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“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We are all different. If we all sang the same melody how can there be harmony? …To put it simply, love and help one another. And for people who are struggling, always be yourself. Being true and real to who you are is the biggest thing you can do for yourself. Love life, work hard, and chase your dreams.”

- Amber Liu

Dragonfly in Amber - Chapter Six - Making Waves

I caught his uneasy glance at the boat’s waterline, where the small waves lapped dark gray against the hull. I could see that he was hoping we would not be obliged to go aboard. A gallant warrior, brilliant, bold, and courageous in battle, Jamie Fraser was also a landlubber.

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Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Btw they where talking about how Wild shouldn’t just go running around, especially with how fast he goes hahah

today they finish filming glee. for some people it might be the end of a show, for people like me, it’s the end of the most beautiful and amazing time of my life. 

thank you to the entire cast and crew of glee. we’ll never forget this.