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Nintendo Dream Rune Factory 4 Special Official Comic: Final Chapter
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Story by Yoshifumi Hashimoto and art by Mariko Kawazoe

You might need to download or open the images in a separate window to make it readable. Let me know if you’d like a higher resolution image.

Translation note: Leon’s last name was written more like “Bashutat” in the katakana, but I spelled it Bastet after the common English spelling of the Egyptian god’s name.

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Lemme introduce the family [½] 우리 가족소개:

Song by Amber J. Liu & VO3E (Leon, Jayeon, Pit)
@ywywmlt @jayeon____ @pit_300
This started two years ago with me and Leon. We probably spent months on this track, changing and redoing things over and over, so we just left it for a good year and a half. It just wasn’t perfect. But with the talent of the rest of VO3E: Jayeon and Pit, we finished the version you are about to hear.
2 년 전에 저 와 리온이 이 곡을 만들었어요. 몇달동안 이 곡을 계속 고치고 바꾸고 그랬는데 결국엔 1년반도안 그냥 냅뒀어요. 완벽하지않았어요. 다른 VO3E멤버들 자연이랑 핏의 힘으로 곧 나올 파이널 버전을 여러분 들을 수 있습니다.

Music Video by DPR
Director: Amber J. Liu
DA: +IAN @dpr_ian Gun @_kanggun
Producer: Scott @shhhkim
PA: Jungmoo @junjungmoo
So excited to finally be working with the team. Rome has spent the last year and a half teaching me how to shoot, edit, and visualize things. This time with Scott’s and Rome’s blessing, they let me take the reigns this time. It being my first time directing by myself, I thought I was nervous but i actually had a blast, especially having the team with me. Guess all the preparation paid off?? We worked day and night from planning, then shooting, and editing. We’re all really excited to show you guys what we made. DPR!!!
드 뎌 우리 팀이랑 일 한다!! 롬이 저와 한 1년반 동안 영상 찍는것 편집하는것 각을 잡는것 저한테 가르쳐줬어요. 이번엔 스캇과 롬이 이 영상을 저한테 맡겼어요. 처음으로 혼자서 감독 하니까 긴장 할 줄 알았는데 너무 재미 있게 했어요 특히 우리 팀 저와 함께 만드니까 더 든든하고. 뭔가 그냥 준비 한만큼 잘 해놓은 느낌일까요?ㅋ 밤새서 우리가 계획을 짜고, 촬영 하고, 편집 했는데 우리 팀 만드는 영상 많이 기대해 주세요! DPR!!!