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official_heartlandoncbc: VIDEO: Amber Marshall doing her part to help #BCLivestock during the wildfires. Follow @amber_marshall_farm’s feed for more!

Spectrum Dance Music Festival - Dream Station Crew

It wasn’t normal

She became a fan.

Spanking to Luna.

And again… it was hot, right?

More spankings (nearly).

I don’t think they were drunk.

No, more than that (Don’t use drugs).

It is bad for healt.

You don’t know? Luna have the best fucking style of the world . Johnny approves it.


141116 f(x) Amber sing Ting Hai 听海

1 Month Blog Anniversary!

It’s already been 4 weeks since I’ve spent my time with all of you! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this blog, and I hope to continue on for many more months. I haven’t been an ARMY for very long (8 months), but I feel like I’ve known these boys forever. I truly appreciate this fandom, seeing how accepting and sincere they are. 

I’ve received lots of love from all of you, and I promise I love every one of you, too. I cannot believe more than 250 people have followed this blog (considering how crazy I am), and your motivation keeps me inspired to write. 

Now for a few shoutouts!

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There are much more, but apparently tumblr doesn’t recognize some of them…??

Blogs that have inspired me: @hyongsuga @jinhyong @infires-by-bts @exobtsimagination @hyongtae @noir0neko @btslovestrong @jiminsjamsjams @official4nr @parkjiminsfineass @xbangtansonyeondamnx @sonyeonlife @park-jimeme @ninanevip @btsexoaredangerouslydope @evangelene @abbyfabulousity @minsuga-pls @your-miss-right @jamlessvanny @hoseokat @bangtan–babes @slippedintothediamondlifesorry


*Totally on a random note. Does anyone have any kdrama reccomendations?