amber has a husband

I can’t be the only one who finds it ironic that Kim Kardashian wrote an essay about slut-shaming despite how her husband has treated Amber Rose for years.. and how she has danced along to his songs that slut-shame Amber, “okayed” his lyrics, and made sure to repeatedly say how proud she is of him.

And I can’t be the only one who finds it disturbing to declare yourself empowered or liberated for posting nude photos, despite heavily photoshopping (not simply retouching) the overwhelming majority of her photos, both nude and non-nude. Because you know who is not empowered by seeing those photoshopped images? Other girls and women.

Amber Heard says her Husband abused her and has a witness, her best friend and neighbor. 
And i can understand that you do not want to believe johnny’s friends cause they weren’t there, but to not believe the bodyguards and the police who said that there were no bruises or broken glass and that Amber Abused him, is weird.
Your excuse is now “oh he destroyed hotel rooms before, he is so violent he must me an abuser!” Even though he never hit one of his Girlfriends before


And now you are saying “That was so long ago, that doesn’t count anymore”
Really? why do you keep bringing up Johnny Depp’s Violent behavior then?

Now i am not saying that he didn’t do it and i do not defend him, i am just arguing with YOUR OWN arguments.

I Can Not Believe

That some parts of this fandom (read some Clexa fans) have sunk so low that they would dare to cheapen the experiences of a real person who was actually abused by her actual husband. 

Amber Heard has not even begun to experience all of the pain and humiliation that this situation is going to cause her. Do you honestly think that any abuse victim who is currently involved in an ongoing case involving her divorce and physical assault at the hands of her husband wants you to trivialize her real life abuse with this ridiculousness?

How dare you diminish a woman’s real life experiences to attempt to tear down a fictional couple that isn’t confirmed canon and prop up a fictional couple that will never be able to move past the point where they were?

I am disgusted, appalled, outraged and terrified that there are people in this world who care more about a fictional relationship then the physical and mental well being of an actual domestic violence victim.