amber honey

Landlocked Longing

I swear I can hear the Ocean
in the old forest trees

and Her
ancient soul
- A never-goodbye -
in amber beads

there’s salt in these honey-soaked breezes
and shell-dust in homes of the carpenter bees
I am landlocked longing for little

for, I swear I can hear the Ocean
when the old forest trees

- prompt by @sonador-reveur


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Dipper: I guess I like how tall he is.

Bill: We’re barely two inches apart. And the question was about my face. You just don’t want to admit that you like my eyes. What was that I read in your diary again? “Iridescent irises, like sunshine trapped in honey amber - ”

Dipper: Aaaaaaaaaaaand that’s quite enough from you. As for his personality, when he isn’t being a narcissistic jerk, or reading through my journal -

Bill: Diary.

Dipper: - private journal, I guess he can be nice at times? And he always know how to cheer me up whenever I’m stressed so that’s a plus.

Bill: I am so nice.

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Prompt: domestic hand holding husbands Also izsak you're amazing and your writing is out of this world

“alexander, do you know when madzie is going to be back from her trip with catarina and dot?”

it was an early saturday morning, the sun still too much for alec’s tired eyes as he rifled through one of his drawers. he was frowning, trying to find a specific shirt that seemed to have disappeared of it’s own accord. but the minute magnus’s voice echoed in from the living room he paused, narrowing his eyes as he tried to think and parting his lips, pushing his mind back to try and run through his calendar, though it was futile.

“uhhhh,” he answered preemptively, forgetting the shirt momentarily to try and find his phone. it wasn’t on the nightstand so he ended up pulling the duvet up on their bed, groping through the sheets until he found it nestled between their pillows. the blue light of his screen mingled with the soft yellow orange of the morning as he pulled his calendar up and flicked through to find what magnus needed. “in three days. tuesday. don’t you have that in your calendar?” he asked, his voice raised, before he locked his phone and pushed it into his back pocket.

but when he turned, he realized he hadn’t needed to raise his voice. magnus was standing in the doorway, tablet in his hand, watching alec with amusement written in his features. he was wearing a full suit nearly, though the suit jacket seemed to have misplaced itself. the fine buttons of his waistcoat and his shirt, and the gold band on his left ring finger were catching the light with every one of his subtle movements. it took a moment, but alec realized soon enough that magnus was amused at him, settled on his knees on their bed, shirtless in just his jeans and slightly damp hair. he rolled his eyes and huffed out a bit of laughter as he slid off the bed.

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Rickmorty Maleficent AU

I watched Maleficent lately and I thought that a RickMorty AU of it would be absolutely great. I mean:

Imagine Rick as Maleficent, a spirit of the forest with majestic black wings, wickedly curved horns and the strongest magic the realm has ever seen. Imagine he was a force to be reckoned with, a god with no equal, being able to weave thunderstorms and will beasts into submission with only a flick of his finger.

Rick was the lord of all the fairies and monsters and magical creatures who presided in the forest, thousands of years old and eternal. He flies high over the cliffs and mountains of his forest, seeing the rise and fall of numerous generations of his subjects. They worship him, adore him, idolize him, but they were ever wary and never got too close. In the safety of the quiet night sky, he soars, ever watchful and waiting but growing bored of the monotony of being an unwilling guardian to a realm too used to his presence.

So he wanders the borders of the forest for the very first time, forced to fly alone, both figuratively and literally. He glances down and finds himself wondering if there was anyone else who could look at the forest the same way he did and see how utterly insignificant it truly was.

And that’s when he sees his first human.

Her name was Beth, and if he was a lord of the sky, she was the sweet child of the Earth. She was soft, kind and  brimming with a realism that he has never encountered. She was a young daughter of a nobleman, only sixteen years of age, and she spoke of fantastic things: a land beyond the forest,  homes studded with stars, tall castles that loomed over everything that surrounded it, and a strange concept called love.

[What is love? Rick knew nothing about it.]

Rick cared for her like a father, teaching her the secrets of the forest, of its inhabitants and its magic, encouraging her to meet him in her past time and swearing her to secrecy. Years and years go by, which usually felt like weeks to Rick but now felt like mere moments he watched Beth grow up.

But then, just when Rick thought he had a chance of finding that ever elusive thing that was his happiness, a man named Jerry quickly comes and steals her away from him, monopolizing her time, and eventually, her heart. And at the disbelieving look of Jerry, who couldn’t fathom the existence of magic, Beth shows him proof. She takes him to the forest and, hidden behind the thick undergrowth, shows him the very being that had taught her everything she knew.

Jerry, terrified at the prospect of a powerful and immortal spirit hanging around his Beth, watches and waits until the monster called Rick gets drunk on sunwater brew. He cuts off Rick’s wings to show an anguished Beth the appendages of her beloved guardian and trick her into thinking he was dead. She gets pregnant, agrees to marry him and they move to her castle, eventually becoming the rulers of her kingdom.

In the forest, Rick wakes up to find that his wings, the only things that ever gave him any joy, freedom or peace of mind, has been stolen from him. He screams in rage, vowing revenge on the human thief that he remembered in one fleeting moment of clarity.

Months pass and Beth dies giving birth to her one and only child, Morty, leaving her inept husband to rule alone. And at the party celebrating Morty’s birth, an uninvited guest turns up.

It was Rick. In all his anger and pain and misery, he has been waiting all this time to inflict the most pain on the man who took everything from him. He curses baby Morty to prick his finger and fall asleep on his 18th birthday. Unless he kissed his true love, he would fall into an eternal slumber. Rick leaves, never knowing it was his beloved Beth’s son, who had disappeared without a trace all those months ago.

[Love is corrosive, poisonous and detrimental to individuals and society in general. It encourages irrational behavior.]

Morty grows up sheltered and estranged from his father, who had sent him off in a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere in fear that Rick would find him. But Rick had already found Morty: Rick was determined to see his curse come to fruition, and nothing would stand in his way, not even the prospect of Morty dying before his 18th birthday.

So Rick reluctantly protects him, using just the barest smidge of his magic to scoot Morty away from danger. He watches over him, seeing the little shit grow up and retain the sort of naivety that should have annoyed Rick but only made Morty all the more endearing. He grated on Rick’s nerves, but a toothy smile from the toddler never failed to stir something in his centuries-old heart. There was just something about Morty that reminded him of the kindness of humans that made Rick want to mess with him a bit.

Like the time when Morty was playing out in the gardens and  a rabid wolf appeared behind him. Instead of crying, Morty reached up and hugged it. The maid would swear up and down that she had seen a horned devil beside the wolf. A stablehand would later tell Jerry the story of Morty happily playing with a flock of ravens and crows. Another visitor to the cottage would say that Morty would giggle and float in midair at random times.

[Love doesn’t exist. What they call love is simply a primal instinct that evolved in so-called higher-order animals to encourage positive social behavior.]

 One day, everything changes. 15-year-old Morty looks at Rick straight in the eye, through all the charms and magic spells he used to disguise himself, and says, “I-I know you’re watching me, don’t be scared. I-I-I wouldn’t hurt nobody, I promise.”

So Rick replies,  "I-I’m not hiding. I’m not a ‘lil pussy like you, M-m-morty,“ and steps out of the shadows.

And from then on, it was different. No more hiding and waiting in the distance for Rick. From then on, he showed himself to Morty and made no effort to hide who he was. For the first time in years, Rick used his magic for a human.

 Every day was a new adventure and a new thing to teach the young boy. It reminded Rick wistfully of his days with Beth, but with Morty, it became so much more because of his eagerness to learn and his rapt wonder at Rick’s magic and knowledge. If his time with Beth made time fly by faster, then his time with Morty was a slow crawl; where every moment he spent with the boy was akin to a soothing fire that warmed him to his very core. It made him want to etch his memories of Morty on his bones.

They grow closer throughout their adventures, and Rick and Morty never leave each other’s side for very long. When Morty’s honey-amber eyes widened in delight when he showed him his magic, it made him want to show off even more. When Morty’s cheeks glistened with fresh tears, it made him want to set hellhounds on whatever had saddened him. It was addicting and exhilarating for Rick, and he couldn’t get enough of his smiles, his laughter, his company.

[But no, Rick wouldn’t call it love. He never believed in the existence of love, not even when he still had Beth.]

Rick didn’t even realize that it doesn’t take his wings being ripped out to fall for Morty.

Each day brought Morty closer to his own end and a new sort of despair for Rick. His curse could not be undone without true love’s kiss. Torn between protecting the one human he learned to truly care for, and finally fulfilling his revenge, he chooses to sacrifice his revenge and tells Morty the truth weeks before he turns 18. Heartbroken, betrayed, and distraught, Morty runs away from the cottage, away from Rick’s  revelation and into the safety of his mundane father.

When the inevitable finally happens on Morty’s birthday, all the kingdom mourns. Noblewomen and commoners alike line up to see if they could break the curse with their kiss. Rick only watches, helpless and hoping that anyone would be able to undo the fatal mistake he had made.

When the last hopeful, Jessica, leaves the room in disappointment, Rick stands up wordlessly, sits by the bed, and takes Morty’s limp hand in his. He memorizes the curve of his mouth, his soft brown curls, and the sound of his snore as he slept his life away. And he finally realizes that Morty, who so resembled the girl who had first taught him love in appearance and demeanor, must have been her son. So Rick cries, for the first time in his entire existence, at the loss of the only two people he considered his family.

[Love is painful, like glass shards in your chest, slowly cutting you up on the inside until there is nothing left.]

As the clock tolls midnight, he looks at the one person he cared for– no, lovedand runs a hand through the boy’s head. He presses a kiss on his soft and pliant mouth as his final goodbye. As Rick get up to leave, a hand suddenly shoots up and yanks him back down by the bed.

Rick and Morty stare at each other dumbfoundedly; Rick because Morty had finally woken up and Morty because never had he ever expected to see Rick with tears running down his cheeks. Rick was crying for him. For him.

"Y-you kissed me Rick. Y-you broke the spell with true l-l-love.”

Morty was wide awake and his eyes were filled to the brim with something utterly alien and yet familiar to Rick. He could barely process the fact that he had just woken the boy up with his kiss before Morty mumbles, “It felt like I was wai-waiting forever for y-you to do that,” and pulls him down for another one.

This time it was all teeth and tongue and inexperience, so Rick settles himself on top of the boy and deepened the kiss with the expertise only he could accomplish. When they finally break apart, their lips swollen and breaths ragged, Rick gives Morty a rare genuine smile.

“L-l-et’s be together fo-for a hundred years Rick, l-l-et’s run away together.”

“A hundred years i-isn’t enough for me Morty, I-I think I waOOUGHHnt to keep you around forever.” Rick dives back onto Morty’s mouth, heart singing and his soul in the heavens.

[Love exists, and Rick knows what it is.]

Jerry can keep his wings. He doesn’t need it to soar anymore.

One of my HONEY pendants filled full of rare insect inclusions in Chiapas amber. Estimated age on amber from this region is 24-26 million years. These insects were frozen in time inside of fossilized resin, which has been cut and carved to make each one a unique display specimen.

Pieces like this are why I do what I do. There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than the challenge of making something unique and one of a kind for someone that is excited to own and wear it. 

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crimson: fatal, sweet, and intoxicating. dancing in ruins, they are a beautiful sort of madness.

vermillion: rusty, wild, powerful, and brilliant. they are abandoned castles and gods made of stone.

amber: dripping with honey and lullabies. they are a quiet kind of queen.

lemon: live fast, die young. fearless and exhilarating, they know everything and nothing.

gold: heart stopping, blazing, beaming. they are lighting up the world tonight.

jade: elegant, sharp, seductive. they are cruelty at it’s finest.

cyan: neon lights and electric love.  they dream in light years.

azure: drunk on the sky, hopelessly hopeful, they are stuck wandering in a world not far from here.

midnight blue: inky, mysterious, and graceful. they know too much to have any optimism.

bordeaux: sophisticated and wondrous, they are stolen kisses and empty lies, fairy tale love and promises of tomorrow.

cream: moonstruck and sundazed, they are the smell of books and secrets better left unsaid.

alabaster: do not mistake their delicacy for weakness. wise and weightless, they are made of stardust.

dusty rose: bubblegum lips and paper masks. one way or another, they are rising to the top.

champagne: bubbly, dancing, the chic life. with lips painted red and hearts painted gold, they are taking on the world.

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eyes (general):     large   /   small   /   narrow   /   sharp   /   squinty   /   round   /   wide-set   /   close-set   /   deep-set   /   sunken   /   bulging   /   protruding   /   wide   /   hooded   /   heavy-lidded   /   bright   /   sparkling   /   glittering   /   flecked   /   dull   /   bleary   /   rheumy   /   cloudy   /   red-rimmed   /   beady   /   bird-like   /   cat-like   /   jewel-like   /   steely   /   hard   /   long lashes   /   sweeping eyelashes   /   thick eyelashes

eyes (color):     chestnut   /   chocolate brown   /   cocoa brown   /   coffee brown   /   mocha   /   mahogany   /   sepia   /   sienna brown   /   mink brown   /   copper   /   amber   /   cognac   /   whiskey   /   brandy   /   honey   /    tawny   /   topaz   /   hazel   /   obsidian   /   onyx   /   coal   /   raven   /   midnight   /   sky blue   /   sunny blue   /   cornflower blue   /   steel blue   /   ice blue   /   arctic blue   /   glacial blue   /   crystal blue   /   cerulean   /   electric blue   /   azure   /   lake blue   /   aquamarine   /   turquoise   /   denim blue   /   slate blue / slate gray   /   storm blue / storm gray   /   silver   /   silver gray   /   chrome   /   platinum   /   pewter   /   smoky gray   /   ash gray   /   concrete gray   /   dove gray   /   shark gray   /   fog gray   /   gunmetal gray   /   olive   /   emerald   /   leaf green   /   moss green

eyebrows:     arched   /   straight   /   plucked   /   sparse   /   trim   /   dark   /   faint   /   thin   /   thick   /   unruly   /   bushy   /   heavy

skin (general):     lined   /   wrinkled   /   seamed   /   leathery   /   sagging   /   drooping   /   loose   /   clear   /   smooth   /   silken   /   satiny   /   dry   /   flaky   /   scaly   /   delicate   /   thin   /   translucent   /   luminescent   /   baby-soft   /   flawless   /   small pores   /   large pores   /   glowing   /   dewy   /   dull   /   velvety   /   fuzzy   /   rough   /   uneven   /   mottled   /   dimpled   /   doughy   /   firm   /   freckled   /   pimply   /   pockmarked   /   blemished   /   pitted   /   scarred   /   bruised   /   veined   /   scratched   /   sunburned   /   weather-beaten   /   raw   /   tattooed

skin (color):     amber   /   bronze   /   cinnamon   /   copper   /   dark brown   /   deep brown   /   ebony   /   honey   /   golden   /   pale   /   pallid   /   pasty   /   fair   /   light   /   cream   /   alabaster   /   ivory   /   bisque   /   milk   /   porcelain   /   chalky   /   sallow   /   olive   /   peach   /   rosy   /   ruddy   /   florid   /   russet   /   tawny   /   fawn

face structure:     square   /   round   /   oblong   /   oval   /   elongated   /   narrow   /   heart-shaped   /   cat-like   /   wolfish   /   high forehead   /   broad forehead   /   prominent brow ridge   /   protruding brow bone   /   sharp cheekbones   /   high cheekbones   /   angular cheekbones   /   hollow cheeks   /   square jaw   /   chiseled   /   sculpted   /   craggy   /   soft   /   jowly   /   jutting chin   /   pointed chin   /   weak chin   /   receding chin   /   double chin   /   cleft chin   /   dimple in chin   /   visible adam’s apple

nose:     snub   /   dainty   /   button   /   turned-up   /   long   /   broad   /   thin   /   straight   /   pointed   /   crooked   /   aquiline   /   roman   /   bulbous   /   flared   /   hawk   /   strong

mouth/lips:     thin   /   narrow   /   full   /   lush   /   cupid’s bow   /   rosebud   /   dry   /   cracked   /   chapped   /   moist   /   glossy   /   straight teeth   /   crooked teeth   /   gap between teeth   /   gleaming white teeth   /   yellowed teeth   /   braces   /   overbite   /   underbite   /   dimples

facial hair:     clean-shaven   /   smooth-shaven   /   beard   /   neckbeard   /   goatee   /   moustache   /   sideburns   /   mutton-chop sideburns   /   stubble   /   a few days’ growth of beard   /   five o’ clock shadow

hair (general):     long   /   short   /   shoulder-length   /   loose   /   limp   /   dull   /   shiny   /   glossy   /   sleek   /   smooth   /   luminous   /   lustrous   /   spiky   /   stringy    /   shaggy   /   tangled   /   messy   /   tousled   /   windblown   /   unkempt   /   straggly   /   neatly combed   /   parted   /   slicked down   /   slicked back   /   cropped   /   clipped   /   buzzed   /   buzz cut   /   curly   /   bushy   /   frizzy   /   wavy   /   straight   /   lanky   /   dry   /   oily   /   greasy   /   layers   /   corkscrews   /   spirals   /   ringlets   /   braids   /   dreadlocks   /   widow’s peak   /   bald   /   shaved   /   comb-over   /  thick   /   luxuriant   /   voluminous   /   full   /   wild   /   untamed   /   bouncy   /   wispy   /   fine   /   thinning

hair (color):     black   /   blue-black   /   jet black   /   raven   /   ebony   /   inky black   /   midnight   /   sable   /   salt and pepper   /   silver   /   silver gray   /   charcoal gray   /   steel gray   /   white   /   snow-white   /   brown   /   brunette   /   chocolate brown   /   coffee brown   /   ash brown   /   brown sugar   /   nut brown   /   caramel   /   tawny brown   /   toffee brown   /   red   /   ginger   /   auburn   /   copper   /   strawberry blonde   /   butterscotch   /   honey   /   wheat   /   blonde   /   golden   /   sandy blond   /   flaxen   /   fair-haired   /   bleached   /   platinum

body type:     tall   /   average height   /   short   /   petite   /   tiny   /   compact   /   big   /   large   /   burly   /   beefy   /   bulky   /   brawny   /   barrel-chested   /   heavy   /   heavy-set   /   fat   /   overweight   /   obese   /   flabby   /   chunky   /   chubby   /   pudgy   /   pot-bellied   /   portly   /   thick   /   stout   /   lush   /   plush   /   full-figured   /   ample   /   rounded   /   voluptuous   /   curvy   /   hourglass   /   plump   /   leggy   /   long-legged   /   gangling   /   lanky   /   coltish   /   lissome   /   willowy   /   lithe   /   lean   /   slim   /   slender   /   trim   /   thin   /   skinny   /   emaciated   /   gaunt   /   bony   /   spare   /   solid   /   stocky   /   wiry   /   rangy   /   sinewy   /   stringy   /   ropy   /   sturdy   /   strapping   /   powerful   /   hulking   /   fit   /   athletic   /   toned   /   muscular   /   chiseled   /   taut   /   ripped   /   herculean   /   broad-shouldered   /   sloping shoulders   /   bowlegged

hands:     delicate   /   small   /   large   /   square   /   sturdy   /   strong   /   smooth   /   rough   /   calloused   /   elegant   /   plump   /   manicured   /   stubby fingers   /   long fingers   /   ragged nails   /   grimy fingernails   /   ink-stained