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My sister gave my mom a gift yesterday. Because although we never really had a father, we can appreciate the person who took up that role and more to raise us!

Whether that person is your neurotic cousin, your hard-working single mom, or your caring war veteran dad- Happy Father’s day!

(Post is a lil late but ah well!)

Crystals and the zodiac

ARIES- Diamond, amethyst, bloodstone, citrine, fire agate, garnet

TAURUS- Emerald, topaz, Boji stone, lapiz lazuli, malachite, sapphire

GEMINI- Tourmaline, agate, aquamarine, green obsidian, tiger eye

CANCER- Moonstone, pearl, amber, emerald, opal, pink tourmaline

Leo- Tigers eye, ruby, amber, citrine, fire agate, topaz, onyx

VIRGO- Amber, blue topaz, opal, purple obsidian, moss agate

LIBRA- Sapphire, opal, Ametrine, aquamarine, emerald, lapis lazuli

SCORPIO- Topaz, turquoise, amethyst, beryl, garnet, ruby, moonstone

SAGITTARIUS- Topaz, turquoise, snowflake obsidian, ruby, malachite

CAPRICORN- Jet, onyx, amber, fluorite, garnet, labradorite, ruby

AQUARIUS- Aquamarine, amethyst, moonstone, blue obsidian

PISCES- moonstone, aquamarine, sunstone, turquoise, bloodstone

  • Me walking up to Rooster Teeth: No no no nope nope nope hell no nopeity nope nope no.
♌ Leo

Symbol: Belts, tails
Ruling Planet: Sun
Quality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Color: Orange, gold, amber
Metal: Gold
Crystal: Tiger’s eye, amber, ruby, golden topaz
Fruits and Vegetables: Chinese cabbage, corn, collards, mustard, Swiss chard, okra, peppers, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, olive, coconut
Flowers: Marigolds, anise hyssop, sunflower, dahlia, larkspur, aster, passion flower, heliotrope, poppy, peony, calendula, crocus
Herbs: Borage, hawthorn, motherwort, rosemary, celandine, mint, lavender, parsley, dill, fennel, chamomile, St. John’s wort, angelica, eyebright, anise, ginger, saffron
Animal: Lion, griffin, eagle
Number: 1
Day: Sunday
Season: Summer
Anatomy: Heart, spine
Key Word: Magnetism
Key Phrase: I will
Sister Sign: Aquarius
Musical Tone: E
Tarot: Strength, 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands, 7 of Wands 
Tool: Fire, wand

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i draw the cute twin with untie sandy and with mum aiiro °W° amber and lucida are so cute   te-he but my favorite is amber she look like a cute little punk °W° awwwwwwee 

and she make me think of a little shick (that why i make a little wip from  five night at freddy you kow the let’s eat on the thing of chic °W°) 

all the character here belong to @troublesister hope you like it °W°

57:  All of the female characters are lesbians. All of them.

Send by anon. 

anonymous asked:

Do you ever wish you'd grown up differently? That your mom would have lived, you would have been raised by her and lived a normal Earth life, or had lived a normal life with your grandparents after her death? Do you ever regret growing up how you did or would you not change a single thing?

HE HAD.  HE  wished with whatever was left of his broken heart  &  soul,  where he gathered his small pieces with small,  pure hands,  he wished that he could put all of them back,  glue his mind together  &  go back home to the nurturing arms of a perfect mother.  instead he had his walls breached to the point of entry,  he felt his soul falling asleep in his body that lived on,  on the river lilies that adorned the ground below.  love exchanged for rage,  broken self-worth for filthy lies of bravado,  he’s everything you wish you could be, while the reality of it was he felt like he was reduced to nothing.  

what is  STRENGTH  ?  

is it in the half celestial muscles adorning him like ivies  ?  is it in a genius mind curbed for survival  ?  what is it  ?  is it hearing the rushing wind that increases as it comes  &  going against it  ?  he has taken shelter from it all for so long.  strength is growing confidence from the virgin soil of doubt.  it’s becoming the sun shooting vital gold, a thousand parsecs wide,  when the galaxy decides to fold your eyes.  &  he wished,  &  wished,  &  WISHED  to be taken off the bloody chessboard of life.  no war,  no cries.  he asked the stars for a way back home,  refusing to look forward to find elsewhere to be whole…  until he met them.

if life didn’t put him through what it has,  would he ever come here  ?  stand here like this,  a hero on two feet,  with fountains of goodness in his hazel hues  &  fire in his veins,  an angry time of spring with bubbles swelled inside his head.  if he didn’t know such cruelty,  would he even care about those who suffered the way he does  ?  the ideas of agony patching him up like a marble  DOLL.  he was born a hero,  forged a hero  &  the idea of heroism was  THRUST upon him at the same time.  if it went a different way,  would he become the man his mother wanted him to be  ?  what silent paths would rest in the streets of his mind then  ?  what shades would lurk  &  what locked up cells would be built to save him from himself  ?  

heart beats with yearning  &  it screams  YES.  yes…  ‘  yes i do  ‘.  his heart is a violin,  playing his tunes in the minor,  sad  &  bleak.  it will take so much from him to say the words that will befall those lips.  accepting the threads of life is not easy for a rebellious creature like the half human.  his voice becomes crumbled dust.  he’s a star,  a pearl,  a rainbow,   because he knows what it means to be  NOT.

 i wished that for so damn long you have no idea.  every d’ast night i had to go to sleep without my mother,  i cursed everything and asked the universe why it put me through what it put me through.  it wasn’t even  done  with screwin’ with me then.  i uh…  i thought it was ‘cause of how mean i was to my friend Coogan,  maybe ‘cause i’d always promise mom to be a good boy ‘n i’d come home bruised.  i didn’t know why.  i couldn’t understand it until i’ve become who i  WANTED  to be instead of what the galaxy was trying to  make  me to be,  i didn’t get it.  i do now and man,  it’s cruel and i’ll never be able to bring myself to say i wouldn’t change a thing ‘cause i wish i could see mom again. 

a clash of the mind  &  the heart,  a never ending dance of intellect  &  soul.  if he were to change anything,  he wouldn’t become the freaking Star-Lord,  but if he changed something,  he could see her again.  he could answer the call of heaven  &  let it encircle him,  see never-ending beauties  ;  however he’d always be blind to the evil spreading across the galaxy.  &  millions of lives just like his wouldn’t have a chance.  he cannot make a choice between the two. he must look forward for decades he let his past guilt guide him into dead ends.  the pause he takes burns his throat looking back at the dark days of his own.

what is  STRENGTH  ?  it’s to be torn apart,  to be sucked into midnight at dawn,  to be separated from what keeps you alive  &  human,  only to find something else to hold onto  &  to get the flark up on your feet,  to fight again  &  to be brave,  like a  KNIGHT.

❛  the point is  :  i came to realize that i cannot change what happened.  i can’t bring either of my parents back and me regretting anything or not regretting anything makes no d’ast  DIFFERENCE  in my life.  what i can do is making sure no other kid has to deal with what i have.  listen,  i wouldn’t choose this for myself,  y’know  ?  i went through some fucked up shit that i wish i didn’t have to,  but still,  look where it got me.  nothing will  EVER  be worth my mother’s life,  or Yondu’s.  i just                        i finally know that life’s given me another chance at happiness.  maybe i didn’t get to live a regular terran life but i sure as hell will die an old fashioned terran hero.  i don’t know if this answers your question.  i don’t even know if i know the answer to your question.  yeah,  this is how i feel.