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Glee’s sweetheart diva Amber Riley won the hearts of viewers from her introduction when she admitted dancing was a “dream deferred” and took pride in her size, hoping to be an influence to young girls with weight struggles. It was easy to love Riley’s sense of humor and charisma, and her chemistry with Hough was undeniable.

This week for dance of the week with Derek Hough since he’s not on this season it’s him and Amber Riley ! I think this is my favorite freestyle ever ! Work it girl haha :)


Beneath the cut you will find 34 gifs of AMBER RILEY on DANCING WITH THE STARS S17E02. I don’t know if there are Amber x Derek rps/shippers out there but gifs with DEREK HOUGH have been included. All gifs were made by me, so please don’t repost this hunt anywhere else or claim the gifs within as your own. All the gifs are under 2mb in accordance with tumblr’s gif size requirements and are perfect for roleplaying. If you found this hunt helpful, please like/reblog this post. Thank you.

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Derek Hough & Amber Riley dancing Paso Doble on DWTS 10 28 13

this is my fave dance of hers….I love how she stomped on the haters in the beginning