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great comet on broadway

i saw great comet on december 28 and my life has never been the same, this is a summary of my experience 

buckle up this is gonna be a long post

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iconic f(x) performance: ‘started from the bottom’ - LA chA TA in the rain 


Muva gettin’ on like a boss!


Negan x Y/N (reader)

Word Count - 2800

Warnings- it’s Negan, language, sexual situations, NSFW aesthetic

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My meeting with Amber went something like this:
  • - Wtf is that Amber? (in a VIP room at AOMG cafe)
  • - Damn I can't see!
  • - *Amber walks out of the VIP room* HOLY FUCK IS THAT HER?
  • - *Amber walks out of the cafe* SCREAMS HER NAME
  • - Amber becomes Caveman spongebob
  • - She lights up and is like hey!
  • - I ask for a photo...and she HOLDS MY PHONE to take it
  • - We try to open up the app and she sees my wallpaper of Krystal's cosmopolitan photo (I was like heh yep that's the princess)
  • - I ask for a hug and SHE GAVE ME ONE
  • - She is so smol and squishy. WE MUST PROTECT THIS CHILD
  • - The llama runs along with her friends
  • - I cry because dreams came true that day
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