amber does art

I was thinking up new water-colour tattoo designs for my sister when this idea popped in my head C:
oh how I love the aesthetic of Max’s journal~

MCL Sprites Part 3, the Bitch Squad

Here we have Amber, Li, Charlotte, and as a bonus, Capucine.

Part 1: Nathaniel, Castiel, and Lysander
Part 2: Armin, Alexy, and Kentin
Part 3: Amber, Li, Charlotte, and Capucine
Part 4: Violette, Kim, Melody, and Iris
Part 5: Peggy, Rosalya, and Priya


i finally drew a full body pic of amber along with a spellcard/attack pic thing!  i changed a few details from the first picture i drew of her, including her skin tone and im kinda happy with it.

Name: Amber La Baba

Title: Isolated Binding Genie

Age: 500+

Species: Genie

Ability: To bind things together

Backstory: She was a master thief, raiding treasure chambers and palaces in order to fuel a lavish lifestyle. One night, after attempting to raid the emperor’s palace, she was ambushed, captured and was to be sentenced for death for the morning. That night, a magician approached her cell disguised as a guard and offered to grant her freedom in exchange for her arms. She reluctantly accepted and she was given an escape route out. However, her arms were permanently replaced with bandages which stretched quite far when she used them. The next night she used this to her advantage and looted more homes but was caught, this time by the magician. He cursed her to a lifetime in a rusty lamp, which was left abandoned for years until opened by Chouko.

Other Details: She’s very greedy and loves jewelry, but also respects Kaori and Chouko for freeing her after the lamp drifted into Gensokyo.