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Mitchell of Aphrodite Cabin

Okay my brain won’t stop thinking about this one-off character and I’ve pretty much invented everything about him and I’m gonna share it with you

So what we know about Michell:

  • He’s a son of Aphrodite
  • He’s a bit of a pushover
  • Can’t charmspeak
  • He and Lacy stuck up for Piper when she first arrived

We don’t know his age or his last name or even what he looks like but – DAMMIT – I really want to explore what it’d be like to be a boy in the Aphrodite Cabin! So my brain went into overdrive and invented some more about him.

  • He is empathic. He can sense other people’s emotions, and it easily affects his own mood. Conversely, he can manipulate other people’s emotions, particularly if he can touch them or if they’re attracted to him. 

  • His appearance changes, like his mom’s does. It will morph into what the seer finds most attractive at the moment. However, his body maintains the same basic skeleton and body type – he can’t magically become buff and strong because someone prefers muscular men.

  • He is asexual. This is a huge one for him. His brothers talk about sex all the time, and it makes him feel like a freak. This leads to getting teased by the other boys, and sarcastic remarks from his sisters who don’t believe him. What’s worse, he is pan-romantic, and feels like no one will be able to love him because it seems like sex and love are inseparable in the Aphrodite cabin. (These feelings start to wane once he joins the budding LGBT group in CHB, inspired by the one in CJ.)

  • Between Piper and the Greek-Roman war, Mitchell started thinking a lot about his cabin, what it means to be a child of Aphrodite, and the strength of Love and Beauty. He and his siblings tend to be laughingstocks of the camp, being vain and virtually useless in battle. It’s easy to fall into that kind of mentality with everyone telling you “how it is”, but he’s not happy “how it is” so he dares to try thinking outside the box.

  • He likes fashion just as much as Piper hates it, and he’s proud of it. Unlike his siblings though, he doesn’t try to force fashion onto anybody else. It makes him cringe a little to see people looking anything less than their best, but he realizes it’s a choice for them to make themselves. Sometimes, when you’re fighting for your lives, there’s more important things to worry about.

  • Eventually, he is extremely proud to be a child of Aphrodite. He can’t throw down like Percy or Jason can, but he’s just as sure of himself as a powerful demigod. He can’t fight, but he could solve a dispute between the Hermes and Ares cabins. I can see him becoming a great diplomat between CHB and CJ. If people weren’t starting to rethink the Aphrodite cabin stereotype with Piper, they definitely start to see value in them with Mitchell, who embraces his Aphrodite traits and uses them to save lives before they’re in danger.

Some other miscellaneous headcanons:

  • He’s 13 when Piper first meets him
  • He was claimed after events in The Last Olympian.
  • He and Nico Di Angelo could learn a lot from each other (I’m sure I’ll do a write up about that later.)
  • Sometimes he gets really frustrated with his empathy powers – esp. when he gets excited about something and makes the people around him sexually attracted to him (which is just awkward for everyone involved)
  • No really he didn’t mean to give you a boner please he doesn’t want to have sex with you it was an accident he swears
  • He’s a pretty good actor and once get starts learning snark from Nico, he gets good at bluffing and ad-libbing. It saves everyone’s butts on more than one occasion
  • Also he’s pretty much the biggest dork on the face of the planet and once he stops trying to conform to stereotypes he becomes really easy and fun to be around
  • Dude he and Leo might get along and start creating some of the most badass looking robots ever

okay this is definitely gone on too long. I love an imaginary version of Mitchell and I hope you do too.

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