amber of secrets


Amber: who knew being a secret agent would be difficult

Amber: like everyone is trying to kill you

Amber: anyways how your job going lilly


Lillian: its not life threatening or anything at all

Lillian: not like im a CRIMINAL WHO WOULD DO THAT AS A JOB

Adventures With You

Have you ever been to strawberry fields?
Picking berries with sunset hues as
summer bends and evening brews.
Maybe not, but wouldn’t you like to?
Have you ever been to wonderland forests?
Danced with Peter Pan’s lost boys while
water falls and moonlight toys.
Maybe not, but wouldn’t you like to?

I think life was made for adventure.
For amazement and wonder,
for late night talks under amber streetlights and
drunk midnight secrets mixed with laughter.
I think life was made for you,
for your ideas and smile and jokes and presence.
For everything you are and ever will be.
Because everything that is distinctly you
makes for the best memories.

Happy birthday @i-sold-my-soul-for-cupcakes ! I hope you have a wonderful day! ❤️

  • Elena: You three - keep your heads down, and remember your training!
  • Sofia: We never HAD any training!
  • Elena: Well, keep your heads down!
  • [Sofia, James and Amber lower their heads]
  • Elena: Consider yourself trained.
Episode 35 ~

Okay, what if Charlotte is the evil mastermind and is the one blackmailing Iris, but neither Li nor Amber knows it? At the end of the episode Charlotte is discovered and her friends confront her asking why she didn’t tell them and let them help, and Charlotte rage out and snap at them saying they were too dumb and would probably ruin everything. Lowkey Candy inputs stating she ruined everything by herself and Amber and Li are like “wtf are you defending us?” Then their little group falls apart, and although Amber and Li will still be bitches, they’re now scared of going too far on bullying whoever they’d like bc of what happened to Charlotte…

  • Fandom Max: gay gay gay gay. so gay for chloe everyone else is shit i love chloe so much.
  • In game Max: Chloe is an important friend and I care for her deeply. Though, I care for other people too. I try to help people by doing the right thing as much as possible. I may or may not love Chloe in a romantic way.
  • Fandom Chloe: really hella gay for max caulfield only im gonna slap a bitch if there was anyone else for her. she loves me i love her.
  • In game Chloe: Yeah Max is my friend and I probably like her but man I wish Rachel was here right now. Whenever I die, Max becomes a hero and saves me so it's okay if we screw up. I just really miss Rachel.
  • Fandom Kate: can not sin did you just say a bad word God please bless these not nice people
  • In game Kate: People are so stupid. Ugh. Why can't you just understand me. Pls stop doing what you're doing and just apologize smh
  • Fandom Nathan: sigh im such a nice person why does this happen to me.
  • In game Nathan: I just killed a few people and fought a lot but I really feel guilty about it. I didn't think about my actions and I am just an abused but spoiled kid.
  • Fandom Victoria: kate should forgive me and we should hook up bc i would change for her and do anything for her i just really love kate
  • In game Victoria: I took a video of Kate on the roof about to jump and I really don't think it's my fault she was up there. I laughed at her and called her names whether she was there or not. I'm sorry though but I didn't do anything.
  • Fandom Rachel: goddess, princess, im everything bow down to me im your main bitch
  • In game Rachel: I'm actually dead but I was flirting with people secretly and probably used Frank and Chloe for reasons

Merry Christmas @one-amber-owl! I’m your Kristanna secret Santa. I don’t know if my submit worked so I’m posting here too. You asked for Hogwarts AU with owls and I delivered. I call this “From Me, With Love”. I made it ambiguous who is sending/receiving the love letter, which I think makes it even cuter and fluffier. I hope it’s your Christmas wish come true.


Right in front of me - Tom x Mitch 

Merry Christmas, @pocket-anon!  From your Secret Santa!

I’m so sorry I’ve been basically the worst with how little we’ve spoken! I’ve been super busy but should have occupied more time to chat.

Anyway, here is your gift. I really hope you like it and it was worth the wait!
I took into account what you said you would have liked, so I hope I’ve covered it nicely and fulfilled your wishes!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and a very happy new year, and I’m excited to finally speak to you off anon!!