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I really loss all respect I have for Kanye West. I had a shred left(barely) after he slut shamed Amber Rose & said tyga was smart to get in early with Kylie. And now in his rant against wiz Khalifa, he again chooses to bash a Amber Rose for no reason. A woman who stood by him during one of his worst times. She was there when his mom passed away. How quickly he is to forget what they had. She opened her mouth awhile back to simply say tyga was a predator for dating an underage girl when he’s 8 years her senior. Amber was looking at for Kylie more than her own mother or sisters. And what’s Kanye do? He says he had to take 30+ showers before Kim let him fuck(ironic) and then goes on to rip her apart for owning her own body. He doesn’t attack her argument he instead chooses to attack her personally. Now he’s saying to Wiz “you let a stripper trap you”, “if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have a kid”, saying he “owns your child!!!” And saying wiz is mad looking at his own child because he’s stuck with Amber Rose. I’m done with Kanye. Yes, in the past Amber Rose has thrown shade at Kanye. But she was in now way involved in this beef between the two rappers. And since Kanye the reason Wiz has a kid with Amber….If it wasn’t for Ray J, kanye wouldn’t have 2 kids with Kim. By Kanye logic I must be right. UPDATE: Kanye now thinks Bill Cosby is innocent. I really can’t make shit up. The guy raped/molested 50 different women. All of them have stories that match up. Not to mention most of them can’t even get justice because the statue of limitations is up. Yet somehow he’s innocent? What do they benefit from coming forward? “They’re getting media attention!” You do realize that average women who come forward face the exact same scrutiny in naming a non face man as these women are??? I turn on most channels and these women are being ripped apart. Who would want this type of fame? NO ONE. So fuck your Kanye & your shit music(nothing has been good for years) and your shit clothes. Have fun with your porn star wife. You two are made for each other

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Y'all Blac Chyna posted this on Instagram before she posted that picture of her & Rob layed up.