amber has a husband

I can’t be the only one who finds it ironic that Kim Kardashian wrote an essay about slut-shaming despite how her husband has treated Amber Rose for years.. and how she has danced along to his songs that slut-shame Amber, “okayed” his lyrics, and made sure to repeatedly say how proud she is of him.

And I can’t be the only one who finds it disturbing to declare yourself empowered or liberated for posting nude photos, despite heavily photoshopping (not simply retouching) the overwhelming majority of her photos, both nude and non-nude. Because you know who is not empowered by seeing those photoshopped images? Other girls and women.

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We all know who’s gonna get blamed for all this mess. I don’t know what to think about the situation bc I don’t see Johnny as an abuser

Boy, do we know who’ll be blamed. It’s fucking sick how the media is handling this. Although, can we be really surprised? They all will either take Johnny Depp’s side or not speak about the issue but alternatively handing shady info and articles about Amber –and it’s easy to see why. Let’s not play dumb here. A so much younger woman goes and marries one of the ultimate actors and then this happen… I can hear them calling her gold-digger all across the world and ladies and gentlemen, for that exact response is why women have a really hard time open op about their abusers.

Now, people say her timing isn’t the best because he just lost his mother and I’m like what? First, fuck off. Second, when was it going to be the right time?

They say they can’t believe her because Amber never filled the cops’ report and didn’t call them again or something like that but how many women do the same thing? A lot of them. Amber has always been an activist and pretty straightforward but that was her husband and she did not want him to get in trouble.

Do I believe her? Yes. I mean, dear lady, how hard do you have to be hit with an IPhone to get that nasty bruise? Fucking damn. They say everything is pretty confusing because Johnny hasn’t been around these past days due to the promoting of that awful Alice in Wonderland sequel so time will tell.

I just wish for Amber to get the support she needs and the media and fans to stop shitting on her because that’s all they’ve been doing. They are girls claiming Amber should be grateful because she was with Johnny fucking Depp which is disgusting.

Amber Heard says her Husband abused her and has a witness, her best friend and neighbor. 
And i can understand that you do not want to believe johnny’s friends cause they weren’t there, but to not believe the bodyguards and the police who said that there were no bruises or broken glass and that Amber Abused him, is weird.
Your excuse is now “oh he destroyed hotel rooms before, he is so violent he must me an abuser!” Even though he never hit one of his Girlfriends before


And now you are saying “That was so long ago, that doesn’t count anymore”
Really? why do you keep bringing up Johnny Depp’s Violent behavior then?

Now i am not saying that he didn’t do it and i do not defend him, i am just arguing with YOUR OWN arguments.