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Finally it’s up on YouTube!

WATCH THIS - Amber’s Minute of Fury: Bill O’Reilly

Amber Ruffin on @latenightseth​ is one of my favorite comics on TV these days. I love it every time she shows up for a segment!

Her recent piece on Bill O’Reilly’s racist, misogynist ass is a MUST WATCH.


“I love people who aren’t embarrassed. I’m always embarrassed, so it’s always astonishing to me when people aren’t like that.”

-Cecily Strong


This is the result of a conversation with @permanentcross with her anons and the ideas they put in my head. Enjoy!


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It had been going on for longer than he could tell, probably. He was already on the verge of bringing you over his knee when you left the house, your cute little bum in need of a good spanking for all the teasing you’d put him through.

Harry was back for a week, free from his relentless shooting schedule for a little while before he had to go off again with Nolan and the production. You begged and pleaded with him until he was convinced to go back to the UK, stay at the place you shared now, instead of jetting off to LA. All because of a stupid party.

The start of your semester was just around the corner and your friends from uni were planning on celebrating the last year of suffering and bad nights of sleep with a big party on the next Friday night. Harry, your loving boyfriend, had agreed to go with you, after much pestering and begging and lots of “pretty please, baby, I’ll do anything you want”.

What he wanted, well, he hadn’t gotten it. He wanted a nice, quiet night at home with his girl, a nice take out and maybe he could make love to you, just the way you liked it - a slow, passionate, toe curling fuck in your warm bed, while you moaned his name in pretty little whispers and pleaded with him to just “please, fuck me harder”. That’s what he wanted.

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