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just great comet things
  • Having a cast member go up to your section of the seats to explain that you’re not quite seeing a normal show so keep your legs close
  • Natasha seeing Andrey off to the war at the very beginning, before the prologue, looking really heartbroken to see him leave
  • Andrey leaving through The Door™
  • Marya dissing the whole audience as ‘gossips and crybabies’
  • Mary making a random audience guy climb onstage to present to her father as a suitor
  • Snow falling over Andrey reading a letter as Natasha sings during No One Else
  • Gelsey Bell doing the opera screeching and wailing
  • Everyone being on stage most of the time, watching what’s going on and reacting
  • Everyone taking the events of the opera really seriously and then Andrey pops back onstage while ensemble members pull drapes of blood out of him
  • The chemistry between Anatole and Natasha
  • The strobe lights during the club that make you feel like you’re inside a stop motion
  • The costumes becoming bdsm gear and neon for everyone but Anatole, Helene, Pierre and Dolokhov (yes that means Grace McLean in spandex leather doing inappropriate gestures with a whip)
  • Having an ensemble member scream at you to read war and peace over blaring music
  • Pierre forcibly inducing your midlife crisis during Dust and Ashes but it’s okay because he’s having one too
  • Natasha just standing on stage in her underwear for most of Charming
  • The consequent onstage costume change
  • Having a cast member casually walk by at some point and wondering how this show even exists
  • Natasha and Anatole sealing their fate by dramatically walking through The Door™ hand in hand as dramatic strings play 
  • Anatole sitting down and shutting the whole thing down just so he can flirt with someone in the audience for an obnoxious amount of time
  • The Door™ opening with angry red lights to reveal Marya as she screams ‘you will not enter mY HOUse scoundrelll”
  • Natasha pacing all over the stage during Pierre and Anatole and preparing the poison/drinking it then freaking out about what she’s done while the men argue (and then Sonya helping her off the stage)
  • Natasha Very Ill to The Great Comet of 1812 cleansing your soul and putting the whole theatre at peace
  • Feeling like you’re somehow walking in the snow on some russian road with Pierre during the finale
  • All of the characters standing up and gazing at the comet like they all believe it holds the key to their redemption and new beginnings
  • The overall performance adding so many nuances to the story that you leave the theatre confused because what you took for granted about the characters isn’t so solid anymore

And Andrey isn’t here
| Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 Wallpapers
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Things the Great Comet of 1812 has ruined for me


-The phrase “in my house”

-Fur coats

-The word “charming”

-All hope of designing a set equal to that of Mimi Lien’s work

highlights of tonys 2017
  • denee benton looking like the goddess she is
  • josh groban rolling his eyes at bette
  • mimi lien getting the recognition she deserves 100 times over
  • my mom asking if josh groban gained weight
  • josh groban singing one note and me sobbing
  • josh groban
  • the grEEN COAT
  • lucas steele reminding me that even tho i’m gay, men aren’t worthless
  • lucas steele-n my heart with that violin
  • dave malloy hugging josh
  • josh bringing dave on stage
  • the people getting lit on stage watching tgc perform
  • dave and josh basically having a jam sesh on the piano
  • denee benton lookin like she was having the effin time of her life
  • balaga probably scaring most audience members
  • denee overall just making me the happiest person alive
  • ensemble member taking a shot with tina fey
  • denee smashing that picture with the purest look of joy
  • Grace McLean, Amber Gray, and the Great Kiss of 2017™

i am deceased (and dave malloy expresses my emotions perfectly) 

Long Post About Great Comet And How Much I Love It

I saw Great Comet today (Oaks first night) and after listening to the original soundtrack and watching every little video and tidbit that the cast or creators post, it was amazing to finally be able to see the show. Just a few things on my mind:

-Oak killed dust and ashes (and everything else).
-Grace McLean singing my house is a spiritual experience and anyone who says otherwise has no soul
-if you get a chance to see the show (and I really hope you can) look all around you even if there is a focal point happening bc there are cast members everywhere doing all kinds of stuff
-everything about Lucas Steele is amazing all around I can’t even begin to list things bc it will get long and out of hand
- Amber Gray came over before the show and gave my section the dumplings and I lost it inside like she didn’t need to do anything I was just happy to be in her presence
- ^same goes for every cast member like I felt graced to be in their presence
- there were so many other things I could go on forever

I physically couldn’t stop smiling from start to finish and I’m p sure I cried a bit during the prologue bc I was so friggin happy to be there I think I probably looked completely crazy to anyone who saw me. I just needed to tell the void aka tumblr how great this show was so thanks for listening void.

Tldr: great comet was amazing, the cast was beautiful and everyone who can should see it and congrats to Oak on an amazing first night as Pierre!

Great Comet today!

I had the incredible pleasure of seeing Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet today, and wow. Just wow. What a fun, charming, moving, immersive and incredible show. I’ve never seen anything like it.
To start, I had Dave Malloy as Pierre because this week he is taking the role, and I couldn’t be more happy to see the original actor who’s character I fell in love with in the title role! I feel like the original cast album doesn’t capture how great of an actor he is, how well he captivates and fills the room. And hearing him sing Dust and Ashes, which isn’t on the original album- so awe inducing. That man is brilliant for writing the show and all the better for being able to star in it as well.
Then, of course, Denee Benton. Honestly, I had always liked Phillipa Soo’s Natasha so much and I sometimes had trouble listening to Denee’s interpretation on the OBC recording. But tonight completely changed my view of that. The way she captured the torment of a challenged young girl with her changes in tone, her body language, her eye contact, it was all perfect. And she is so beautiful, especially in the white fur coat in No One Else. I wish I could say more about No One Else but I cried through the entire song so it’s all a blur. I cried through most of the show, actually.
Okay so Anatole. We did not have Lucas Steele and my sister and I were so sad at first because we’ve heard such great things about him. Instead we had Blaine Krauss and holy craaaap are we glad we did! Blaine Krauss’ Anatole was so nuanced. He made the audience fall in love with the character that is so easy to loathe. Anatole is not a good guy. But Blaine was sometimes bouncy, sometimes sexy, sometimes devilish, and every version of Anatole was so desirable. And he really is as handsome up close as at a distance, by the way. So Blaine Krauss deserves a lot more credit, and I’m sure that he just followed the footsteps of Lucas Steele a lot of the time, but he also exuded his own personal charisma and swagger that definitely deserve attention.
Amber Gray and Grace McLean are the true queens of Broadway and deserved Tony noms and I will never stop saying thAT they’re brilliant they’re radiant they’re chill inducing they’re perfect end of story.
Ingrid Michaelson- ehhh. I feel like she really just copied Brittain Ashford’s Sonya and didn’t add anything of her own. I didn’t get any nuisances of Michaelson’s personality or character, it felt plain to be honest. I missed Ashford.
Gelsey Bell was fantastic as Princess Mary! And Nick Choksi has Dolokhov was so charming and fun! and Nicholas Belton was great too!! They have much less singing than the rest of the cast but they definitely stood out when they did have songs. Actually let’s talk about Belton’s Andrey. I really loved how stoic he was, and how heartbroken he seemed when Natasha cheated. You don’t get all that emotion on the soundtrack and it was really appreciated. But possibly my favorite part of the staging is how he shows up consistently throughout the show. For instance, in the opening number, as Pierre is doing the very first verse, Andrey is going off to war and gives Natasha a necklace, as she shrieks and runs after him. No One Else; Andrey stands reading a note in the moonlight as snow falls on him, and Natasha is singing to him/about him. Then, whereas at first Natasha was beckoning to him and wanting his attention, she slowly starts forgetting him and ignoring him as he show goes on. In The Ball, he is wearing a mask and beckoning to her, she takes his hand and drops it. In Sonya Alone, she walks right past him strumming a guitar on the staircase. It really shows how Natasha’s thought process is changing through out the show it’s very insightful and beautiful.
OH and the musicians!! Everywhere!! Playing instruments and dancing and singing right on stage!! Absolutely fantastic and soo so so talented. Everything about the show was fantastic. And the immersive theater was just wow. Even the dumplings they handed out were tasty. I can’t say enough praise for this show. Thank you Dave Malloy for your work of art, and thank you to all the actors for bringing it to life.