full offense if you think what kanye’s done is “funny” or “artistic” you can go fuck yourself ok portraying women naked in a bed with a rapist and an abuser without their permission is absolutely disgusting

rihanna, taylor, amber and all of bill cosby’s victims don’t deserve this, no woman does, no person does and the fact that we live in a world where anyone is defending this or calling it “art” scares the living shit out of me

Can’t nobody convince me that Kanye doesn’t hate women. His response to Taylor saying she didn’t appreciate his “Famous” line is to make some naked cgi sculpture of her and put it in his video. What type of grimy, disrespectful shit is that? And then you have Amber Rose, who Kanye literally can’t stop fucking talking about. He’ll call her bitter, disrespect her kid, claim he had to take 30 showers after being with her, AND THEN turn around and put so much damn effort into having her naked body in his video. SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH, KANYE? HOW IS AMBER THE ONE “SOAKING UP THE MOMENT” WHEN YOU WON’T LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE?? He clearly thinks he has ownership over these women, despite the fact that he’s married to someone else and has two kids. 

It’s fucking sick. He’s fucking trash. And I’m over it.