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Hinds Just Want to Have Fun

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Here’s a fearless way to start a rock band: have no musical experience in the first place. Not that this dissuaded Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perrote from launching Hinds (@hindsband).

“We weren’t even musicians,” says Carlotta. “We just started the band because we wanted to.”

What originally began as a duo with Carlotta and Ana, has since turned into a quartet, currently performing and partying their way across the globe with their fuzzy garage rock and can-do, balls-to-the-wall attitude.

The girls — Carlotta and Ana on guitar and vocals, Ade Marin on bass and Amber Grimbergen on drums — were certainly in their element this past June, when they played their biggest gig to date: the Glastonbury Festival in England. None of them could sleep the night before — understandable considering the magnitude of the event.

“Pffffffwww, I am the worst. I really get nervous at almost every gig, and Glastonbury was almost a heart attack,” recalls Carlotta. “I mean, the night before, I was sharing a room with Ana and we both were on the beds petrified, in complete silence with our eyes open like: ‘Ana, dude, I can’t even talk.’ ‘I know, I know, I know. Shut up. I’m feeling the same.’ ‘Dude, I feel like tomorrow is my wedding or something.’

Still, knowing that Carlotta and the girls actually get nervous is rather surprising. It’s hard not to look at their photos, hear their music and watch them interact and not think they’re always having fun. Even the most downtrodden moments on tour seem like they’re filled with laughter, whether they’re singing karaoke in the car or having a jumping contest backstage.

“We’re just good at being in a good mood,” says Carlotta. “We are regular people. I mean, we also are bored sometimes … but at least we are bored in a good mood.”

They even laugh off of one their more serious moments as a band, when they were forced to change their original name, Deers, due to another group being called it.

“The worst months were before doing it,” says Carlotta. “Once we changed it, it was just done. It just took time for people to get used to it. A lot of people still call us Deers, but we don’t mind! We were that band also. Sometimes we laugh at us because one of the names we almost chose was Weers [laughs].”

With the name change now far behind them — and that major Glastonbury gig out of the way — the group is looking to continue their tour of spreading fun and music to the rest of the world. That may mean wandering around a music festival and watching bands and accepting free wine from admirers, or espousing their motto when they get the chance “Our s—, our rules.”

“It’s just the way we used to justify [ourselves] when we started. We still say it,” says Carlotta of the group’s official slogan. “Like, talking to other musicians and them saying, ‘You can’t do a song without a chorus,’ or ‘You can’t do a guitar solo like that, that’s not a solo.’ We just look at each other and say ‘Dude, this is our s—, so this follows our rules. We’re gonna do the music that we f—ing want. We don’t care if it’s wrong if we like it.”

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