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  • Victoria: Do you like Krystal?
  • Amber: Krystal Jung? The one from F(x)? Formerly in SM the Ballad? Also known as Jung Soo Jung? Sister of Jessica Jung? The one from California? The one who was dating Kim Jongin of EXO? The one who created the word aesthetic? That Krystal?
  • Victoria: ...Um I guess so...
  • Amber: Nah, but Jessica's pretty cool.
great comet on broadway

i saw great comet on december 28 and my life has never been the same, this is a summary of my experience 

buckle up this is gonna be a long post

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Victoria: Nathan you’re so distant lately, you know you can talk to me right?
Nathan: I’m fine, will you get off my dick, shit.
Nathan: …
Nathan: Fuck you know what I don’t need this. I don’t need you to interrogate me I just came here to chill. I thought you would understand. 
Victoria: I’m trying to..


Some extra notes on this comparison between The Spirit Morph Saga and His Dark Materials Series: the roles of Pantalaimon and Will seem to be sort of mixed together in Archimicarus, which is why I used references from both, yet Will also shares something with Lisa, because she seems to have lost an eye or got a patch at some point, whereas Will lost two fingers and spent a good portion of the 2nd book with a bandaged hand. Also, the 3rd book on TSMS mentions the Underworld, while in the 3rd book in HDM the Land of the Dead is crucial. I personally always found funny the part where Steven asks Connie what a familiar is, because I tried to introduce a friend to these books when I was 13 and her first question to me was “should I know what a dæmon is?”.

Its sounds more dramatic when you add 'but then the fire nation attacked'

- Amber was going to have a solo, but then the fire nation attacked. 

- Ukiss was to have a win, but then the fire nation attacked. 

- Big Byung was to win artist of the year award,but then the fire nation attacked.

- Choi Minho’s mixtape was to be released tomorrow, but then the fire nation attacked.

- The fangirl was about to marry her bias, but then the fire nation attacked.

-Big Bang was going to have a comeback, but then the fire nation attacked.

Nathan & the Tobanga

So with that lovely final installment of such a wonderful game that totally didn’t leave everyone with more questions than answers, I have a theory on why Nathan tried to steal the Tobanga! Apparently we’ll never know the real/canon reason, but I had somewhat of an epiphany recently that I want to share:

(Sorry, under a read more because it ended up being longer than I expected, but there is a tl;dr at the end)

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@b00kstorebabe tagged me to do the top 8 selfies (/pictures of me bc they’re better than the selfies I have) of 2016!!
Feat. My bookshelves, the New York public library, MoMA (and my favourite painting!), the Boston public library, and Iceland 💕
I am tagging all of my lovely followers bc you all have glorious faces (but I’m also specifically tagging @loquaciouslyliterate @kat-from-minasmorgul @tilly-and-her-books @books-and-cookies @bookavid @octoberreads and @writerreaderdreamer) ❤️