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anonymous asked:

(god your art style is literally to die for ;-;) have you ever had the privilege to see a Diamond?

(omg thank you sweetie)

Only on the Diamond Line!


Red Cardinal, Orange Apricot, Yellow Xanth, Green Lush, Blue Royal, Purple Wine, White Pure, Fossil Grey, VantaBlack: @between-divine-points

Coffee Brown: @deoxyrebornicleic

Majorelle Purple, Goldenrod Yellow, Sunglow Yellow, Olive Green: @dapperdeamondoctopus

Mint Chocolate, Cadet Grey: @nofacednerd

Midnight Sun, Periwinkle Purple: @praestella

Smaragdine, Maize Yellow, Tumblr Blue: @ninten1

Blue Violet, Red Violet: @captain-clady

Neon Blue, Neon Yellow: @premierjvalrie

Mauve, Orchid, Mango, Jade Green, Harvest Gold, Pale Rose, Navy Blue, Raspberry: @jjultimo15

Wild Violet, Midnight Blue: @jinxpikachu

Ivy Green: @emberglowfox

Ghost White: @rainkeeper

Liseran Purple, Egyptian Blue, Liberty Blue, Void Black, Smokey Grey, Red Velvet, Pineapple Yellow, Tangerine Orange(?), Night Sky Black, Night Sky Blue, Isabelline Brown, Phthalo Green, Honeydew White, Byzantium Purple: @darth-sylveon

Coal Black, Peridot Green: @thalassoscio

Gingerbread Brown: @exasperated-exspiravit

Navy Blue: @violet-dork

Caramel Brown: @emotionalmaniac

Jet Black: @madamethana

Peacock Blue: @nyoombananas

Cobalt Blue: @ahogedoge

Snowbound White: @manis-the-unit

Dim Grey: @queen-waffles

Coco Brown, Razzmatazz Pink, Snow White: @Nerdtunee (Wouldn’t let me tag you?)

Pansy Purple: @Ebonyrabbitmoon (Wouldn’t let me tag you?)

Stygian Blue: @planesexualpilot

Burnt Amber, Scarlet Red: @monster-worlds

Egyptian Blue, Spring Green, Aureolin Yellow: @renegadehalo

French Blue, Peachy Orange: @chimeramachinations

Cotton Candy Pink, Scarlet Red, Sunglow Yellow, The Greyfather: @notbornhatched (wouldn’t let me tag you?)

Lilac, Violet Purple, Antique White, Heliotrope: @artaholihic

Peacock Green: @thebrokenartist0203

Wine Purple, Teal Blue: @glitched-alien

Maroon, Amaranth Pink, Bole Brown: @dellestelle

Macaroni and Cheese orange: @mechanized-doodler

Eggplant Purple, Eucalyptus Green: @chaorion

Cyan, Seafoam Green, Arctic Blue: @keo-the-raptor

Pale Rose, Cadmium Yellow: @awkwardespurr

Obsidian Black, Daisy White, CMYK: @ishockjockey

Mahogany Red: @sweetsamurott

Falu Red: @timelord-from-ohio

Maroon, Celeste, Violet, Pastel Green: @the-ace-of–space

Salmon Pink, Eerie Black, Tiffany Blue: @theeggrollslord

Hot Pink, Domino Black and White, Mossy Green and Jungle Green: @corrupted-coding

Orange, Gold, Plum, Burgundy: @cuteskatiz

Carmine Red: @pyr0-maniac

Magenta, Light Sea Green, Violet Red, Baby Pink, Honey orange: @a-daydreaming-fool-for-you

Pastel Yellow: @pixly

Cardinal Red, Cherry Blossom Pink, Viridian Green: @kaleidonoping

Burnt Sienna, Cream: @doubtfully-dapper

Ghost White, Rosso Corsa Red, Razzmatazz, Xanadu, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Old Lace: @justanotherwasteofspoops

Tiffany Blue, Pitch Black: @orangespider

Crimson Red, Celadon Green, Purple Ivy: @inkblott12

Heather Purple, Forest Green, Platinum Grey, Flamingo Pink: @ultrapower-lemonsour

Lime Green, Neon Red: @masked-lion

Rosewood Red, Liseran purple, Verdun green, Reno sand orange, Aureolin yellow, ginger brown, Eerie black: @mewti

Moccasin: @volcanicpumpernickel

Onyx Black: @jsle3

Toxic Green, Lawn Green: @norval17

Camel Brown: @thespudofwisdom

Lime Green: @megsdoodles87

Zinnwaldite Brown: @through-the-galax

Mint Green, Amber, Light Pink, Royal Blue: @nerdy-cookie

Baby Blue Eyes: @orangelock725

Auga Green, Peach Pink, Lavender, Wine: @choconanime

Violet, Gingerbread: @pink-demonic-moths

Prism Purple, Hunter Green: @coffee-traaash

Lavender, Ash Grey: @annika11112

Monarch Orange: @acronycjellyfish

Ocean Blue, Neapolitan: @kmdrocks555

Turquoise Creek: @teamleaderruby

I Will continue to update as you send me your ocs