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daliaaaaa could you tell me your fave sterek fics please?? :)

How could you ask me this? Do you have any idea how many sterek fics I’ve read over the years? How many I’ve loved?

This is a short list of the very few I could think of off the top of my head. I think I’ll probably make a recs page, because I’ve been meaning to for a long time. I have a recs tag, but that includes different pairings as well.

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

The Price

Stiles must surrender the most important thing in his life to protect the town… and no one can figure out what it was.

Around The Bend

The first time Derek catches sight of the new yoga instructor, Stiles is in the middle of showing a class how to do downward-facing dog. Derek walks into a wall.

Things don’t exactly improve from there.

Derek can’t stop staring at Stiles, the bendy new yoga instructor at his family’s gym. Stiles thinks Derek’s a repressed homophobe who hates Stiles for making him want the D. They fall in love.

can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful

“Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma.”

(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the right wrong idea.)

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Prompt: Stiles hating his moles (kids are mean growing up and any differences are shamed) and Derek showing Stiles how perfect (sexy) his moles are. (First time sending a prompt in lmao)

I love this prompt, though I went in a more angsty way than sexy. Also on ao3!

Stiles hated his moles.

Kids can be cruel and any differences are shamed and exploited as weaknesses. Growing up, his classmates had been no exception.

A lifetime of incessant teasing and brutal insults from his peers about the dark marks that were scattered across his skin had taught him to hate the mere sight of them. Even years later, at nineteen, he avoided mirrors, not wanting to see the blemishes that for years he had been ridiculed for.

When he was younger, when his mother was still alive, filling the Stilinski home with laughter and love and so much happiness no matter the occasion, he had loved moles. Had cherished the fact that he so resembled his mother, bearing the same dark beauty marks that adorned her own cheeks.

Every night when his mother tucked him into bed, after reading him his favorite bedtime story, she would tell him that his moles were kisses from an angel, pecking him on the forehead before slipping out of his bedroom to go wait for his dad to get home, ever the dutiful sheriff’s wife. He would dream about angels pressing kisses to newborn babies’ cheeks, moles appearing wherever their lips had been, sprinkling stardust over them for good luck.

After his mother died he stopped believing in angels.

In their place, he started believing the words of the kids in his class when they pushed him down on the playground and called him ugly, when they kicked sand in his eyes and called him a freak because he could never stop talking and fidgeted all the time, even when he took his medication.

When he got older, he already hated his himself―his appearance especially―the callous comments from his classmates, and occasionally even teachers, only exacerbating his self-loathing. Because even without their harsh words and bruising fists, he was convinced he was repulsive, all gangly limbs and pale pasty skin freckled with dark moles.

So it was hard to believe when Derek, Adonis among men, started showing interest in him. But like so many other things in his life, the impossible was very much real.

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“We had met years earlier, when you were just a baby. This was before things got strained between your parents and Gordon, and he was babysitting and I visited. You were adorable.”

It’s been a while since Skul has been around a baby, but he’ll get there.

(Guess who finished SPX and guess who is absolutely dying)

Tuesday Fic Rec #10 (More Classics™)

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (@dsudis) | stiles/derek | m | 116.6k |

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

Love, love love this. Stiles gets hurt, Derek watches after him, it’s an epic ride from beginning to end. 

Game On by stilinskisparkles ( @stileshale ) | stiles/derek | t | 6k |

Derek first sees him from across the quad four days into fall semester. He’s sitting on one of the long benches, a marker pen in his mouth, grinning at something the kid lounging on the bench beside him is saying. When he laughs properly he pulls the pen out and throws his head back, his neck a long, lean line Derek is entranced by. He flicks the page in his book and highlights something, tossing the cap up in the air and catching it with his teeth.

Probably among some of the first fics I ever read and it’s still in my favorites list. Nerd!Stiles, college jock!Derek and adorable pining. 

Just the Same ericaismeg ( @ericadays ) | stiles/derek | g | 68k

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

Ah-freaking-dorable. High school au ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Stiles figures out that werewolves exist  (◡‿◡✿) alive hale family (◕ ‿◕ ✿) it includes most of the tropes that i love all wrapped up in one well-written epic. 

The Searching Ceremonies by @gingersnapwolves | stiles/derek | m | 407k |

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

The master of mystery stories writes a wonderful tale of mates with bullying, pack dynamics and slow build to keep you hooked through part 1 and relationship growth to keep you through the second 2 parts. I don’t think I can put into words how much I love part 1 and then got lucky enough to get 2 other stories in the same universe. 

Untamed by @petals42 | stiles/derek | t | 28k |

Of course, the transfer kid gets mentioned because transfers are rare, but the news isn’t that exciting. In fact, according to Laura, no one even seems to know his first name. The only thing anyone has really figured out about him is that he’s American. And that’s not exactly hard because he obviously has an accent.

The only thing Derek really knows is that, despite other reports, he seems quiet enough, prefers to work alone, and has the most amazing shade of amber eyes that Derek has ever seen.

Not that he’s looking. Obviously.

OR: A Harry Potter AU where Stiles is a Slytherin transfer student and Derek is the grumpy Gryffindor who falls in love with him.

There are also potions, elves, and falcons involved. Oh, and illegal use of magic. Obviously.

The Harry Potter Setting AU we didn’t deserve. IT’S SO GREAT I LOVE IT. I can’t put into words here either how great this is. Stiles and Derek in Hogwarts, Stiles is the US transfer that’s so lost and Derek befriends him. I love so much about this it’s so great. 

Let's talk about Never and Amber ...

Thank you, Derek.

For those followers of mine that don’t read Skulduggery Pleasant, book 10, Resurrection, just came out late last week. I got it on Sunday 4th June. Yesterday, I reached the part where Omen, a character who’s twin, Auger, is supposed to save the world and who is always overlooked, is surprised that his best friend, Never, is identifying as male on a Tuesday, but has nothing else to say. This morning I got to the bit where they(Never) actually says that on the first day of secondary school, they stood up in front of all of their classes and announced their gender fluidity, what pronouns they used and when they should be used and what their rules about them. And what happened after that?

Nothing. Never was still popular and had a large variety of friends to pick and choose who to hang out and become close with and no one ever bat an eyelid at it.

Derek Landy also included a male character with a husband, has pretty much confirmed that Dexter and Saracen have been together romantically in the past and in Demon Road, has Amber immediately start using ‘they’ pronouns for Fool when they admit they don’t have a gender. Also, Amber is fucking gay af, especially for Kelly, who thinks Amber’s flawed but loves her for it and doesn’t care that Amber isn’t traditionally beautiful(eg, tall, skinny, long hair). They’re really gay for each other and I hope wherever they are in their universe, they’re having a good time, remembering Uncle Milo(still fucking crying even though I haven’t reached that bit yet) and being proud of themselves.

Everyone should be like Derek Landy.

Go read his books. He’s really funny and sarcastic. He writes about magic and monsters and treats mental health as a real issue that takes a lot of work to get through.

Every Little Thing He Does

@yetanothersterekblog | AO3I remember you saying that you enjoyed fics with BAMF!Stiles and protective!Derek, so I tried marrying the two and had a ton of fun playing around with it. This was also an exercise in incredible self-indulgence and might as well be considered crack but I hope you like it! :)

by @argento-capitani

Teen - canon-typical violence, canon-typical gore, choking (not the sexy kind, sorry folks)

Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills for the summer after his first year of college. The problem? He’s buff now. And very hot. Derek is shook.

“You’re staring at him,” Erica whispered dramatically, nudging Derek’s side.

Derek could only glare at her because she was right.

Erica, Boyd, and Isaac were finally back for the summer after finishing their first year of college, and Derek was both proud of their studies and glad to have his pack with him again. Stiles wasn’t “officially” pack but he was still considered a friend, plus Scott was somewhere in South America for a summer exchange program and Lydia and Jackson were on some luxurious summer cruise in the Bahamas with their families.

Basically, it would’ve been rude not to invite Stiles to at least hang out.

But what Derek wasn’t expecting was for Stiles to come back and look like he went through puberty a second time. Gone were the loose-fitting plaids, flailing limbs, and general awkwardness. He had filled out in all the right places and was confident and easygoing and…

“He’s pretty hot,” Erica continued, her voice at speaking level this time. “Like, everyone knows I used to have a crush on him, but that was high school and I was in a bad place. But now he’s like, objectively very hot.”

Stiles’ head popped out from the kitchen. “You guys say something about me?”

Derek panicked, his words tumbling out in a rush, “What? Well. I mean. We were just—”

“You’re hot now, Stilinski,” Erica drawled, giving him an obvious once-over. “What’s up with that?”

Derek gave a resigned sigh, covering his mouth with a hand while Stiles froze in place, his eyes widening comically.

“I. Uh. Thanks, I guess?” Stiles said in confusion as he walked into the living room, bringing a hand up to rub at the back of his neck, showing off a toned arm. Not that Derek was paying attention or anything.

Stiles looked at Boyd and Isaac questioningly, but he Boyd was nodding his head thoughtfully at Erica’s comment from his spot on the couch and  Isaac asked, “You been working out, man?”

Stiles gave a huff, sitting down with an indulgent grin. “Don’t get me wrong, running from monsters every week during high school was great for cardio, but I never seemed to hold my own ground, you know? And then once I started college I suddenly had, like, a lot more time so I thought I’d work out and…” He gave a shrug.

Erica reached over and ran a hand up and down his bicep appreciatively. “Well, it looks like it worked in more ways than one. Good job, Stiles,” she said, giving him a wink. She quickly stood up. “Boys, come help me in the kitchen.”

Boyd got up while Isaac looked around in confusion. “What? Why? It’s just burgers and fries to-go we can—”

“We’ll get the food ready while you two catch up,” Erica said, ignoring Isaac and looking between Derek and Stiles.

As the three betas made their way to the kitchen, she looked back at Derek with raised eyebrows and motioned her head suggestively towards Stiles.

Get on that, she mouthed.

He had half a mind to glare at her again and roll his eyes, but Stiles was already looking at him expectantly so he cleared his throat nervously instead. “So, uh, are you gonna be here the whole summer?”

“Yup,” Stiles replied, popping the ‘p.’ “As crazy as Beacon Hills is, I really missed it. Berkley’s great and all, but it’s just not as exciting. Not that many supernatural creatures up there, at least from what I’ve encountered.”

Derek’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “But you still encountered them?”

Stiles’s eyes lit up and he leaned forward excitedly, resting his elbows on his knees. Derek couldn’t help but notice how the action made his biceps bulge slightly.

Stop staring, dammit, Derek thought.

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Oh man. Writing these two dorks getting all blush-y and awkward-y is one of my favorite things to do. Here’s #79: “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Derek scowled as he used the scanner to price check items along the aisles of Home Depot. It wasn’t his first choice of job, not by a long shot, but he needed the money and the hours weren’t terrible. If he was lucky he could make it back to the apartment in time to see Laura before she headed off to work.

He didn’t like the orange apron he had to wear either.

The words of his co-worker still echoed through his head, “you should just talk to him Derek, what’s the worst he could say?”. Leslie had been talking about the once-a-month guy; this pale, beauty marked, bow lipped guy that Derek found really attractive. Except he’s never actually talked to him, and Derek’s pretty sure the guy didn’t even know he existed.

Sure, maybe he hid out in the plumbing sections on the days the guy came in because that’s usually where he’d head to to grab some random part. Maybe Derek would watch from afar because words weren’t his thing and he was too socially awkward to start up a conversation.

Well that and the mandatory “hi, welcome to Home Depot can I help you at all today?” he would have to start with.

Angrily he scanned another item, not even flinching when a finger tapped his shoulder.

“Leslie, seriously knock it off, I’m not talking to him. End of story,” Derek snapped over his shoulder, rounding the corner to the next aisle.

“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Derek felt the tip of his ears heat up as he spun on his heel, looking around the aisle corner. Of course…it was him. Once-a-month guy. Derek frowned because he was just in here last week, so him being back so soon was throwing him off. Today he was in a dark flannel and a red hoodie, khakis and old sneakers to top it off.

“Uh, she’s my co-worker,” Derek explained, crossing his arms, “what can I do for you?”

The guy shakily held up a flush valve for a toilet, “I bought the wrong one, I was wondering if you could help? I see you in that section all the time.”

That information has his stomach in knots and his face heat up as well. Before he could think of words he nodded his head and motioned for the guy to follow. The steady squeak of sneakers behind him was reassuring as they crossed the store to plumbing. It wasn’t really his section but he was pretty handy, he could probably help.


There were only two kinds, one that looked more tube like, and one that looked like a lever system.

“I’d try this one for whatever model toilet you have,” Derek said holding the lever version to the guy who suddenly had this stupidly gorgeous smile on his face. It pulled his cheeks, teeth almost blindingly white and straight, amber eyes lighting up. Derek had to focus on keeping himself on his feet.

“My flush valve is actually fine,” he said.

Derek raised an eyebrow, “um…okay? Anything else I can do for you then?”


“What?!” Derek sputtered, nearly dropping the piece in his hands.

The guy ran nervous hands through his chestnut hair, “look….you’re not exactly subtle and you’re the Hot-as-the-sun Home Depot guy! So I kind of made an excuse to talk to you with the whole flush valve thing and–”

“Derek,” he interrupted.


“My name. It’s Derek,” Derek explained.

The guy let out a nervous laugh, “I’m Stiles.”

“I get off work in thirty minutes if you want to–”

“Yes.” Stiles nodded jerkily.

Derek couldn’t suppress his own smile, “you don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“Don’t have to. It’s a yes.” Stiles smiled.


dex and nursey totally do the thing where they always ask each other if they can have weird pets all the time. like. dex sends nursey that video of the foxes screaming at each other and he’s like “im adopting them” and nursey is like “sweet their names are Turnip and Kale” and dex is like “Kale is a stupid name and i hate your vegan ass” and nursey is like “not in front of the children kale is still at that impressionable age”

Later nursey sends dex a picture of an elderly beekeeper looking really happy and content in her lil mask surrounded by her bees and he’s like “i want to be her” and dex is like “same” and then they plan their future as cute little old man beekeepers and nursey calls dex ‘honey’ and dex turns on receipts and doesn’t reply for 5 hours

they’re cuddling one night and dex is playing with nursey’s hair and scrolling through facebook or twitter or something and he shows dex a video of goats doing obstacle courses and he’s like “i want all of them” and nursey is like “me too lets get a hundred goats” “TWO hundred goats” “a million goats” “a goat army” 

nursey likes to show dex pictures of weird breeds of lizards and be like “what’s this” and sometimes dex makes up weird names for them or he’s just like “my new pet” and nursey shrugs and is like “fair. what if it’s poisonous” and dex is just like “then i’ll feed him to you in your sleep” “cool love you babe” “(dragon emoji)” “can you just say you love me too like a normal boyfriend” “love you, derek” “:) <3” “(seven dragon emojis in a row)”

dex: can we get an anteater
nursey: why
dex: to eat the ants
nursey: fair

nursey: can we get a bear cub
dex: where would we keep a bear?
nursey: probably in the forest
dex: we dont have a forest
nursey: ok but when we GET a forest
dex: i mean, yeah. when we get our forest it will probably come with bears. 

dex: ive always wanted a frog
nursey: like what kind of frog
dex: just like. all of them. 
nursey: thats a lot of frogs
dex: we should get a really big house and make the upstairs a frog museum with every single type of frog
nursey: sounds like a plan

(this is inspired by my friend’s tags on this post)


But you cannot stop the rhythm
Of two hearts in love to stay
‘Cause you can’t stop the beat!

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Soulmate au #6 Nurseydex Angsty with a happy ending Please and thank you!

Notes: Jenna and Aubrey are Dex’s sisters also his family calls him Liam (hc)

6. the one where when you dream you’re seeing whatever your soulmate is currently experiencing.

When Derek sleeps, he sees large, ugly white kids pushing him to the ground, making fun of his hand-me-down clothes, his worn out sneakers, his red hair, his freckles, his owlish glasses. The kids spit on him, kick him, punch him until he’s covered in bruises and blood. They destroy his bike and force him to walk three miles home in the rain. They shove his face into the toilet bowls in the eighth grade bathroom. They call him a ‘faggot’, which stings like alcohol in a deep wound, they isolate him from the rest of the children, they break his arm. He sits on the kitchen time after time while Aubrey or his mother dabs his face with hydrogen peroxide and his father pinches the bridge of his nose and grunts about how “Liam needs to stand up for himself, be a man.”

When Liam sleeps he sees his mothers pulling him closer to their legs on the subway, getting disgusted looks from large white men, other kids in his class calling him a ‘hood rat’ and a ‘brownie’ even though he lived in a brownstone in upper Manhattan and his parents were black and middle eastern not black and white. He saw his parents sitting him down to explain how the world perceives him as a black man, how he can never be too careful, too cautious, especially around the police, or large groups of white men or white women. He saw kids at Andover giving him dirty looks, refusing to sit with him at lunch, pulling their belongings closer to themselves in the locker room. He heard countless numbers of people call him the n word for literally just existing. He had seen his soulmates face getting stitches and nose casts until the nurses in the E.R. knew him personally.

Derek knew what his soulmate looked like because he had spent so long staring into mirrors, tugging at his ears, poking at his freckles, brushing back his hair. William had freckles over the bridge of his nose and up his cheekbones, across his shoulders and down the tops of his thighs, hair the color of flames and eyes like amber honey. Derek had gotten to know the body pretty well, especially because several times he had closed his eyes to find Will in the shower or changing in front of a mirror. So when the tour of Samwell ends with them milling around Faber, Derek catches his eye across the bleachers and he can’t stop his heart from hammering. When he approaches Dex, he finally looks into those amber eyes and he melts.

“If we’re being completely honest, and I want to be, with you, I loved the glasses. They made you look mad smart.” He’s relieved when Will laughs so he continues, “You know, Jenna was right. Some people are into red heads.”

“I can’t believe how people treat you.” Which is a sobering comment. Derek takes his hand quickly.

“It’s chill, babe. We have each other now.”

6. Serenade // Nurseydex

« {Part 6 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: Musician!Dex AU where they both still go to Samwell, but they don’t play hockey. Dex plays guitar and Nursey is a poet. Enjoy!

There were lots of downsides to living in the dorms. Communal bathrooms were one. Then there was the shared kitchen, the drunk freshmen tramping through the hallways at 3 AM, and dealing with roommates. One of the things that Derek didn’t mind, however, was being close to the dorm’s practice rooms.

The practice rooms were small supposedly sound-proof rooms were dorm residents could practice musical instruments without disturbing their neighbors. It was a good idea, theoretically—except whoever had designed he building hadn’t apparently had a very good understanding of acoustics. Not only were the walls of every dorm room deplorably thin (Derek really shouldn’t have this good of an idea of how often his neighbor got laid), but the practice rooms were also not nearly as “sound proof” as advertised.

Derek’s dorm room was right above his building’s practice rooms. There were a lot of people who complained about the noise, but Derek found himself enjoying the quiet melodies that leaked up from the floor below him most evenings. It wasn’t like the sound was keeping him awake—the practice rooms were closed after eleven, and Derek was never asleep before midnight.

Tonight was an unusually quiet night. Someone had been practicing Bach on the clarinet a couple hours ago, but since then the floor below had been silent. It was starting to put Derek on edge. He had two different poetry assignments to finish tonight, and the words just weren’t coming to him. Nothing he wrote down seemed worth keeping.

And then, like a Godsend, there was music—a guitar.

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