “You…. do you have a shirt?”

“I think so,” Leo said, patting his chest, and looking around the room. “Honestly, I don’t remember much after my fourth Sonic Screwdriver. I remember taking off my shirt but I can’t remember if it was before or after I broke in.”

“So, uh, why exactly did you break in?”

“Well, see,” Leo flopped his arms over the back of the couch as he continued his search for his missing garment. “We were all at Jackson’s stupid party, and my best friend – that’s Piper – decides she wants to hook up with my ridiculously attractive roommate, Jason, back at our place for some reason. And I’m like, 'No way man, I’ve gotta crash there.’ But she said I could stay at her place and, like, gave me a key.” Not seeing his shirt anywhere, Leo slumped back down onto the couch properly. “So, I get to her apartment, and the key doesn’t work. In retrospect, that was probably because it wasn’t her apartment, but  I was a little drunk and at the time and, really, picking the lock seemed like the next logical thing to do.”

He stared at Leo. “You picked the lock drunk?”

Leo shrugged and threw in a cocky smile for good measure. “I’m a man of many talents.”

“I, um,” Leo caught the boy’s dark eyes lingering on Leo’s chest before snapping up to his face. “I think you should go now.”

“Like this?” Leo asked, gesturing to his lack of clothes.

The boy’s olive cheeks tinged with pink as he turned away. “You can borrow one of mine. We’re about the same size.”

As he disappeared through the arch of the next room, Leo called after him, “Yeah, but you definitely have the better ass.”

For some reason, getting a black T-shirt thrown in his face from across the room was immensely satisfying. He giggled even as his head throbbed in protest. Leo pulled the shirt on, realized the tag was under his Adam’s apple, and decided he didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

Looking around, Leo thought his host was still in the other room before spotting him awkwardly holding the front door open. “You can go now.”

Leo whistled, regretting it for a moment before standing and making his way to the door, and said, “You sure don’t waste any time, do you?”

“Well, yeah. When a stranger breaks into my house I tend to want them out as soon as possible.”

Leo shifted his weight awkwardly and rubbed the knots in back of his neck. “Yeah. Sorry about that. And, uh, thanks for not calling the cops.”

“I still might,” he warned.

“Noted,” Leo said, walking out of the door. He turned to look at the boy one last time. “So, am I gonna learn your name, or am I fated to call you 'Piper’s hot neighbor’ for the rest of eternity?”

The pink returned to his cheeks, but he stood tall as he answered, “ 'Nico’ is fine.”

“Well, I’m Leo,” Leo said, offering his hand. As Nico shook it, Leo said, “I’ll give your your shirt back eventually. And maybe I’ll even knock next time.”

“Please do. Knocking is always preferred. Goodbye.”

And before Leo could get another word in, the door was closed in his face, the large 137 on the door rattling against the wood right at eye level. Glancing over at the 139 just one porch over, it was easy to see how drunk Leo had mixed the two houses up – they were nearly identical.

What an interesting difference one number made. Boy, did he have a story for Jason when he got back.


Beverly Hills Nannies’ Amber Valdez joins Luke to talk about how she dealt with being called “ugly” on national TV and on how to deal with bullies.

billyxkaplan  asked:

makes some sort of vague comment about the leo being a player of nemesis and jason being a player of juno and "to storm or fire the world must fall"

okie dokie

Well if I haven’t said it on my blog before I’ll say it now: p. sure Jason’s gonna die in the next book. He’s set up way too well to be the fall guy — we barely know anything about him, yet we’ve grown to like him as the books progress, and he’s become close to our main characters meaning he’ll made a big impact on the cast as well as the audience (who like him overall but he’s too boring to care too much about).

(Also until proven otherwise I will headcaonon that because Cupid Incident, Nico saves Jason from the moment where he’s “supposed” to die.)

Isn’t it kind of odd that Juno’s claimed two champions? Like, officially, it’s Jason. He’s her golden boy. The linchpin. But if he really is set up to die, then it’s not that strange that Juno’s picked a backup to finish the job. That backup is Leo. (Though I think she might have tried for Percy at one point).

Jason’s hardly been bothered by Gaea at all. Though she’s appeared to Percy, Leo, and Hazel, I can’t remember a single instance when she’s appeared before Jason. If he’s so important to Juno, why hasn’t Gaea been harassing Jason more than she has been? She isn’t worried about what Jason does. (Which would make sense if she knows when he’s “supposed” to die.)

But do you know who Gaea has been bothering constantly, ever since he was a blip on her radar? Leo. 

She killed his mother to break his spirit. She’s watched him go from foster home to foster home, all the way to Camp Half-Blood. She appears when he’s at his lowest, attempting to break his spirit every time. She won’t admit it, and he wouldn’t believe it, but Gaea is fucking terrified of Leo Valdez. There is no way around it if you pay attention to how much shit she puts him through. She even follows him all the way to Ogygia. Like, what gives lady?

Nemesis isn’t stupid. She’s also one of the few gods left that hasn’t been affected by the war. Revenge is the same for both Greeks and Romans, just like Love is. If you buy our theory that Venus and Cupid are a third (usually neutral) party in the war, then it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine Nemesis right there with them. She represents balance, and she doesn’t want Gaea to win, however, she doesn’t seem all that fond of Juno, either.

Venus and Cupid have already chosen their champions (Reyna and Nico, respectively), so that leaves Nemesis to choose hers. And we think that it might be Leo.

Because Leo is the outlier within the group. Leo is the fire that can either destroy everything or get snuffed out before his time. He is the seventh wheel that will make or break the operation — just like Ethan Nakamura.

I think that Jenny’s speculation about Leo having become Nemesis’ champion the moment he broke open the fortune cookie is a very reasonable one. She actually puts the power in Leo’s hands.  (Contrasting with Cupid, which seemed to be actively taking power away from Nico.) She gives Leo the choice whether to lean on her or not, and now that he’s picked a side — her side — she is in the perfect position to tip the scales in whatever direction she pleases.

She has the Fire the World will fall to. And that is exactly where a goddess of Balance will want her champion to be.