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ten minutes | albert dasilva

seven minutes part two

inktober day five

reader x albert dasilva


previously: “He could still feel her red velvet cloak slipping away under his fingers as she pushed him off of her.”

summary: It started with seven minutes, maybe it doesn’t have to end with ten.

a/n: this is late but it’s fine bc i’m kind of happy about it and i wasn’t literally falling asleep while writing it, so that’s an improvement. but anyway i hope you guys enjoy this since a bunch of people seemed to like the first part :) my boy albert deserves more appreciation.

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Y/N was haunted by those seven minutes in the closet. She could remember the brief filling of kissing Albert, the way his fingers had brushed her waist and she had gotten scared, pushing him away. She wanted to talk about it. She wanted to spend hours reliving the words they had said, days describing those few seconds when their lips had touched and the world had disappeared. But Albert was still Albert. He was annoying and rude, and the fact that he was cute or occasionally made a funny joke didn’t change that. So she kept quiet. She told Sarah and Crutchie that all they had done in the closet was argue. She bit her tongue and stole glances whenever he was around, wondering why he hadn’t told anyone either.

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apparently it’s read a book day or something
sounds like a pretty good day to finally, officially start reading my brand new english copy of his dark materials
i did a nice mini-shoot for it alongside my 12-14 year old, very well read and well loved hebrew copies of the trilogy

-Lisa Frank Editorial For C-Heads Mag-
Photographed by Jared Kocka
Model: Terra Jo Wallace (Vision LA)
MUA: Daniele Piersons
Hair: Jonathan Mason
Stylist: Cara Bloom
Artwork by Amber Day

seven minutes | albert dasilva

inktober day four

reader x albert dasilva

[newsies modern au]

summary: It’s a love-hate kind of thing.

a/n: “but amber, surely you wouldn’t write something so stereotypical?” lol yes i would buckle up fuckers bc you’re about to read some shitty material i wrote half asleep. this is kinda short but there’s gonna be a part two so it’s fine. hope you enjoy whatever the heck this is.

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A few shrieks sounded from the house as the room went dark. A few boys groaned while some laughed at how startled some of the girls and boys were. A clap of thunder shook the ground beneath their feet as someone turned on the flashlight on their phone.

“You alright there, Y/N?” Albert asked, smirking in his baseball player costume. She simply glared at him and crossed her arms with a huff.

“Looks like we’re stuck without power,” Jack spoke, returning back to the living room with Race behind him, candles and a lighter in his hands. Groans and shouts of protest rang out in the room as the group of boys complained about the lack of electricity. Y/N walked over and started to help Race set up candles around the room. “The good news is, we thought of something fun to do,” Jack smirked. Y/N watched him warily, sharing a glance with Davey in his mad scientist costume (picked by Jack) from across the room that showed they were both wondering the same thing. With a wicked grin, Jack brought his hands out in front of him before speaking.

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